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11/30/04 :: By William Hare
An Intimate View of the Cheney-Bush Junta and 9-11
Categories :: Books

Mike Ruppert uses the operative word to describe the Cheney-Bush regime, that of Empire, an all-encompassing octopus-like power grab at world preeminence at the expense of international order. With “Crossing The Rubicon” Ruppert has clearly established himself alongside the venerable essayist and political critic Gore Vidal as articulate voices decrying the rush to Empire and the tragic consequences of such dictatorial actions.

11/30/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Did The Bush Administration Create a Nuclear Crisis in Iran and North Korea?
Categories :: Bush Administration

Of course they did. By attacking Iraq on a tissue of lies, with dreams and designs on Iraq’s oil and assets, and with Israel’s foreign fantasy that they will be better protected without Saddam Hussein, who provided cash to exploit the Palestinians so desperate for their own country that they became suicide bombers.

11/30/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Howard Speaks, I Listen
Categories :: Dean, Howard :: Democrats :: Progressive Strategy

I went to hear Howard Dean speak last night here at Stanford, and he didn't disappoint. Even though this was part of a speaker series, in a sitdown auditorium and with a theoretically neutral audience, and with no election in sight, it felt more than a bit like a campaign event.

11/30/04 :: By Bob Kendall
The Best Congress Money Can Buy: The Republican Victory Celebrated by Big Business
Categories :: Election 2004

Democracy implies “The will of the People”. But this concept of Democracy disappeared when the Democracy in the United States morphed into “The Will of Big Business!”

11/29/04 :: By William Hare
How The Bush Gang Stole Its Third National Election in a Row
Categories :: Election 2004

The 2004 election theft marks the third in a row for the Bush Gang. While much has been written about 2000, unfortunately the pivotal 2002 mid-term elections came and went in a torrent, which was the way that Republican strategists wanted it. The one thing they fear is sober reflection followed by solid investigation. Fortunately they have the complaisant mainstream corporate media looking the other way.

11/28/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Blogging Harper's Index
Categories :: Bush Administration

Excerpts from the December 2004 Harper's Index highlight the incompetence, hypocrisy, and corruption of the current administratrion vis-a-vis Iraq and the "War on Terror."

11/28/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Onion: White House Thanksgiving Turkey Detained Without Counsel
Categories :: Satire

The Onion continues to be a national treasure, one of my weekly must reads, and I just had to make sure y'all caught the latest great story: "White House Thanksgiving Turkey Detained Without Counsel"

11/27/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Do You Really Think George Bush is "Born Again"?
Categories :: Religion

The Bible does say, “By their fruits ye shall know them”, and it also says, “That which one sows, they shall also reap!”

11/27/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Red and Blue and Ukraine
Categories :: Election 2004 :: Foreign Policy

The supposed Red-Blue division in America pales in comparison with the stark regional divisions in Ukraine.

11/26/04 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
Thanks for the Memories
Categories :: Outrages

Black Friday is here, and the holiday spin has begun. . .
Here at PS, however, the memories springing from brain stems still functional for the moment are focused on other issues: 1) ongoing investigations of balloting fraud and other election irregularities, 2) GOP power abuses, 3) CIA resignations, and 4) White House leaks. The grafs below hit some of these highlights.

11/26/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Voices from Ohio
Categories :: Election 2004

Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman have published more transcripts in The Columbus Free Press from the sessions in Ohio detailing experiences in voting (and in observing voting), and they are once again horrifying.

11/25/04 :: By Stu Finkel
A Liberal Thanksgiving
Categories :: History

On Thanksgiving, we should remember the MORAL VALUES that we hold dear, the ones that are trampled on daily by the propaganda machine that insists that "morality" consists only of gay bashing, anti-feminism, and scapegoating Hollywood for all of our nation's woes. So I've taken a tour of the progressive web and offer tidbits that reflect our love of LIBERTY and DEMOCRACY, our EMPATHY and desire to HELP THOSE IN NEED, our TOLERANCE and HUMILITY, and our recognition of the EQUALITY of all Americans.

11/25/04 :: By Tom Ball
Banned Declaration of Independence Story is Bogus
Categories :: Religion

Drudge breathlessly posted the headline warning, "Declaration of Independence Banned..." Once again, Drudge is a critical voice in the right-wing echo chamber, giving legs to a story that was picked up by both Reuters and the AP. Of course the 'story' was so incredibly one-sided as to border on an outright lie.

11/24/04 :: By Tom Ball
Fundamentalist Bigots Try to Exorcize Gays From 'Their' Church
Categories :: Fundamentalism :: Gay Rights

To follow-up on what seems to be crackpot Wednesday, some uber-ignorant morons decided that the gayness of some gay members of the congregation must be cleansed from the pews -- lest the gayitude infect their non-gay persons.

11/24/04 :: By Tom Ball
Bush Appointed Taliban-Style Fundamentalist Crackpot to the FDA
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Conservatives :: Fundamentalism :: Religion :: Women's Rights

In a brilliant display of contempt for the populace and women in general, Bush appointed a 'doctor' that prescribes scripture as treatment for symptoms of PMS, depression and other ailments.

