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Discover's Framing and Tactical Assault Projects!
01/31/05 :: By William Hare
Name Your Choice for Number One Media Propagandist -- Cast Your Vote Now!
Categories :: Media Snake Oil

One thing has become increasingly clear after scrutinizing the current scene as part of our Media Snake Oil research – the blatant nature of blatant right wing propaganda at a time when the Federal Communications Commission has become a pathetic Bush Administration tool.

01/31/05 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
Heroes of Social Insecurity: A 'Leninist' Strategy
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Discrimination :: Hypocrisy :: Social Security

Americans don't need a secret de-coder ring to understand the PR push to sell the Plan to destroy Social Security, but some may enjoy a trip down memory lane before the State of the Union re-defines privatization.

01/31/05 :: By Tom Ball
It's Official. Bush is a Racist: Flashing the Race Card to Destroy Social Security
Categories :: Framing 101 :: Race :: Social Security

Closeted bigots have become versed in traversing the bumpy bigoted landscape, furthering their ideals while claiming tolerance and proclaiming their love for diversity. Thus, they are often difficult to expose outright. We must therefore watch their "walk" vs. their "talk". Don't expect to find Bush using the "N" word or berating gays openly. What you will easily find, however, is a record of civil rights atrocities and staunch support for admitted bigots. Indeed, until Trent Lott spilled the beans regarding his racist beliefs, accusations of contemporary GOP racism was often poo-pooed as left-wing rhetoric with little evidence (i.e. signed confessions).

01/31/05 :: By Tom Ball
Keeping Track of Bush Payola Propaganda Puppets
Categories :: Propaganda/Spin

Okay, okay. I guess we have to start keeping track of these asses. So far, the Bush Payola Propaganda Puppets include -- but I’m sure are not limited to:

01/28/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Republicans Celebrate Their Failures
Categories :: Bush Administration

The world watched the Republican revelry, the $40 million party celebrating putting Bush back in power. Bush and fellow Republicans boasted that the $40 million came from independent sources, not taxpayers.

01/28/05 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
The Language Gestapo
Categories :: Framing 101

Excuse me, but this is personal . . . oops, er, I mean, private.
In an uncertain world, it’s nice to know we can always count on the current Administration to provide some much needed semantic entertainment.

01/28/05 :: By Tom Ball
Making Headway to a Progressive Infrastructure
Categories :: Progressive Strategy

It was not long, however, that the scofflaw blossomed into a full-fledged felon, persistently skirting the standards of decency and morality. It was then, and only then, that the Democrats recognized that the felon was not alone. In fact it was but a single element within a highly organized gang of societal usurpers -- a gang that perpetrated crimes without punishment or accountability.

And then one day it happened. The felonious crew stole the presidency of the united states of America. From then, their power only grew. The Democrats were hopeless, powerless...hapless.

Until yet again a day arrived that the tides would begin to turn.

01/27/05 :: By Delton Murphy
How To Teach Intolerance
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Education :: Hypocrisy

While the war, the economy, torture, terrorism and unemployment are all important issues, nothing means more to the Republicans than sexual orientation.

01/27/05 :: By Delton Murphy
The Confirmation of Condi
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Rice, Condoleezza :: Senators and Representatives

While the vast majority of Democrats behaved normally, like Stepford Wives in accordance with their corporate programming, by voting in step with the Republicans, a *whopping* thirteen Senators actually voted against her nomination.

01/27/05 :: By Stu Finkel
A Progressive Infrastructure
Categories :: Progressive Strategy The news from several weeks back, as mentioned in Tom Ball's previous post, that liberal billionaires such as George Soros, Herb and Marion Sandler, and Peter Lewis are considering massive joint funding of progressive institutions that could compete with the...

01/26/05 :: By Tom Ball
Could Ted Turner Become a New Progressive Sugar Daddy?
Categories :: Progressive Strategy

Earlier this month, a group of politically progressive billionaires -- including George Soros, Herb and Marion Sandler, and Peter Lewis pledged millions to the long-term construction of a critically needed progressive intellectual infrastructure of think tanks and other institutions. With a little luck, we may have another billionaire jumping on board very soon.

