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08/31/04 :: By Mel Valentin
Bush's Brain: How Did This Happen?
Categories :: Tactics Who is Karl Rove? And why is he the most powerful man in America that most people haven’t heard of? Karl Rove sits in the margins of the frame or stands in the corner during speeches made by the man...

08/31/04 :: By Drew Johnston
Bush Makes an Honest Statement; Armageddon Begins
Categories :: Satire Bizarre climactic and tectonic behavior have scientists and theologians alike talking about the end of the world. Over the last week, the eastern seaboard has been raked with storms of sulfur and molten lead, killing thousands. The Midwest has experienced...

08/30/04 :: By Stu Finkel
The Hatred is All Theirs
Categories :: Conservatives :: Hypocrisy As we prepare ourselves for the false face of the Republican Party (McCain, Giuliani, Schwarzenegger), let us recall the real one. I saw it on a bumpersticker Sunday morning, next to several Bush-Cheney stickers and a staggeringly nonsensical pro-gun slogan...

08/30/04 :: By Tom Ball
New York City Welcomes Bush and the Republican National Convention
Categories :: Activism :: Anti-War

I am a Manhattan boy and damn proud of it. At about 9:30 AM Sunday morning, I hopped onto the subway and joined over 200,000 patriots in a demonstration of democracy that could only send chills up the GOP's spine...And I took some pictures that will knock your socks off.

08/29/04 :: By William Hare
The Arnold Watch: Arnold and his $350,000 Allowance
Categories :: Hypocrisy

We remember the solemn promise Arnold Schwarzenegger made to the people of California during his successful recall campaign against Governor Gray Davis to cut frills and engage in joint sacrifice. Everybody was involved in the belt-tightening, including the former movie star turned politician himself. He reminded the citizenry and members of the legislature of this when it came time to sharply trim and curtail programs not only for the state government, but also within local communities.

08/27/04 :: By William Hare
Break The McCain Link Now
Categories :: Kerry-Edwards 2004

Why should John Kerry and his campaign operatives listen to John McCain? After being scurrilously trashed in the infamous 2000 South Carolina primary by the Bush-Rove team he has now become a principal tool in Bush’s current campaign, a valuable asset to be used in battleground states. He was delighted to appear in a Republican ad shortly after John Edwards was selected as Kerry’s running mate that made an unproven assertion that the North Carolina senator was the Massachusetts Democrat’s second choice and that the first potential pick was McCain.

08/27/04 :: By Tom Ball
Breaking News: Evidence Emerges of George W. Bush Affair
Categories :: Satire

In a shocking development, photographic and DNA evidence have been made public that proves President Bush had an adulterous and (some say) bestial affair.

08/27/04 :: By Peter Perkowski
Cheney Out of Touch With America
Categories :: Cheney, Dick

Cheney stiffs farmer running roadside produce stand, doesn't know from the price of fruits and vegetables. Washington Post is whimsical; I'm disturbed.

08/26/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Please Vote Republican if you are inspired by the Following Bush Administration Track Record
Categories :: Bush-Cheney 2004

I am voting Republican because:

08/25/04 :: By Tom Ball
Cheney Joins Democrats Against Gay Marriage Amendment
Categories :: Bush-Cheney 2004

Vice President Cheney broke with President Bush on Tuesday on the question of same-sex marriage, saying he believes the issue should be left to the states. “Freedom means freedom for everyone,” he said at a campaign rally in Davenport, Iowa.

08/25/04 :: By Tom Ball
Kerry Sends Envoys to Bush Ranch
Categories :: Kerry-Edwards 2004 :: Tactics

The Kerry campaign has an interesting strategy to deal with the swift boat liars. First, let the record and the facts completely obliterate the liars’ accusations. Second, tie them inextricably to the Bush campaign.

08/25/04 :: By Tom Ball
More Swift Boat Ad GOP Links
Categories :: Bush-Cheney 2004

Now we see that the Bush administration and the Swift Boat Veterans against Truth share the same attorney.

08/25/04 :: By William Hare
Big Surprise! Swift Boat Ad GOP Link!
Categories :: Bush-Cheney 2004

What a surprise! George W. Bush has assured us that those are just a bunch of lone wolves out there in 527 land doing those Swift Boat ads and lying about John Kerry.