11/24/04 :: By Stu Finkel
56 Million
Categories :: Humor

56 Million John Kerry voters can't be wrong

11/23/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Framing News vs. Propaganda
Categories :: Framing 101 :: Media :: Progressive Strategy :: Propaganda/Spin :: Reference

There is definitely a need and a place for commentary and editorials but when obvious opinions and partisan politicking replace news and journalism, the "truth" becomes quickly lost in the shuffle. When one looks at the current climate of news and information in the US, specifically the mainstream corporate media, the lines of demarcation are not as clear.

11/23/04 :: By Tom Ball
Tactic: Buy Your Own Media Outlet
Categories :: Media :: Tactics

Duh! The Republicans did it with Fox News, The Washington Times, UPI and other institutions, foundations and organizations funded by right wing billionaires. Surely there are some left-wing billionaires that would feel obliged to pitch in and do the same. This media building can even start on a local level, buying various radio stations, newspapers and television stations.

11/23/04 :: By Stu Finkel
"Moral Values" or Simple Fear?
Categories :: Election 2004 :: Framing 101 :: Progressive Strategy Thankfully, the SCLM has already begun to back off of the monochromatic "Moral Values" explanation for what happened on November 2nd. When 116 (or more, the tally continues) million people go to the polls, the reasons why a particular candidate...

11/23/04 :: By Tom Ball
UK Government Softens Up the Public for a New Series of 'Patriot Acts'
Categories :: Propaganda/Spin

What incredible timing -- amazingly convenient for the Bush-lapdog we all know as Tony Blair. On the eve of the 'Queen's Speech' where government officials plan to roll out such civil-liberty-trouncing policies as national ID cards, there is a 'report' that ensures us that these policies are just what the doctor ordered.

11/22/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Ukraine and a Whole New Level of Irony
Categories :: Elections :: Foreign Policy :: Hypocrisy Yes, it's true. The US is threatening to re-evaluate its relationship with Ukraine because of accusations of vote fraud in Sunday's run-off election. More than 100,000 Ukrainians poured into the streets of Kiev to protest against an election they believe...

11/22/04 :: By Tom Ball
Iran or Iraq?: Take the Pre-Invasion Quiz
Categories :: Foreign Policy :: Iraq

Let's see what we've learned from the first Bush term. Can you differentiate between recent administration statements about Iran and past statements about Iraq?

11/22/04 :: By Mel Valentin
Deadline Iraq: Uncensored Stories of the War
Categories :: Documentary Deadline Iraq: Uncensored Stories of the War, produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Company for local television in November 2003 (still unaired in the United States), examines the invasion and initial occupation of Iraq from the perspective of fifty journalists, cameramen,...

11/21/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Presidential Yacht and the Democrats
Categories :: Democrats :: George W. Bush :: Hypocrisy :: Propaganda/Spin One of the many items of pork in the omnibus bill passed yesterday is $2 million to buy back the Presidential Yacht. As Atrios observes, if the Democrats don't know how to foment outrage with this, all may very well...

11/21/04 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
'Twas the Nightmare Before . . .
Categories :: Humor

Word is that Democrats, progressives, Greens, moderates, and other rational, critical thinkers have been a little down lately. Time for a little levity, a change of pace, Holiday "cheer,"and perhaps, alternative memes.

11/21/04 :: By William Hare
It's up to Progressives to Lead the Movement to Impeach Bush Following Another Stolen Election; Do You Agree?
Categories :: Election 2004

Should any of this come as a surprise? The Cheney-Bush junta has an insatiable lust for power and does not care what it takes to achieve and sustain it.

11/21/04 :: By Stu Finkel
GOP Wants to Look at Your Tax Forms
Categories :: Congress

Regarding the Republican buffoonery of attempting to add a provision to the omnibus spending bill that would allow several committee chairman and their assistants to look at any tax return they wanted to.

11/21/04 :: By Tom Ball
Bush Twins Kicked Out of NY Restaurant for Four Years
Categories :: Activism

This is my town -- and if you don't like it, then get the @#$% out!

11/20/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Pelosi Stands Up
Categories :: Democrats There isn’t too much the Democrats can do actually to affect the course of legislation over the next two (and probably four) years. They are, of course, a shrinking minority in both Houses of Congress, and the Republicans are sufficiently...

11/19/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Appealing to the Irrational Voter
Categories :: Elections :: Framing 101 :: Progressive Strategy

Digby has a post referring to a lengthy article by Christopher Hayes (TNR, subscription required) analyzing the voting behavior of "undecideds." (The piece is also cited over at Pandagon.) The heart of the matter is that undecided voters do not vote based on policies, they do not even vote in any rational manner.

11/19/04 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
Re-framing Moral Values
Categories :: Reader Interaction

As long as we’re re-framing reality for the new (old) administration, perhaps we should re-visit the notion of “moral values” again. Serious confusion is rampant on this and related issues, particularly about what constitutes genuine spirituality, moral vision, and ethical behavior. In fact, “either-or” thinking (“You’re with us or you’re against us.”) is propelling agendas across many disciplines other than politics: religion, science, education, language, music, and art.

11/18/04 :: By Tom Ball
Updated: Berkeley Study Says Bush Received up to a Quarter Million Undeserved Votes in Florida
Categories :: Election 2004

Currently Bush is ahead in the official vote tally 3,964,522 to Kerry's 3,583,544, a difference of 380,978 votes. So this issue alone, if it were allowed to be addressed and corrected (Ha!), would not cancel Bush's lead.