01/26/05 :: By Tom Ball
36 US Soldiers Dead
Categories :: Iraq

The latest poll shows that support for war in Iraq hit a new low of 39% while most people no longer back the administration's basis for invading. Now these 39% have something new to contemplate with the death of 36 American soldiers yesterday.

01/25/05 :: By Tom Ball
Koufax Award Nominations are Posted
Categories :: Misc

Well, some of them are anyway...and, as with any nominee, we are not shy -- but we are humble -- about asking you to click over to Wampum and vote for your favorites in the progressive political blogsphere.

01/25/05 :: By Delton Murphy
Action Alert: Hold Condoleezza Rice Accountable!
Categories :: Activism :: Bush Administration :: Rice, Condoleezza Even though it's pretty much a done deal that Condoleezza Rice will be confirmed as the next Secretary of State, she (as well as the rest of the Bushites) must be held accountable. Barbara Boxer may be one of the...

01/24/05 :: By Delton Murphy
German Democracy
Categories :: Rumsfeld, Donald

Although it may be hard to find in America sometimes, democracy in Germany is alive and well.

01/24/05 :: By Delton Murphy
War is Patriotic
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Free Speech :: History :: Iraq :: Patriotism

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the greatest nation of all?

01/23/05 :: By Delton Murphy
Spreading "Freedom"
Categories :: Activism

Although it was hugely downplayed, there were also hundreds of counter-inaugurations held in DC and in cities across the country on inauguration day.

01/22/05 :: By Stu Finkel
Our Possessed President
Categories :: George W. Bush

Justin Raimando of ruminates on our possessed President, spouting rhetoric that is more Bolshevik than "conservative."

01/22/05 :: By William Hare
The Media's Hatchet Job on Howard Dean
Categories :: Media Snake Oil

Howard Dean was understandably greeted as a breath of fresh air to progressives seeking a change from “business as usual” politics with all too predictable results. Rather than receiving the bulk of his money from corporate donors, Dean energized regular Americans. Much of his support came from the Internet. His efforts have changed the face of American politics and, as his former campaign manager Joe Trippi recently revealed, if the politically savvy activists interacting on the Internet do not see substantive change within the Democratic Party motivation and energy will flourish to start a new party.

01/22/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Has Condoleezza Rice Sounded The Battle Cry for a Holy War?
Categories :: Bush Administration

Even before Dr. Condoleezza Rice had been cleared by a 16-2 vote by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in the ongoing confirmation process for Secretary of Statre, it would be a good idea to demand that she reveal how she plans to wage war against Fundamentalist Islam.

01/21/05 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
It Takes a Virtual Village
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Framing 101 :: Free Speech :: Progressive Strategy :: Social Security

Tracking, documenting, and correcting the continuing assault by The Second Administration requires a healthy village of progressive citizens to speak truth to power. The mounting campaign against raiding Social Security is one indication of the strength of this Village.

01/21/05 :: By Drew Johnston
The Unbearable Gayness of Children's Television
Categories :: Blowhards :: Gay Rights :: Humor :: Religion

I don't get it. The media basically hands the reins of power to the "moral" Religious Right, and what do they do? They blow it by going after a cartoon character. I'm not surprised, though. They've done this before. Many times, in fact.

01/20/05 :: By William Hare
Rice is Being Questioned in the Wrong Place; The Interrogiation is More Appropriate for The Hague
Categories :: Bush Administration

When one considers the track record of deceit on the part of Condoleezza Rice in her first four years of the Bush Administration it becomes obvious that questioning her in Washington by Senate members is the inappropriate action. Under the circumstances, based on international law to which we as a nation have traditionally subscribed, the appropriate venue for interrogation would be the World Court at The Hague. If international law were being followed she would be joined in the docket by all involved in that policymaking, beginning with chief architect Dick Cheney and continuing through his neoconservative allies such as Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle, as well as symbolic mouthpiece George W. Bush.

01/20/05 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
The Second Coming
Categories :: Bush Administration

For many Americans, the most memorable words George W. Bush spoke this week did not come in his second Inaugural speech.