08/24/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Has the Bush Administration Demolished What the U.S. Has Traditionally Stood For?
Categories :: Bush Administration

The above question must now be debated, and with every good reason. Having insulted, slighted, and alienated major nations of the world in the rush to control the oil fields of Iraq via the false fear threat hurled at the U.S. Congress and the American public, the answer is decidedly yes.

08/24/04 :: By Mel Valentin
Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War
Categories :: Iraq More a primer for the initiated than a thorough examination of the claims used to justify the invasion of Iraq by the Bush administration, "Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War" deconstructs the Bush administration’s post-9-11 decision to invade...

08/24/04 :: By Tom Ball
Breakthrough in CIA Plame Case
Categories :: Bush Administration

Is there something I'm missing? From this it seems as though Libby is admitting that he broke outed CIA operative Valerie Plame.

08/24/04 :: By Cary W. Blankenship
Clear Concise and to the Point
Categories :: Lies

This says it all. Political Cartoon showing the true source of the Swift Boat Veterans against Truth.

08/24/04 :: By William Hare
Rove's Swift Boat Stooges Must be Decisively Refuted
Categories :: Kerry-Edwards 2004

The first and obvious question to be asked after Karl Rove’s latest Swift Boat Stooge assault is, “What else can you expect?” Rove is like Murray Chotiner was to Richard Nixon, Rove’s political idol, and what the late Lee Atwater was to Bush’s father, George I, an unsubtle attack dog. Unleashing Republican hacks to attack John Kerry’s war record was clearly to be anticipated. At Maureen Dowd predicted in a well done opinion piece in the Sunday New York Times, this was only a prelude to a second and more prolonged attack on John Kerry’s war opposition, which is already in place with a second ad taking anti-war activist Kerry’s comments to the United States Foreign Relations Committee totally out of context.

08/23/04 :: By Peter Perkowski
Two Months Out
Categories :: Kerry-Edwards 2004

Magic Eight Balltm says: Outlook Good. Let's look at the news that the media aren't reporting.

08/22/04 :: By Drew Johnston
Furbies of Doom and other Prognostications
Categories :: Satire

The CIA stumps for Bush, so I mock them ruthlessly.

08/22/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Poll Shows Kerry Trouncing Bush Among Jews
Categories :: Bush-Cheney 2004 :: Elections :: Kerry-Edwards 2004

A recent survey shows Kerry leading Bush 75 to 22 among likely Jewish voters, despite the GOP's enormous efforts to win over the Jewish vote, which has been -- and apparently remains -- an overwhelmingly Democratic constituency.

08/21/04 :: By Tom Ball
Anti-Kerry Vets Not There That Day
Categories :: Kerry, John

Fortunately, William B. Rood, fellow swift boat commander and journalist for the Chicago Tribune has come forward after 35 years of silence to slam the lies spewed by the Swift Boat Veterans against Truth.

08/20/04 :: By Cary W. Blankenship
OK Now I am Mad
Categories :: Military

The whole Swift Boat Liars episode has made me angry. As a veteran this disgusts me.

1. I am angry at the Bush operatives who believe they can slime anyone at anytime with any kind of charge. It is truly amazing the types of charges they are pushing. The idea that John Kerry planned or staged this whole thing is ridiculous and baseless. The notion that Kerry wounded himself to get a Purple Heart comes from the land of science fiction. The concept that Kerry’s wound was not sufficient to merit a Purple Heart throws the whole concept of wounded in battle into disrepute. These people are vile scum and need to be ostracized by society, but instead the news media have played them up for their own ratings.

08/20/04 :: By William Hare
Bush's Thugs Raised the Character Issue; AWOL and Drugs Should Now be on the Table
Categories :: Bush-Cheney 2004

There is a rule in criminal law trials that the prosecution must focus on the alleged crime or crimes committed by a defendant and is restricted from basing its effort on attacking that defendant’s character. The exception arises when the defense, generally in an attempt to counter the charges at issue, presents the defendant in at least a reasonably virtuous light, and brings character into issue. At that point the prosecution is permitted to attack that defendant’s character.

08/19/04 :: By Cary W. Blankenship
Kerry Finds His Voice and Gets Fired Up
Categories :: Kerry, John

The Swift Boat Liars may have done the Democrats a big favor. They have put fire in the belly of John Kerry. He is taking off the gloves and going after them. It is time to start holding these people accountable. Oh by the way – journalist start doing your job and stop reading from the Republican propaganda sheets. Kerry should have said this in front of the VFW and I hope he says it at the American Legion next week.