11/18/04 :: By Tom Ball
Police Deride Ashcroft as Liar and the Bush Administration as Incompetent
Categories :: Law Enforcement :: Terrorism

The other day, John Ashcroft continued a series of outrageous claims, this time asserting that "the Bush administration had made the nation more secure from terrorist attacks and violent criminals."

11/17/04 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
Framing Reality: “Reds” on the Hill
Categories :: Outrages

Recent outrages from the Hill and environs.

11/17/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Everyone Loves A Good Party
Categories :: Progressive Strategy

Switch realities for a moment and imagine the Electoral College totally abolished and the Greens and the Libertarians becoming prominent political players among the Democrats and Republicans. Imagine even further if they were to actually become the two dominant political players in America.

11/16/04 :: By Delton Murphy
One People Can
Categories :: Activism :: Anti-War :: Criminal Acts :: Iraq

Bush claims his 51% presidential election win as a mandate. He says this has given him political capital to use and he's going to use it. The global peace movement is considered the other super power in the world today and this last election has also given us political capital to spend as well. So Bring It On!

11/15/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Condoleezza Rice To Be New Secretary of State
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Rice, Condoleezza

For doing such a wonderful job as National Security Advisor, Condoleezza Rice has been nominated to replace Colin Powell as Secretary of State.

11/15/04 :: By Tom Ball
Mass Exodus: 92 High Level Resignations and Dismissals Plague the Bush Administration
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Reference

Okay. Just for the moment let’s suppose that President Bush did have some sort of skill elevated beyond those of his predecessors in choosing his administration and other high level officials. We will also assume for the sake of this discussion that the people he ultimately chose actually are ‘good people’ (We'll save that discussion for another day). Accepting these assumptions, could we then rest assured that the world’s only superpower and uberdemocracy is in good hands as a result of Bush’s uncanny talent?

11/15/04 :: By Tom Ball
Zogby Website Asserts 'Massive Voter Fraud'
Categories :: Election 2004

However, with each passing day, with gathering evidence and increasingly compelling evidence, I began to become less and less of a skeptic. And now we have an absolute must read article on the Zogby website that clearly implies that Zogby feels the election was stolen!

11/15/04 :: By Tom Ball
Bush Purges CIA of Those who are 'Disloyal'
Categories :: Outrages

The White House has ordered the new CIA director, Porter Goss, to purge the agency of officers believed to have been disloyal to President George W. Bush or of leaking damaging information to the media about the conduct of the Iraq war and the hunt for Osama bin Laden, according to knowledgeable sources.

11/14/04 :: By Delton Murphy
To The World
Categories :: Election 2004 :: Patriotism :: Reader Interaction

As the death toll continues to rise in Iraq and our civil liberties continue to erode, many Americans are still in a state of disbelief that Bush will be in power for at least another four years. A new website tries to express the myriad of emotions at least half of America feels.

11/14/04 :: By Mel Valentin
Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Oil on Ice
Categories :: Documentary Oil on Ice, a timely documentary directed by Bo Boudart and Dale Djerassi and narrated by Peter Coyote, examines the struggle to safeguard the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), a pristine19-million acre refuge located in northeast Alaska, from oil exploration...

11/14/04 :: By Stu Finkel
No More Nice Guys
Categories :: Democrats

Jesse Taylor says what we've all been thinking: Do the Democrats really think that continuing to play by the rules like nice boys and girls is going to work?

11/14/04 :: By Stu Finkel
The Circular Firing Squad
Categories :: Democrats

Yes, we on the left are famous for lining up and shooting our own, especially given our recent dismal electoral record. How ironic, then, when those who have been responsible for helping driving us off the cliff try to tell us what other people are doing wrong, as Josh Marshall notes.

11/13/04 :: By Drew Johnston
Modding the Election: The Aftermath
Categories :: Satire

The thrilling conclusion to "Modding the Election".

11/13/04 :: By Tom Ball
Ashcroft is THE Anti-American
Categories :: Patriotism

John Ashcroft recently attacked the very foundation of American strength when he shamefully asserted that judges threaten national security by questioning Bush decisions.

11/12/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Ishbadiddle: The American Covenant
Categories :: Framing 101

Mike Everett-Lane of the blog Ishbadiddle has developed a George Lakoff-inspired screed entitled "The American Covenant" which is a must read for anyone considering how to reframe the progressive agends in moral terms.

11/12/04 :: By Mel Valentin
Aftermath: The Remnants of War
Categories :: Documentary

”The remnants of war exist as unexploded artillery shells and swaths of unburied landmines. They drift as sea mines in oceans and moulder as dead soldiers left unburied beneath forest leaves.”
Donovan Webster (author), Aftermath: The Remnants of War

11/12/04 :: By Tom Ball
Republican Glossary of Common Terms
Categories :: Framing 101

To kick-start the move toward a broadly accepted progressive vision via framing, Katrina Vanden Heuvel, editor of the Nation Magazine, suggests that we begin with a simple glossary of terms as they are interpreted via Republican's 'strict father' cognitive filter:

11/12/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Kicking The Ass Into Shape
Categories :: Activism :: Democrats :: Election 2004 :: Kerry-Edwards 2004 :: Reader Interaction

Donkeys are famously known (and revered) for their stubbornness. When they detect danger they watch it. They do not run from it and they certainly cannot be forced towards it. The similarities between donkeys and democrats are almost eerie.