01/20/05 :: By Bob Kendall
The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Bush Himself
Categories :: Bush Administration

Franklin Delano Roosevelt made famous the declaration, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!”

01/20/05 :: By Tom Ball
How could Bush not make Condi his Secretary of State?
Categories :: Rice, Condoleezza

Just look at all of these things that she's done for her big lummox of a boss and you too will understand.

01/19/05 :: By Tom Ball
The Enemy We Face in the War for Social Security Preservation
Categories :: Social Security

Most of the attention on this cultural 'war of the worlds' has been understandably focused on the Bush Administration as the primary assailant of the integrity and sanctity of Social Security -- arguably the most successful social program in the history of the United States of America. What often goes overlooked are the power players that thrive at the beast's underbelly. These are the movers that shape public opinion and work as an integral component of the GOP’s framing machine. Thus, we introduce you to a broader scope of the opposition:

01/19/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Brainwashed, Brain Dead or Both?
Categories :: Bush Administration

This question must be asked when one considers Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity: “Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.” Could that definition define what voters did who voted for a second term for the Bush Administration?

01/18/05 :: By William Hare
Bush's Bogus Iraq Mandate
Categories :: Bush Administration

How the spinmeisters of the incumbent Republican regime stay up all night deciding what to say and do next in the face of a steady onslaught of questions and refutations of their indefensible policy postures. A classic example is Bush’s pronouncement delivered in an interview with the Washington Post that he need not take any action concerning any of his Administration’s officials pertaining to his Iraq policy.

01/18/05 :: By Tom Ball
Tactic: Outnumber Your Opponent
Categories :: Tactics

Setup: Here you are. Face to face with the opposition and grossly outmatched. Their arguments are more persuasive. Their delivery is more coherent. Their presence is more charismatic and their face is more attractive. For God sake, what do you do? Short answer: Bail out till you can get some reinforcements. Although this is not always possible, given the opportunity to do so, delay a debate to such a time that you are likely to have a vocal ally present.

01/17/05 :: By Bob Kendall
The Media Darlings of the Religious Right
Categories :: Media Snake Oil

The American religious right has idolized the ex (we hope ex) drug addict Rush Limbaugh. His dramatic pronouncements have been taken as gospel. What would be tragic would be if drugs induced some of Rush’s rantings, and that sadly the audience accepted them when mind-altering substances induced them.

01/17/05 :: By Stu Finkel
The Outrage is Justified
Categories :: Outrages

Is your outrage justified? You better believe it is. Here's just one snapshot in time set of reasons.

01/16/05 :: By Tom Ball
Tactical Assault Project
Categories :: Tactics

Announcing the launch of the "Tactical Assault Project". The project will be an ongoing effort to provide a 'handbook' of political tactics being used -- and for use -- in the ongoing battle for political and ideological superiority.

01/14/05 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
Update: Trickle-Down News
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Framing 101 :: Hypocrisy :: Outrages

Some details are beginning to emerge about the President's plan to destroy Roosevelt's successful Social Security safety net. Early signs of the marketing, the campaign process, and the rhetoric are troubling.

01/13/05 :: By Drew Johnston
The Amazing Mr. President
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Propaganda/Spin

It's bad enough that Bush's "town hall meetings" are obviously scripted. You'd think * would at least try to get his lines right.

01/13/05 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
“Trickle-down News"
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Framing 101 :: Hypocrisy

Mr. Bush is failing to convince the GOP to brutalize Social Security despite fear tactics. Perhaps GOPPOTUS has less political capital than he at first claimed.

01/12/05 :: By Tom Ball
If Only Bush Were as Accountable as CBS
Categories :: Bush Administration

In fact, of the 92 or so high level resignations and Dismissals that plagued the Bush Administration over the first 4 years, only three of them had any air of 'punishment' for incompetence. And even they were not publicly admonished for failure -- lest the administration itself appear to be the failure that we all know it to be.

01/12/05 :: By Stu Finkel
Man Date Update
Categories :: Election 2004

In her latest update, the Librarian once again refutes the mandate myth.