08/18/04 :: By Tom Ball
White House For Sale
Categories :: Corporate Welfare :: Satire

However, just today it was reported that strong bids for this prime residence are still being you still might have a chance if you act quickly.

08/17/04 :: By Cary W. Blankenship
Night and Day, You Are the One
Categories :: Kerry-Edwards 2004

For sophisticated charm and yet a playful whimsy, nothing beats a Cole Porter tune. The recently released movie “De-Lovely” reintroduces Cole Porter and his double life to the American public. However, it is the music that calls one to another time that has the unmistakable sentiment of love with a wink and a nod. Cole Porter and Irving Berlin knew how to blend the simple with the complicated and present it with style, whit and sophistication.

So where am I going with this and the presidential campaign of 2004?

Well, I am tired of NASCAR dads, soccer moms, fundamentalist Christians, bubbas with beer guts, and a gun racks. I want America to change its focus. I want Americans once again to want a president who reads books, can pronounce complicated names, has a rich background of experiences, and drinks wine instead of the cheapest beer in the store.

08/17/04 :: By Drew Johnston
Trust No One: The McCarthy Model For Fearmongering
Categories :: Terrorism

The Bush Boys have found an even better way to scare us shitless.

08/16/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Whither Liberalism? Part III
Categories :: Activism :: Media :: Philosophy

In the August 2004 issue of Harper's magazine, Lewis Lapham asks "How do progressives build a thirty-year movement in the same way that conservatives did during the 1960s and 1970s?" The question usually becomes how then can this be mimicked or re-created. The thinkers that have gathered around Lapham's roundtable, however, do little to address this issue directly.

08/15/04 :: By Tom Ball
Bush: "For the sake of corporate profits I will allow the death of any American...including children."
Categories :: Corporate Welfare

The Bush Administration implemented a regulation that would "forbid the public release of some data relating to unsafe motor vehicles, saying that publicizing the information would cause 'substantial competitive harm' to manufacturers."

08/14/04 :: By Mel Valentin
Control Room: Al-Jazeera Documentary
Categories :: Media

"Control Room," a new documentary directed by Jehane Noujaim (""), is a behind-the-scenes look at Al-Jazeera, the Arabic-language, independent satellite news channel that’s been often criticized by the Bush administration for its anti-American bias (Al-Jazeera has been described as the Arabic equivalent of the FOX News Channel).

08/14/04 :: By William Hare
Dick Cheney: Chicken Hawk as Pit Bull
Categories :: Hypocrisy

Dick Cheney has always proudly cast himself as a military hard-liner with a strong penchant for battling Communism. This did not prevent him, however, for pursuing five deferments during the Vietnam War, the last the clincher, when his wife became pregnant.

08/11/04 :: By Cary W. Blankenship
Comrade Bush: We have exceeded the Five Year Plan
Categories :: Economy

Now Comrade Bush and his Commissar for Politics Karl Rove are trying to emulate the old Soviet masters of deception. In a total disconnect Bush tells audiences that the economy is robust, improving, creating jobs and sound. If you utter a word otherwise you are being pessimistic and unpatriotic. The newscasters on CNBC, MSNBC, CNN and FOX have adopted Bush’s position. They try to find alternative statistics that show the economy really moving forward. The only thing they can point to is the jump in profits. Well, from a corporate point of view profits are grand, but from a macroeconomic point of view it can be disaster.

08/11/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Dumb and Dumber, The Republican Accountability
Categories :: Bush Administration

When George Bush was running for president, he was hailed as someone with character who could put the nation back on the right track Republican style.

08/10/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Whither Liberalism? Part II
Categories :: Activism

Sunday I started to look at this month's cover article in Harper's, "Liberalism Regained: Building the Next Progressive Majority." Actually, I only got as far as the introduction. Although agreeing with the basic premise – that progressives need to strategize long-term on how to win the battle of ideas, I objected to two points that the writer (presumably editor Lewis Lapham) made in this introduction.