11/11/04 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
Letter from Elizabeth Edwards
Categories :: Reader Interaction

Elizabeth Edwards' update

11/11/04 :: By Drew Johnston
Modding the Election: An Epic Struggle
Categories :: Satire

While my colleagues are assembling detailed election analyses and long lists of facts, I'm playing computer games and calling it work. Ah, to be an Internet political satirist.

11/11/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Action Alert! Ohio To Be Recounted
Categories :: Activism :: Criminal Acts :: Election 2004 :: Elections :: Reader Interaction

Yesterday Green Party Presidential Candidate David Cobb confirmed that he would demand a recount of all the votes cast in the Presidential Election in the state of Ohio. Since David Cobb's name appeared on the Ohio ballot, it is his legal right to ask for a statewide recount.

11/11/04 :: By Delton Murphy
A History of Mystery
Categories :: Criminal Acts :: Iraq :: Terrorism :: Theories

The kidnapping of Margaret Hassan, Director of CARE International is inexplicable. Why would the Iraqi resistance kidnap a woman who has provided humanitarian assistance to the people of Iraq for 25 years? Could her kidnapping be part of a counterinsurgency operation, orchestrated by Mossad, devised to turn world opinion against the Iraqi resistance?

11/10/04 :: By Delton Murphy
A Brother Speaks
Categories :: Election 2004

Just because John Kerry conceded the election doesn't mean we have to concede defeat to the racist right running the country. The following is a letter from John Kerry's brother about the election results and what the Democrats are currently planning to do about it.

11/10/04 :: By Tom Ball
Republicans Use Legislative Backhand to Invade ANWR
Categories :: Environment

Republicans are preparing to undermine the intent of the legislative process in order to rape the pristine Alaskan wilderness. With this they hope to allow drilling in ANWR, an action that at best produces relatively tiny amounts of oil -- and not until 15 to 20 years from now.

11/09/04 :: By Tom Ball
Who Hates America?
Categories :: Philosophy :: Republicans

There's little doubt just who hates America - American values - freedom, liberty and justice for all.

11/09/04 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
Bits 'n Pieces on the Bush Agenda
Categories :: Environment

The Bush Agenda is shaping up quickly.

11/09/04 :: By Tom Ball
Spam Attack: Must Shut Down Comments Temporarily
Categories ::

Unfortunately, we have been attacked by Spambots. They're heinous little critters that leave luride messages and creepy links to nefarious, Bush-supporting pharmaceutical companies. You know the ones. They produce Viox, Viagra, Cialis, and make bulging promises about various unspeakables.

11/08/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Who Let The Bush Win?
Categories :: Discrimination :: Election 2004 :: Elections :: Polling :: Progressive Strategy :: Reference

In order to effectively frame the dialogue and shape the language necessary for progressive change, we must first take an introspective and honest look at both who and how America voted in last week's election.

11/08/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Riddle Me This
Categories :: Criminal Acts :: Election 2004 :: Kerry, John :: Polling :: Theories

Theories are thriving in the middle of all the turmoil and uncertainty surrounding the Presidential Election. Some argue the obvious: Kerry knew he didn't have the votes so threw in the towel. Other more imaginative theorists surmise that the Skull and Bones Duo and distant cousins staged the whole thing from the beginning. Will we ever find out what really happened?

11/08/04 :: By Tom Ball
Why Do I Feel so Invigorated?
Categories :: Framing 101

Bush is in the White House. Republicans made gains in both the House and the Senate…and Bush will no doubt have the opportunity to push the Supreme Court further to the right. Despite all that, I feel more confident in the future prospects of the progressive agenda than perhaps at any other point in my ‘career’ as a political activist. The reason, my friends, is because we are undergoing a paradigm shift.

11/08/04 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
The Seal is Broken (Again)
Categories :: Religion

George W. Bush has broken the great seal separating church from state, the seal of “religious indifference” that de Crevècoeur in 1782 recognized as the distinguishing trait of Americans.

11/07/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Voting Referenda Proposal
Categories :: Elections :: Progressive Strategy Over at Ishbadiddle, they have an original proposal, which I think very much merits consideration and discussion. Our own SF Liberal sent me an email from a friend of his: "What do you think about refendenda in swing states to...

11/06/04 :: By Tom Ball
'Error' Gives Bush Thousands of Extra Votes in Ohio
Categories :: Election 2004

An error with an electronic voting system gave President Bush 3,893 extra votes in suburban Columbus, elections officials said.

11/06/04 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
Political Strategy: A Real, Virtual, and Compassionate Conversation with America
Categories :: Blogging on Blogging :: Conservatives :: Election 2004 :: Progressive Strategy

Reality sets in. . . . The American electorate may have been a bit bloodied in the months leading up to the final fray, but the search for an authentic, healing march toward democracy remains unbowed

11/05/04 :: By Delton Murphy
The Six Stages of Grief
Categories :: Activism :: Humor :: Philosophy

When you think about all those sheeple in the red states, remember it has never been the masses that initiate necessary social change. Blue state folks (and blue people living in the red), it is up to us to raise the consciousness of those in the red states, not shift toward racism, intolerance, homophobia, war and social injustice.

11/05/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Well How Can They?
Categories :: George W. Bush

The Daily Mirror asks what we all want to know: How can 59 million people be so dumb?

11/05/04 :: By Tom Ball
Another Explanation for Bush's Win?
Categories :: Republicans

Check out this little ditty for a good laugh. However, take note as you read this that I'm not attempting to equate ignorance with intelligence -- but there is certainly some causal relationship between WILLFUL, BROAD-BASED IGNORANCE and a low intelligence.