01/12/05 :: By Tom Ball
Bush Sets Historic Landmark: Largest US Trade Deficit Ever
Categories :: Economy

More inflation? Higher rates? Secretary Snow forgot to address these issues. More worrisome, Republicans will likely use this data as 'evidence' that high wages in the US are stifling consumer demand for domestic made goods in favor of cheaper goods from abroad (Read: Wal-Mart and China).

01/12/05 :: By William Hare
The New York Times is so Concerned About CBS; Keep Your Own House in Better Order!
Categories :: Media Snake Oil

Media hypocrisy reached another zenith level this week with the announcement that firings would occur over the highly publicized stories and subsequent investigation over the alleged memo concerning George W. Bush’s Texas Air National Guard flying duties.

01/12/05 :: By Tom Ball
Howard Dean for DNC Chair
Categories :: Dean, Howard :: Democrats

With a sense of great pride and unmitigated confidence, I endorse Howard Dean for DNC Chair. The reasons are many but easily summarized: In 2004 "Anyone But Bush" motivated me, but Howard Dean Inspired me. Back in the infancy of 2003 as I was innocently flipping through some channels, I came upon a man speaking. I paused...then put down the remote. He was inspiring. I immediately identified with him and his message…and for the first time ever felt a sort of ideological bond with a person I had never met. That man was Howard Dean.

01/11/05 :: By Tom Ball
Tactic: Link 'Good' Words to 'Good' Sources, 'Bad' Words to 'Bad' Sources
Categories :: Tactics

This tactic helps us to determine what people find when they search for 'Miserable Failure' or any other search term. The question is, will they see the "Biography of George W. Bush" or the "Michael Moore Website" (Currently number 2 and obviously the right's answer to the "Bush - Miserable Failure" campaign) shining boldly in the top spot? So, if you own a blog or other website, be very selective and strategic in choosing the words that you use to link to other sites. En masse, it is an incredibly powerful tool that helps shape what millions of people find in their quest for truth!

01/11/05 :: By William Hare
Skull and Bones Updated to Bush and Kerry
Categories :: Books

Antony Sutton in writing “America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones" two decades ago set in motion the analytical wherewithal for tracing its activities beyond his death. Sutton may be dead, but the important questions he raised about Skull and Bones and this secret society’s impact on U.S. and world political and economic policies become more paramount with each passing year.

01/11/05 :: By Tom Ball
Crybaby NY Post Whines About Moore 'Ballot Stuffing'
Categories :: Media

The wingers of our great nation are understandably shaken by Michael Moore's heavily deserved People's Choice award. But standard winger fare dictates that they let nothing pass without attempting a destructive blow to its reputation, character, livelihood, etc.

01/11/05 :: By Tom Ball
How to Fox-Proof Your Cable Box
Categories :: Activism

A phenomenal idea and a bargain at only $8.95. What a relief it will be to protect my children’s' innocent eyes from the perversity of O'Reilly's evil mug!

01/11/05 :: By Stu Finkel
On Media Travesties
Categories :: Media Snake Oil :: Outrages :: Propaganda/Spin

Atrios blasts apart any remaining iota of credibility to the long running myth that there is a liberal media by looking at who gets canned and who gets a pass when they fuck things up.

01/10/05 :: By Stu Finkel
More on Taxpayer Funded Bushevik Propaganda
Categories :: Criminal Acts :: Propaganda/Spin Armstrong Williams, who was outed last week as having accepted $240,000 of taxpayer money to propagandize for the Bush administration's stupendously misnamed No Child Left Behind education initiative claimed in a conversation with the Nation's David Corn (via Kos) that,...

01/10/05 :: By Bob Kendall
This Three Question Quiz Can Determine How Dangerous You Are To Civilization
Categories :: Bush Administration

Civilization’s bloody saga proves “religious wars” have killed countless millions, all in the name of “God”, “Jehovah” or “Allah” and often referred to “Holy Wars” by the perpetrators. With over 1,500 different religious concepts it is inevitable there will be clashes of viewpoints. If we are ever to stop this killing, it will be necessary to know how religious killers think, just as we make scientific studies of how “serial killers” think.

