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07/29/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Bush's "Huge Victory"
Categories :: Media Snake Oil

The media has a strange definition of "huge victory."

07/29/05 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
PowerGate's Hit Parade
Categories :: Bush Administration

To those following the sadly disturbing RoveGate, TreasonGate, PlameGate, CIAGate saga, these latest details are all part of a very simple scandal: this is about Power—getting it, keeping it, and destroying anyone who threatens to take it—at any price. Abuse of power is easy when you also openly embrace a culture of corruption and greed. But it’s just plain showy when you have a parade.

07/29/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
The boys at the yacht club are laughing
Categories :: When I read about dis-organized labor’s feud that has now erupted into full-blown gang warfare my first thought - a symptom of desperate escapism, I suppose - was, where is Constantine the Great when you need him? In 325 A.D.,...

07/29/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Bolton Busted -- Again
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Iraq

Bolton lies by ommission and tries to play it off as forgetfulness. That excuse ranks right up there with "The check's in the mail."

07/28/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
Bush resigns, admits Kerry was right
Categories :: Yesterday I mourned the loss of the Bush administration’s “war on terror” slogan and the appearance of its less than inspiring replacement, “a global struggle against violent extremism.” For an administration that prides itself on horribly misleading catchphrases - “death...

07/27/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
When good sloganeering goes bad
Categories :: Q. How can you tell when the Bushies are getting worried? A. They start changing slogans. During the 2000 campaign, for instance, before they realized that a handful of juridical hypocrites could do away with all that messy democracy business...

07/26/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
GOP Goes After Fitzgerald, CIA
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Congress

The GOP goes to war against a criminal investigation AND the CIA.

07/26/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
Bush Incorporated: A case study in irrational exuberance
Categories :: Republicans used to argue that government should be run more like a business. Well, they got their wish in Bush Inc., a bunch of middle-aged white guys intent on strutting their years of private-sector experience both here and abroad. Problem...

07/25/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
John G. Roberts: Liar
Categories :: Supreme Court/Judiciary

And already the first lie has been exposed. How many are coming? And will the Senate do it's job and dig the truth out?

07/25/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
Principled bunk
Categories :: In seeking admission to the Federalist Society it may help if you’re a brilliant licensed attorney; otherwise its exclusive membership is restricted “to anyone who wishes to join.” So you just might be able to wrangle a membership card if...

07/25/05 :: By William Hare
How About a Real 9/11 Investigation?
Categories :: Media Snake Oil

After a long period in which any probing investigation and analysis into what caused the 9/11 tragedies was confined essentially to critics outside the media mainstream, a representative from the mainstream media recently spoke out. UPI International correspondent John Daly in a June 13 article provided among other revealing information from what he termed “Insider notes” the serious doubts raised about the mainstream media snake oil account of what really happened on 9/11.

07/24/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
"W" Takes Hostage
Categories :: George W. Bush

Bush has hit a new low, ransoming a needed budget bill just to preserve his ability to torture innocent people abroad.

07/23/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Bushes Push SS Privatization -- Again
Categories :: Class Warfare :: Social Security

The Bush family's penchant for class warfare has reared its ugly head again.

07/22/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Judge John Roberts, A Threat to America as we Know It!
Categories :: Bush Administration

When Sandra Day O’Connor announced her impending retirement there was the hope that her replacement might be another woman. But with George Bush and his one-sided political agenda, of course that was wishful thinking.

07/22/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
A wasted diversion
Categories :: From a political standpoint the president would have been better off had he nominated to the Court the strictest of fire-eating “originalists” -- perhaps someone anxious that our founding fathers’ intentions be re-enshrined by census-adjusting for the two-fifths-inflated African-American population,...

07/21/05 :: By Drew Johnston
Only Political Reviews: Clerks.
Categories :: Entertainment :: Film Reviews :: Humor :: Satire

Part one in what will hopefully become a series of Only Political Reviews. First up: the independent classic Clerks.

07/21/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
The chicken or the egg of jackassdom
Categories :: What struck me most about the president’s Tuesday-night introduction of John G. Roberts was his emphasis on the nominee’s purported qualities of “wisdom, fairness and civility.” It seemed clear that given the multiple problems Mr. Bush is experiencing as a...