11/05/04 :: By Tom Ball
Some Suggestions of What Has to be Done
Categories :: Progressive Strategy

Something to think about as we regroup and plan our lines of attack.

11/05/04 :: By Stu Finkel
The Reign of Witches
Categories :: Government :: History :: Philosophy

Thomas Jefferson, from a letter he sent in 1798 after the passage of
the Sedition Act: "A little patience, and we shall see the reign of witches pass over, their spells dissolve, and the people, recovering their true sight, restore their government to its true principles."

11/05/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Jane Smiley: Unteachable Ignorance
Categories :: Blowhards :: Hypocrisy :: Progressive Strategy :: Republicans Among the many self recriminations occurring on our side, it's more than important to remember that it's not entirely our fault, even as the political outcome and the other side want to remind us that we are consistent electoral failures....

11/04/04 :: By Tom Ball
Bush Remains: Here's What He'll Do
Categories :: Foreign Policy

I had a dream last night. I dreamt that the November 2 Bush victory never happened. I laughed (still dreaming) when I thought of all the long hours I had put into various posts exposing Bush's heinous foreign policy agenda. "Ha," I thought. "What a ridiculous waste of time. As though someone as verifiably incompetent, evil, and moronic as Bush could ever be elected after what he's done."

Then I woke up.

11/04/04 :: By Tom Ball
Al Qaqaa: U.S. Troops Watched Weapons-Site Looting
Categories :: Iraq

Now where were we...oh yeah! Al Qaqaa. Those pesky elections can really be a distraction. But now it's time to move on ...and bring this administration down. Listen to the troops:

11/04/04 :: By Tom Ball
Don't Believe the Hype
Categories :: Election 2004

It's a sequel...

11/04/04 :: By Stu Finkel
What Will Arlen Do?
Categories :: Supreme Court/Judiciary

So-called "moderate" Republican Senator Arlen Specter is set to take over as chair of the all-important judiciary committee. Will he really block anti-choice judges as he claims?

11/04/04 :: By Delton Murphy
The Lay of the Land
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Campaigns :: Criminal Acts :: Election 2004 :: Elections :: Humor

We all know how much the Republicans love redistricting. So welcome to the United State of Texas bordered by the newly succeeded bordered Canadian regions of Baja Canada, Michigan, Mini Willinois and New America!

11/04/04 :: By Cary W. Blankenship
“I See Dead People”
Categories :: Progressive Strategy

A political death and I have witnessed many of them sharpens the senses and concentrates the mind. While the election defeat of the Democratic Party in 2004 is not the same as the defeat of the Republican Party of 1964 the general impact is of a similar sense. There is a sense from the Democrats that we have tried everything and none of it works. Well let me take a swing at it. (BEFORE IT GETS LOST IN MY OTHER COMMENTS: I want Elizabeth Edwards for Chairperson of the DNC.)

11/04/04 :: By Delton Murphy
And The Beat Goes On
Categories :: Anti-War :: Campaigns :: Progressive Strategy :: Reference

For far too long Americans have been drunk with the delusions of democracy. Maybe it takes someone like Bush for us to realize that we've still got a lot to overcome. Like a drug addict who has loss everything, maybe America needed to hit rock bottom before sobering up. Listening to one another would be a good start, because if we had truly done that a year ago, we would all be smiling right about now.

11/04/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Is America Already a One Party State?
Categories :: Republicans

In which George W. Bush's intentions to rule as if he won 80% of the vote yesterday are discussed and our prospects for the future seen to be grim.

11/03/04 :: By Tom Ball
Perhaps a (Very Thin) Silver Lining
Categories :: Bush Administration

So now we know what we have to deal with over the next four years. It's a given. That said, pehaps there is some...just a tiny bit of justice hiding under all this.

11/03/04 :: By Tom Ball
The Mourning After: Where Do We Go From Here?
Categories :: Election 2004 :: Framing 101

How could we have been so wrong? Regardless of what happened in Ohio, Kerry still lost the national popular vote by 4 million votes. My best answer points to a matter of nation-widel thought processes and framing. Simply put, many people don’t think like we do. They just don’t. We can present them with the facts, we can give them what we think are the most compelling arguments, and yet they just don’t get it. They simply see the world differently. Their priorities are different. Their fears are different. Their logic is different.

11/03/04 :: By Tom Ball
Kerry Concedes
Categories :: Election 2004

Kerry concedes U.S. Presidential race in a telephone call to Bush.

11/03/04 :: By Stu Finkel
John Edwards Speaks
Categories :: Election 2004 "We will fight for every vote." No conceding. And CNN just projected Michigan for Kerry....

11/03/04 :: By Peter Perkowski
Whither Ohio
Categories :: Election 2004

Are the media rushing to judgment again with their calls of Ohio and Florida?

11/03/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Kerry Campaign Not Giving Up Quite Yet
Categories :: Election 2004

Kerry campaign claiming it can still win Ohio despite network projections.

11/03/04 :: By Peter Perkowski
Categories :: Election 2004

An electoral college tie is frighteningly possible.

11/03/04 :: By Peter Perkowski
More Good News - OH
Categories :: Election 2004 IL-8. Melissa Bean (D) is projected the winner against incumbent Phil Crane (R). More to come....