08/10/04 :: By William Hare
Leading Psychiatrist Diagnoses Bush As Ticking Time Bomb
Categories :: Bush Administration

Dr. Justin A. Frank, a leading psychiatrist and a professor at George Washington University, sees George W. Bush as a ticking time bomb. Considering his important position and potential for danger both in America and abroad, Frank sees it as imperative to replace Bush before it is too late. The final passage of the epilogue in his informative work, Bush on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President, sends a blunt warning to the American people:

08/09/04 :: By Drew Johnston
Memorandum: National Preparedness Month
Categories :: Satire From: The Dept. Of Homeland Security To: Vice President Richard Cheney Subject: National Preparedness Month As you know, September is to be declared National Preparedness Month. We have drawn up a preliminary schedule of events which will require the approval...

08/08/04 :: By Mel Valentin
The Corporation: Documentary Reviewed
Categories :: Activism "The Corporation", an ambitious, sweeping, 145-minute left-leaning documentary (a longer, 225-minute version will be likely available on DVD) directed by Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott & Joel Bakan (who provided the source material), examines the 150-year history, growth, and consequences of...

08/08/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Whither Liberalism? Part I
Categories :: Activism The August 2004 issue of Harper's includes a forum on "Liberalism Regained: Building the Next Progressive Majority." The piece is a transcript of a panel discussion featuring Ron D. Daniels, executive director of the Center for Constitutional Rights, Professor Eric...

08/06/04 :: By Cary W. Blankenship
Pick Me, Pick Me, I Know The Answer . . .
Categories :: Education

For America’s teachers it would be great if solving the challenges of teaching in the twenty-first century were as simple as calling on a student to provide the single answer. While teachers, students and parents know it is not that simple, President Bush seems to think the single answer is ACCOUNTABILITY. Mysteriously, this answer is the simple cure for everything that ails the public school system. Is this really the simple answer or do the Bush Administration and their friends have a hidden agenda?

08/06/04 :: By Peter Perkowski
GOP Strategery Kicked By Donkey
Categories :: Campaigns

Ever since Dukakis vowed not to respond to negative attacks, the Democratic Party has been seen (rightly or wrongly - usually rightly) as docile and timid. Like his old boss, Kerry has promised to run a positive campaign and has even indicated that he would not respond to the GOP's anticipated invective. (Let's wait for the GOP convention and the debates; I, for one, doubt Kerry will let the GOP get away with much.) Anyway, thank you, Donna Brazile - I hereby award you the Kicking Ass (as in Donkey, people!) Award.

08/05/04 :: By Drew Johnston
A Delicate Issue: Point-Counterpoint
Categories :: Religion

This is an interesting story, one that will probably be popping up throughout the political community over the next few days. It's the kind of thing that sounds ridiculous at first brush, but it ends up being surprisingly complex. Here's a synopsis: A woman is fired from the telecommunications company she worked at after she broke a company policy forbidding pork products on the premises. The CEO and administrators were Muslims who followed the Koran's very strict regulations regarding pork (they won't even touch pork, or anything that has been touched by pork).

08/04/04 :: By Cary W. Blankenship
The Only Thing We Have to Fear …
Categories :: Terrorism

The Bush Administration has come under fire for issuing a security warning and elevating the security warning code based on three-year old information. According to the Bush Administration the information became more credible when the information related to these possible targets (financial institutions such as Citigroup, Prudential, and Wall Street in New York City) was found on the computer disks of the Al Queda communications specialist, Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan, a 25-year-old Pakistani computer engineer who was arrested by Pakistani authorities on July 13.

08/04/04 :: By William Hare
From WMD to WSD; from the Clousseau Brigade to Duct Tape
Categories :: Bush Administration

All of us following events in Iraq know about WMD, the shorthand for a weapon of mass destruction. What is of equivalent importance is another shorthand term. It is WSD and stands for something basic and pervasive in today’s grimy international political scene. It refers to a Warrior at a Safe Distance.

08/03/04 :: By
Terror Lies. . .
Categories :: Bush Administration

Is Bush using inteligence related to 9/11, to scare us today?

08/03/04 :: By
"Terra Alert" based on YEARS old informnation!
Categories ::

Looks like the information for the recent "Terra Alert" is a based on informantion that is YEARS old, even pre 9/11!