07/20/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
Straight-talkin’ POTUS
Categories :: Suddenly we find pundits huddling over the troublesome proposition that George W. Bush is beginning to look a bit shifty. Because of his recent redefinition of what it takes to fire a duplicitous, security-breaching aide, the possibility now looms, warns...

07/20/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Bush Picks Upper-Middle Class White Guy
Categories :: Supreme Court/Judiciary

Bush picks a right-wing partisan who's anti-woman. What a surprise.

07/19/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Not Clement?
Categories :: Supreme Court/Judiciary

Is the field really still open? Is the Bush Junta playing media games to keep Rove off the front page? We'll find out soon.

07/19/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Edith Clement: "Stealth Candidate"
Categories :: Supreme Court/Judiciary

The Bushites have found themselves with a SCOTUS candidate without a paper trail but who they firmly believe will carry out the Radical Right's agenda.

07/19/05 :: By Bob Kendall
When George Bush Says, "Jump", Republican Robots Ask, "How High?"
Categories :: Bush Administration

George Bush in his weekly radio address declared that he wants his Supreme Court nominations to move swiftly.

07/19/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
George W. Nixon
Categories :: It’s beginning to look a lot like the Nixon White House, minus the warmth. A criminal war, a criminal staff, an attack-dog mentality, politics over policy, the systematic smearing of critics -- and now, government surveillance of harmless domestic organizations....

07/18/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
Our Father, who art in Washington
Categories :: Last Friday Paul Krugman of the New York Times wrote about our sorry political condition in a piece titled “Karl Rove’s America.” His cause for lament was that “there is no longer such a thing as nonpolitical truth,” which is...

07/16/05 :: By William Hare
Will Democrats Ever Learn? Impeachment is The Only Realistic Strategy!
Categories :: Bush Administration

Last week I received an e-mail from a prominent Democrat who recommended a letter writing campaign to George W. Bush urging that he honor his pledge to seek advice and counsel on the important issue of selecting a U.S. Supreme Court justice to replace the retiring Sandra Day O’Connor. This week there has been an equally assiduous effort to implore Bush to fire Karl Rove.

07/16/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Like Rats Leaving a Sinking Ship, Certain Media Moguls and Karl Rove Say, "I Didn't Name a C.I.A. Operative!"
Categories :: Bush Administration

It would be almost amusing if it weren’t so terribly tragic that, when a law is broken, Bush’s confidante, Karl Rove, and the media spinmeisters instantly deny any involvement in breaking a law protecting C.I.A. operatives, when such a disclosure could lead to death. This entire incident proves how diabolical the response can be when anyone disagrees with the Administration’s policies, which some idiots claim operates on divine counsel.

07/15/05 :: By Bob Kendall
None are so Blind as Those Republicans That Will Not See Karl Rove for What He Is!
Categories :: Bush Administration

It is time for truly patriotic men and women to close ranks and circle around the failed President Bush and his motley crew with characters like Karl Rove, Vice President Cheney, and the likes of Condoleezza Rice.

07/15/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
Out of Iraq? Or out of the Middle East?
Categories :: Iraq Twenty-four Iraqi children just gave their lives so that George W. Bush could boldly “stay the course.” The suicide car bomb that took these young innocents, who did nothing more than gather around some American soldiers with candy, also claimed...

07/14/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
Anatomy of a Hardball gang-babble
Categories :: Media I watch Hardball on occasion hoping for some dram of enlightenment, which, I suppose, renders me the very model of Einstein’s definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. With every show, host...

07/14/05 :: By Drew Johnston
The Dumbest Conservatives in America
Categories :: Blowhards :: Entertainment :: Outrages

Quite a few conservative types seem to be royally pissed off that Oliver Stone and Steven Spielberg are still being allowed to make movies, a trend of grave importance that is certainly more important than any mere potential act of treason by a high-ranking White House advisor. Here's why they're mad.

07/13/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Liar! Liar! The Republican Political House is on Fire!
Categories :: Bush Administration

Having seen President Bush survive going to war in Iraq and knowing how many died because of these lies and forged documents that are responsible for all this hideous deaths and destruction we see every day in Iraq on television, did you really expect him and his Republican hypocrites to do the fair thing about “firing” Karl Rove, as Bush claimed he would fire anyone who leaked the identity of any CIA operative?