11/03/04 :: By Peter Perkowski
Some Good News - PA
Categories :: Election 2004 56% Reporting Statewide: President: Kerry: 1,773,818 Bush: 1,324,039 Senate: Hoeffel (D): 1,364,469 Specter (R): 1,424,542 House: PA-6: Lois Murphy (D) ahead of incumbent Jim Gerlach (R): 36,000 to 26,000. PA-13: Allyson Schwartz (D) ahead of Melissa Brown (R): 112,000 to...

11/03/04 :: By Tom Ball
Poll Suggests Youth Stayed Home
Categories :: Election 2004

MSNBC exit poll indicates that the youth did not vote. The 18-29 bracked voted the same this year as in 2000, while 30-44 group was down.

11/03/04 :: By Stu Finkel
The States They Aren't Calling
Categories :: Election 2004

Attempts to look at the exit poll totals in four key states.

11/03/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Messy in Michigan
Categories :: Election 2004

The afternoon turned a little ugly at the Greater Emanuel Church of God in Christ voting poll in Detroit, Michigan proving racism is stronger than I have ever seen in the United States.

11/03/04 :: By Tom Ball
Why Does Bush ALWAYS Take the Early Lead as States' Precincts Check In?
Categories :: Election 2004

The Answer is: The less populated, rural precincts, because they have fewer votes to tally, are typically the first to report their vote totals. Of course these precincts tend to go for Bush -- thus the early lead for Bush.

11/03/04 :: By Tom Ball
Sources: Mongiardo will Take Kentucky Senate Position
Categories :: Election 2004

Bob Novak just said, on CNN, that his sources believe Republican incumbent Governor Jim Bunning will Lose his seat to the Democratic Challenger.

11/02/04 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
Polls Stay Open in NC
Categories :: Election 2004

Polls Staying Open Late in NC

11/02/04 :: By Tom Ball
Categories :: Election 2004

Exit Polls as of 7:30 PM EST.

11/02/04 :: By Tom Ball
Kentucky Senator
Categories :: Election 2004

With 31.8% reporting:

11/02/04 :: By Delton Murphy
The Beginning of the End
Categories :: Election 2004

A lot has been said about the 'Vote or Die' phrase that has been bantered about for the past couple of months. The irony of that slogan is quite fitting for the current climate because a vote for Bush is actually a vote for death.

11/02/04 :: By Stu Finkel
6pm Eastern Exit Polls
Categories :: Election 2004

6pm ET exit polls according to Kos

11/02/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Zogby Calls Kerry Electoral Landslide
Categories :: Election 2004

Zogby predicts a Kerry electoral landslide

11/02/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Second Round Exit Polls
Categories :: Election 2004

2nd Round Exit Polls

11/02/04 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
Ten More Reasons Kerry will be outside the "Margin of Litigation"
Categories :: Election 2004

"Let me be clear." . . . Regardless of all the legal activity, all the evidence points to a staggering participation by the American electorate. That benefits Democrats.

11/02/04 :: By Stu Finkel
More from Milwaukee, Cleveland
Categories :: Election 2004 Following up the earlier report from my sister-in-law, who is working as a Democratic poll watcher (i.e. ready to "challenge the challengers") in Milwaukee: of the 1000 names in their precinct, more than 470 have voted, and it isn't even...

11/02/04 :: By William Hare
A Zogby Shocker – Virginia a Tie!
Categories :: Election 2004

In the latest Zogby Electoral College survey, which he has currently deadlocked at 252 votes apiece, two states are in the tie category. While Pennsylvania is one of the states, my belief based on my knowledge of the state and my many family ties to it, is that it will break for Kerry if he is going to win. If he does not then other Eastern and Midwestern Bread Basket states should also fall to Bush. Especially with the huge turnouts, and long lines in Democratic stronghold Philadelphia, Kerry should ultimately be in a better position than Al Gore four years ago. Gore scored a 4-point victory, aided by an Election Day get out the vote effort in Philadelphia’s African American precincts.

11/02/04 :: By Tom Ball
Bush Futures Plummet on Early Exit Polls
Categories :: Election 2004

For those familiar with the presidential futures markets at Trade Sports, prior to the release of the early exit polls, Bush was bid at 58 (People were 'buying shares' of bush at 58), implying that there was a 58% chance of a Bush win. However, after the release of the exit polls...

11/02/04 :: By Cary W. Blankenship
Report from Cincinnati (Inner City)
Categories :: Election 2004

A close friend of my wife and me is a lawyer. She took the day off to work in the inner city precincts of Cincinnati. She said that she is working one polling area with three precincts that are overwhelmingly African American. There have been no challenges from the Republican observer. There are two Democratic observers. They have had a number of people lined up for the wrong precinct but they have been able to solve that problem. She even took one of the persons to the correct precint. They have phone lines direct into the Kerry Ohio campaign to solve registration problems. Voting as of 1 O'clock eastern time has been very heavy. One precinct had 500 voters by 1 o'clock which would normally have about 275.

11/02/04 :: By Tom Ball
EARLY VNS EXIT POLLS: Kerry Solid in Early Voting
Categories :: Election 2004

Kerry looking solid!

11/02/04 :: By William Hare
Russert Report Highly Encouraging
Categories :: Election 2004

While NBC’s Tim Russert was shrewdly diplomatic in not forecasting a winner, his report in an interview with Katie Couric on this morning’s edition of Today essentially bore good news for John Kerry and bad tidings for George W. Bush.