01/10/05 :: By Tom Ball
Destroying the Myth of Bush's Support from ‘New Europe’: Why Did Some European Leaders Support Bush Despite Public Outrage?
Categories :: Foreign Policy :: Lies

It is both European geopolitics and a built-in fear of French-German domination that stimulates some European leaders to support Bush, not the laughable "Bush-moral-clarity" nonsense promoted by conservative mouthpieces. Simply put, the leaders of these nations are betting that their constituents cast their votes in the next elections not with Iraq on their minds, but rather with a mindset focused on the future of Europe and their country's position of influence and sovereignty within it.

01/10/05 :: By Stu Finkel
Bush Ever Less Popular
Categories :: Election 2004

Dubya's current popularity puts him squarely in last place among second term presidents.

01/07/05 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
Okifyar: “Searing Reality”
Categories :: Democracy

On the leaked WH memo, courtesy of Peter Wehner, *’s director of strategic initiatives and Rove’s deputy. If you haven’t read the whole memo, you should. . . The linguistic pattern is dangerous.

01/07/05 :: By Tom Ball
Are There Any Limits to the Propaganda of Goebbels W. Bush?
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Propaganda/Spin

Remember the question that I asked at the end of my last post on Bush Propaganda? Well, the answer is... we haven't even begun to see the extent to which this administration will go when it comes to asserting their agenda. And why should we? They committed atrocities beyond compare in their first term and the American electorate gave them a free pass. I don't blame the Republicans one bit for relentlessly pursuing their agenda.

01/07/05 :: By Stu Finkel
More Bushevik Propaganda
Categories :: Criminal Acts :: Propaganda/Spin

The USA Today reports that the Bush administration paid a prominent black commentator $240,000 to plug No Child Left Behind. Your tax dollars at work, promoting Bushevik propaganda.

01/07/05 :: By Tom Ball
Bush Draft (Part II)
Categories :: Bush-Cheney 2004 :: Lies :: Military :: Outrages

During the 2004 campaign, the Bush troglodytes were fond of asserting, "The only people I've ever heard suggest a draft are the Democrats." -- obviously implying that it was actually the Dems who sought to send your children to their death in various irrelevant foreign lands. Well duh! Of course the Republicans aren't going to admit what they're really intending to do. Hasn't anyone been paying attention for the last four years? Sure enough, with the military heinously overstretched and the situation in Iraq in a deterioration freefall, the Repuglinuts have vamped up their efforts -- shifting into phase two of their 'shaft 'em with the draft' campaign for global domination.

01/07/05 :: By Tom Ball
GAO Says Bush Administration Broke Law with 'Covert Propaganda'
Categories :: Criminal Acts :: Propaganda/Spin

Who in their wildest crackpot imagination (prior to Bush’s takeover of the White House) would think that the US would be found in criminal violation of producing and distributing propaganda within our borders? Sure, during war you have Psych-Ops dumping this crap on the opposition and other foreign targets...but within our borders...on a domestic topic.

01/06/05 :: By Tom Ball
Barbara Boxer is My Hero
Categories :: Democracy

Wait...what's that I'm feeling?... could it's pride. The Democrats finally took a stand at a criticla moment in history...or at least a couple of them did. I'll take that for now.

01/06/05 :: By Tom Ball
A Day of Reckoning for Democrats and Democracy
Categories :: Democracy

To make this day a potential pivot point in the history of our nation, we must have at least one senator sign on with the House Democrats to contest the electoral vote. Just one -- an accomplishment the Democrats failed to muster in the debacle of 2000. In many ways today is a day for reckoning for the Democrats and democracy. Will the Democrats find their spine and restore their dignity? Will the American electoral process be reborn with integrity? Will the electoral crimes, irregularities, frauds and manipulations gain the exposure and priority that they deserve?

01/06/05 :: By Drew Johnston
A Look Back - The Inanity of Politics
Categories :: Blowhards

Before the election, there was no shortage of stupid, inane, and downright psychotic "controversies" cooked up by the GOP. Now that we're older and wiser, it's time to return to those days for an examinaton.

01/06/05 :: By Bob Kendall
The Bush Administration Fooled The American People Once Over The Iraq War
Categories :: Bush Administration

The old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me!” is a timeless adage we should heed.