08/02/04 :: By Drew Johnston
Dennis Hastert, the IRS, and My Plan to Settle the Feud
Categories :: Taxes

I think that we can all agree that Republicans hate taxes. No matter how deep into the red we go, we can always rest assured that they will raid Social Security or cut vital programs before increasing taxes. So when I read something like this [Warning: Drudge link], I'm tempted to believe it in spite of the source.

08/02/04 :: By Tom Ball
Top 21 Pieces of Evidence that Show Iraq is only the First Step to 'Reshaping the Middle East': A Reference for Seekers of Truth
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Foreign Policy :: Iraq :: Reference

Have you ever wondered what would happen if George W. Bush is sent back to the White House in November? What do you think this administration would do as an encore to the invasion of Iraq? There are several sources that offer some insight into that question. In particular we can shed some light with a short search into 1) the 9/11 Commision’s final report, 2) The self-described neoconservative agenda, and 3) quotes from, and documents authored by various members of the Bush administration.

08/02/04 :: By
Bush Asks for Race of Photographer
Categories :: These guys make Nixon look Unparanoid and Tolerant! President Bush's re-election campaign insisted on knowing the race of an Arizona Daily Star journalist assigned to photograph Vice President Dick Cheney. The Star refused to provide the information....

08/01/04 :: By William Hare
Matlin Unleashes More Bushie Hypocrisy
Categories :: Hypocrisy

The one thing a Bushie never feels is shame. An ardent Bushie can say or do anything without batting an eye. I was reminded of this precept again this morning while watching Mary Matlin on “This Week” on ABC.

08/01/04 :: By Mel Valentin
Kerry and Vietnam War Crimes (Part II)
Categories :: Kerry, John

First, the claim that Kerry committed “war crimes” falls short, due to lack of evidence. All they have are 33-year old statements (without corroborating evidence) made by an ex-Vietnam veteran appearing before a Senate committee. You seem to lack an understanding of a key rhetorical device used in public speeches: hyperbole. Hyperbole is the use of exaggeration for effect.

08/01/04 :: By
ABB -- A Brief History
Categories :: Kerry, John

John Kerry's greatest achievement to date was accomplished this week in Boston. In giving an excellent speech that summed up the Democratic outrage and frustration with the administration of George W. Bush, he changed the debate. It's not just about Bush anymore, it's about John Kerry.

But before we leave ABB behind forever, let's take a moment to reflect back on what it has given us during its time in the sun. It was the central thesis - dare I say meme - that got us where we are now, and it put John Kerry in a position to win. It energized the Left, revolutionized the Democratic Party, and changed the way America does politics, fundamentally.

08/01/04 :: By Mel Valentin
John Kerry and Vietnam War Crimes
Categories :: Kerry, John At one of the message boards I frequent, the rabid anti-Kerry contingent cited John Kerry’s testimony before a Senate committee in 1971 and its negative implications for Kerry’s character and his suitability to become the next president of the United...

08/01/04 :: By Bob Kendall
"They would have waved Osama bin Laden in."
Categories :: Terrorism

The above comment was made by an investigator referring to the fuel farm at Miami International Airport in the July 22 edition of the Miami-Herald. The shocking disclosure related that, just as long as bin Laden was driving a company fuel truck, he would have been welcomed inside. He could have passed freely into a supposedly “secure airport area” where jet fuel by the millions of gallons is stored for the purpose of stealing jet fuel and selling it. The conspiracy was to steal, sell, and make tons of money for the well-organized gang involved. Whatever happened to the much-vaunted Homeland Security Act, which was supposed to protect us all from foreign terrorists? Wasn’t there any thought of how to protect Miami-International Airport from home-grown thieves?


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  • Bush's Brain: How Did This Happen?
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  • Poll Shows Kerry Trouncing Bush Among Jews
  • Anti-Kerry Vets Not There That Day
  • OK Now I am Mad
  • Bush's Thugs Raised the Character Issue; AWOL and Drugs Should Now be on the Table

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    The Last Day of My Life
    The Mirthful Ones
    The Unrepentant Leftist
    The Vast Dairy State Conspiracy
    The Wake
    The Ward Report
    Theory of Power
    Thoughts from Kansas
    Thoughts from Kansas
    Total Information Awareness
    Town and Planet
    Wealth Bondage
    What It Is Today
    Where the Dolphins Play
    Where We're Bound
    Why are we Back in Iraq?
    Zen Dreaming

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