11/02/04 :: By Cary W. Blankenship
Report from Nashville
Categories :: Election 2004

Hello from a Red State or that is what they say. However Zogby's last poll on Tennessee had Bush with a 3 point lead. As you may or may not know a third of Tennessee registered voters have all ready voted in the early vote period. My wife and I have already voted-I did it on the second day available. I have checked on a number of precincts in the area and there is a heavy turn out. In 2000 Al Gore got 60% of the Nashville vote and I expect that Kerry will get close to the same. Early the early vote in Knoxville was heavy which should be a positive sign for Bush but there have been so many sightings of Kerry/Edwards signs in Knox County that it opens the question. There has been heavy voting in Montgomery County-Ft. Campbell-home of the 101st that has done several tours in Iraq. The rain is out west and moving north and east. In the early vote Memphis/Shelby County was not as heavy as it could have been-lets hope they make up for it today.

I sure would love to turn this Red State BLUE.

11/02/04 :: By Tom Ball
Right-Wing Ohio Judges Suppressing the Vote
Categories :: Election 2004

It is very important that we all understand who the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals judges were that decided to allow challengers to hold up the voting process in minority-heavy Ohio counties this morning?

11/02/04 :: By Peter Perkowski
Anecdote #2 - Santa Monica
Categories :: Election 2004

Encouraging voter turnout report from the People's Republic of Santa Monica.

11/02/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Four More Years of This?
Categories :: Election 2004

You’ve got to be kidding!

11/02/04 :: By Tom Ball
Exit Polls and Mind Games
Categories :: Election 2004

Some words of wisdom from Josh Marshall:

11/02/04 :: By Tom Ball
Drudge's Claim of Voter Fraud in PA is a Fraud itself
Categories ::

The TRUTH is that the numbers that they were looking at on the machines had NOTHING to do with the number of votes cast.

11/02/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Report from Milwaukee
Categories :: Election 2004

So far there have been few challenges in one Milwaukee precinct.

11/02/04 :: By Peter Perkowski
Anecdote #1 - Virginia
Categories :: Election 2004

An anecdote of heavy voting in Virginia warms my heart.

11/02/04 :: By Tom Ball
OHIO in Legal Turmoil
Categories :: Election 2004

The latest developments...

First, the Republicans decided to send 3,000+ paid workers to polling stations in minority-dominated precincts in Ohio for the purpose of challenging the voters and causing delays. 2nd, 3rd, 4th...

11/02/04 :: By Tom Ball
Expect the 'Called States' to Come a Little Later This Election
Categories :: Election 2004

Despite the correctness of the 2000 Election exit polls that showed Gore winning Florida, this year the networks are likely to wait before calling a state for either candidate.

11/02/04 :: By Tom Ball
Bush's Inner Circle are Worried
Categories :: Election 2004

Word from Bush insiders is that fear of a Bush loss is the only thing that has gained momentum within the campaign in recent weeks.

11/02/04 :: By Tom Ball
Daschle Stops Thune Voter Intimidation
Categories :: Election 2004

The South Dakota Federal Courts ruled that the Thune campaign must put a halt to voter intimidation on Indian Reservations. Specifically, the Republicans are forbidden from writing down license plate numbers of Indian voters or follow them home from the polling places.

11/02/04 :: By Tom Ball
Early Reports out of NY and NJ
Categories :: Election 2004

From over two dozen anecdotal reports that I've received as of 7:30 AM EST, polling stations in both NY and NJ are completely overwhelmed!

11/02/04 :: By Tom Ball
First Votes Awarded: Dixville Notch Presents some Interesting Trends
Categories :: Election 2004

Bush won an early Election Day victory in the small New Hampshire hamlet of Dixville Notch, which is renowned for casting the country's first ballots in US presidential elections. Check out these trends.

11/02/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Are You Safer Now Than You Were Four Years Ago?
Categories :: Criminal Acts :: Election 2004 :: Iraq

The vision of our country hanging in the balance on the backs of a few indecisive voters in a handful of states is enough to alert the majority of Americans that our 17th century Electoral College needs to be abolished. So much has been said on this topic (as well it should), that even the most obtusely obstinate among us can comprehend the need to nix this system.

11/02/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Reversal in Ohio: Repub Challenegers Allowed
Categories :: Election 2004

Bad news on the legal front. A last minute reversal by two Republican appointed judges will allow Republican "challengers" to contest the validity of up to 23,000 new voters in Ohio.

11/02/04 :: By Stu Finkel
An Election in Doubt: Greg Palast Weighs In
Categories :: Election 2004

Greg Palast declares that John Kerry is down a million votes before a single one is cast -- thanks to voter suppression, spoiled ballots, and other malfunctionings of Democracy.

11/02/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Dr. Stu's Humble and Completely Unscientific Predictions
Categories :: Election 2004

Dr. Stu provides his entirely unscientific and cautiously optimistic/optimistically cautious predictions for a Kerry victory.

11/02/04 :: By Drew Johnston
Observations Made O'er FREEPville
Categories :: Blowhards :: Election 2004

An outline of a post-election contingency plan for a Bush victory, or a cheap attempt to dovetail some random quotes into a quick November 1st post? You decide.

11/02/04 :: By Tom Ball
Drudge and the GOP: Despicable Liars
Categories :: Election 2004

The mindless media is once again trying to outdo themselves by reporting that the DNC is calling people with a false endorsement from General Schwarzkopf.