01/05/05 :: By Tom Ball
ACTION ALERT: Boxer May sign on as Critical Senate Component to the Contesting of the 2004 Electoral Vote
Categories :: Activism :: Democracy

Clearly, the bottom line here seems to be Barbara Boxer. Does she have what it takes to be a true leader willing to stand for what she believes in. Or will she too cow to the 'delicacies' of her perceived political future?

01/05/05 :: By William Hare
Family Values Republicans! A "Breast Christmas Ever" Competition!
Categories :: Hypocrisy

It was anything but a surprise when corporate media octopus Clear Channel announced that it had chosen as its major news source none other than family values-oriented and “fair and balanced” Fox News.

01/04/05 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
The “Others”: Empire-building
Categories :: Government

The lines have clearly formed in the reality-based community on the current issues facing the newly sworn-in 109th Congress. To clarify what’s at stake on the two sides, the title of this piece invokes previous installments. For background, link here and here. This post focuses on the contrast between the reality-based community and the “Others,” the Imperialist Extremists. Let’s look at the priorities evident in the activities of Day 1.

01/04/05 :: By Tom Ball
Stem Cell Therapy Helps Monkeys with Parkinson's
Categories :: Science

Who knows. If the Bush Administration wasn't devastating our nation's progress in medical science, perhaps our own scientists would have made this breakthrough years ago. Remember, they're the 'pro-life' party...but only if you're not born yet -- then you can go 'Cheney' yourself.

01/03/05 :: By William Hare
Shirley Chisholm, RIP
Categories :: Obituaries

The progressive movement lost a tenacious and highly respected advocate with the report today that Shirley Chisholm died at her Ormond Beach, Florida home at the age of 82. The fight for equal rights for women throughout American life was appreciably enhanced by the efforts of Shirley Chisholm.

01/03/05 :: By Bob Kendall
The Greatest Economic Comedian Ever -- Alan Greenspan
Categories :: Bush Administration

Alan Greenspan was just the economic mouthpiece the Bush Administration needed. The nation’s only recent major available prosperity opportunity for the average individual has been the real estate market. With interest rates hitting an all time 45 year low, those individuals burned in the stock and bond market as corruption ravaged their assets wanted something more tangible.

01/03/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Spendthrift Republicans Drowning The U.S. in Debt!
Categories :: Bush Administration

The Republican propaganda machine has used the Republican myth of recent years that liberals are the big spenders.

01/03/05 :: By Tom Ball
Christian Right Vs. Christian Left: Conversations with Conservatives
Categories :: Conservatives :: Framing 101 :: Religion

On the left, religion is met with a feeling of nurturance, tolerance and compassion. This is reflected in the lefts immediate reaction to the global disaster -- helping those in need in any way possible -- focusing on those most vulnerable.

On the right, religion is a vehicle of punishment, intolerance, and constant judgment as well as a convenient tool for rationalizing inhumane behavior. This is symbolized by the following conversation (paraphrased to account for imperfect memory):

01/02/05 :: By Stu Finkel
Will Their Hubris Finally Get Them?
Categories :: Blowhards :: Conservatives :: Religion For those of you not familiar with him, James Dobson is bigger and more important than either Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson have ever been. As head of Focus on the Family, he has spearheaded the Christian Right's drive...

01/01/05 :: By William Hare
Koufax, Drysdale as Labor Relations Pioneers
Categories :: Books

Despite Sandy Koufax’s athletic prowess as a youngster growing up in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn he never anticipated becoming what he seemed naturally destined to do – pitch a baseball with phenomenal results in the major leagues. During Koufax’s early years he was drawn to basketball and was playing the hoop sport at Cincinnati University when major league franchises became aware of his natural skills in throwing a baseball. Jane Leavy captures Koufax’s life and times in an excellent biography entitled “Koufax.”

01/01/05 :: By Tom Ball
Happy New Year 2005!!!
Categories :: Misc

May 2005 be the best year yet and the least of those to come!


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  • Rice is Being Questioned in the Wrong Place; The Interrogiation is More Appropriate for The Hague
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