11/02/04 :: By Mel Valentin
Brothers in Arms: John Kerry [Documentary]
Categories :: Documentary Written and directed by Paul Alexander (author of a flattering biography of Arizona Senator John McCain), Brothers in Arms examines, in broad strokes, John Kerry’s military service as the commander of a swift boat in the Mekong Delta during the...

11/02/04 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
Outside the Margin of Litigation
Categories :: Election 2004

A good hint of how unreliable the current polls may be is wafting through mainstream media newsrooms and virtual communities . . . but a pattern is emerging.

11/01/04 :: By William Hare
Bill Hare Prediction: Kerry With a Sweep of America's Bread Basket
Categories :: Election 2004

While I offered a basic formula for prediction in my previous article I failed to crunch numbers and provide a numerical electoral vote figure and a comprehensive breakdown of states. I forward this view with one disclaimer. In that so much of this is guesswork I want anyone who might take me more seriously than I would take myself by putting my cash where my mouth is to look away. Otherwise, having been warned, please do not send me a later telegram from Las Vegas scolding: “Stranded in Vegas! Out of money! Your damned fault!”

11/01/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Touch Screen Turmoil
Categories :: Election 2004 :: Elections :: Humor

Humor can be a good prescription for whatever ails you. And what better place for it than amidst the excitement and trepidation of Election Day, especially with the world watching with baited-breath what the Americans will decide.

11/01/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Halloween "Trick or Treat" Republican Style Revealed on "60 Minutes" Appropriately on Halloween
Categories :: Bush Administration

What a “dirty trick” for the Republicans to give the wealthiest Americans, that 1 percent who have more wealth than they could use in several lifetimes, a big tax cut while conducting the raging war in Iraq. But it was no doubt Republican payback for the campaign funding “treat” for the big business corporations who so generously funded their “cozy relationship” campaigns.

11/01/04 :: By Delton Murphy
The Country or The Man
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Conservatives :: Election 2004 :: Iraq

I fail to comprehend the rationale that makes Bush supporters and undecideds leaning toward Bush conclude that we are safer and this is a course worthy of pursuing. So much yakety-yak has been given to the absurd notion that you "don't change horses in the midst of a war." It's not about changing horses; it's about changing direction. Anyone who can look at what's going on all around us and agree that this is what America is all about, is both misinformed and delusional.

11/01/04 :: By Tom Ball
Litigated Election Might Meet a Tied U.S. Supreme Court
Categories :: Election 2004

At one point, soon after his emergency tracheotomy, Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist said he would rejoin his colleagues on the bench by November 1st. This would allow him to oversee any judicial involvement in the 2004 presidential election. By default, Rehnquist's presence preserves the conservative majority in the court and ensures proper installation of their candidate back into the White House. Now it seems that's not going to happen:

11/01/04 :: By William Hare
The Big Contest May Start on November 3
Categories :: Election 2004

After America’s Constitution was ratified a crowd assembled outside the convention hall approached Benjamin Franklin, the august body’s elder statesman. He was asked what the instrument’s framers had delivered. “A republic if you can keep it,” the wily Franklin replied.

11/01/04 :: By Stu Finkel
An Election in Doubt: The Day Before
Categories :: Criminal Acts :: Election 2004 Update Meteor Blades over at Kos has more on how we're not going to take it any more. The good news this morning is that two judges in Ohio have banned Republican operatives from challenging voters at the polling place,...

11/01/04 :: By Cary W. Blankenship
Dr. Cary’s Official Predictions
Categories :: Election 2004

We have the predictions of Peter and Tom. Now I am ready to enter my two cents.

11/01/04 :: By Tom Ball
Tracking Polls Looking Great for Kerry
Categories :: Election 2004

Bush can't even break 46% in the Fox News tracking poll. Keep in mind that if an incumbent fails to consistently poll over 50%...well...BC04 is in DEEP trouble.

11/01/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Today's Thoughts for Tomorrow
Categories :: Election 2004 :: Polling

Will Kerry win in a landslide or eke by in what the pundits and polls call a 'statistical dead heat'? Or, will the unspeakable happen? Here are a few thoughts about tomorrow today.

11/01/04 :: By Tom Ball
Tony Blair Backs Kerry
Categories :: Election 2004

Bush's 'Coalition of the Willing' finds themselves more willing if Kerry is the next president. In particular, Tony Blair, as a seeming matter of self-preservation, privately supports a Kerry presidency.

11/01/04 :: By Tom Ball
Tom's Official Prediction
Categories :: Election 2004

In 2000, I don’t recall feeling very confident about a Gore victory going into Election Day. The Republicans were incredibly fired up, waiting with bated breath to unleash 8 years of pent up Clinton hatred. Their resources far outstripped ours. And the nation seemed fed up with Monica and impeachment.
In 2004, the story is quite different. This time, the democrats are not possessed of unprecedented enthusiasm this election cycle, but they are also united like never before. In short, because of things like:

11/01/04 :: By Tom Ball
The Redskins Put the Nail in Bush's Electoral Coffin
Categories :: Election 2004

Superstitions have always had a loving place in our society, especially those that seem enduringly correct with each passing year. Now that we are just hours away from perhaps the most important presidential election in the history of humanity, I would be doing society a disservice if I did not address some related electoral superstitions.


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