07/13/05 :: By William Hare
The White House is Ablaze and the Media Wants to Count the Flames
Categories :: Media Snake Oil

How the media has fallen since the days when a courageous Edward R. Murrow would invest his own money on a program telling the truth about the bombastic bully and demagogue, Senator Joseph McCarthy. While the right absurdly continues to shriek about the ‘left wing media” the corporate talking heads of the punditocracy concentrate on minutiae and dance around the facts, hoping they will go away.

07/13/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
The incredible politics of incredible hypocrisy
Categories :: Republicans What a difference a party label makes. When asked about the raging controversy over Karl Rove’s participation in outing an undercover CIA agent, “several Republican senators,” reported the New York Times, said “that they did not know enough or did...

07/12/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
The sweet clash of the titans
Categories :: Republicans If you want to do your part for the left, send two checks today to the right: one to the political-action arm of the Chamber of Commerce and another to that of the Southern Baptist Convention. Then sit back and...

07/12/05 :: By Bob Kendall
How Many Billions of Taxpayer Dollars will it take to Bring Democracy to Iraq?
Categories ::

The answer to that valid question of the cost involved in bringing democracy to Iraq is that there isn’t enough money in any nation’s treasury to hand over a “democratic government” and the accompanying freedom. Democracy cannot be bought and sold like a lot our representatives are obviously bought and sold by the lobbyists hovering like vultures around Washington.

07/11/05 :: By William Hare
Howard Zinn: Patriot of the People
Categories :: DVDs

Howard Zinn was the ideal candidate to write “A People’s History of the United States”. A brilliant but plainspoken populist, Zinn came from working class roots and has been the same kind of populist intellectual as the late Nobel Prize author John Steinbeck.

07/11/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
Karl Rove on sodium pentothal
Categories :: Mr. Rove’s famous speech redelivered, moments after his icy veins are injected with industrial-strength truth serum. Conservatives saw the savagery of 9/11 in the attacks and prepared for war; liberals saw the savagery of the 9/11 attacks and wanted to...

07/08/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
“No confidence” is all that’s left
Categories :: Education What could be more emblematic of the Bush administration’s response to global terrorism than its response to global warming? In an expected communiqué at the G-8 summit, the administration proposes "resolve and urgency" on a crisis it prefers to obfuscate...

07/08/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
The revolutionary right’s bloody civil war
Categories :: There’s good news and bad news. The good news is that modern conservatism is in trouble. The bad news is that the opposition hasn’t been much of a force in helping the trouble along. But for now, let’s just enjoy...

07/07/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
G.W. Bush: Stale Action Figure
Categories :: George W. Bush In the summer of 1776 the Continental army’s adjutant general, Colonel Joseph Reed, was a tad miffed. The year wasn’t shaping up as a good one. His infant nation had been slogging it out on the ground, suffering military defeats,...

07/07/05 :: By Stu Finkel
Missing the Point
Categories :: Media Snake Oil

Why the criminal "source" that Judy Miller claims to be protecting really has nothing whatsoever to do with the whistleblowers everyone is afraid of scaring off.

07/06/05 :: By William Hare
The Dangers of Empire Exposed
Categories :: Books

James Carroll is a veteran columnist with the Boston Globe. He specializes in foreign affairs with a particular focus on issues relating to war and peace. His insightful volume “Crusade: Chronicles of an Unjust War” takes the reader from the tragedy of 9/11 to the launching of the Iraq War as well as shrewdly monitoring its continuing impact.

07/06/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Cooper Will, Miller Won't
Categories :: Breaking News :: Media

Miller agress to testify in the investigation of who exposed CIA agent Valerie Plame, but Miller refuses.

07/06/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
Redefining Republicanism, one Republican at a time
Categories :: Republicans In a wide-ranging, 10,000-word feature on Howard Dean’s past, present and future, Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post captured the party chairman’s deepest woe in one line: “Message has been a major problem for Democrats.” “Major problem” is, at best,...

07/05/05 :: By Tom Ball
This Time It's Personal: Paper Brings Iraq Bloodshed to US Towns
Categories :: Iraq

Today, the Palm Beach Post is displaying a map of the US showing the concentration of US Soldiers killed in Iraq. It focuses on the number killed within each US town and provides a key that tells which towns/cities have been most heavily hit.

07/05/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
The Great O’Con
Categories :: Supreme Court/Judiciary Before we engage in battle over Sandra Day O’Connor’s successor, we should first take a moment to correct the media’s bandwagon eulogy of Madam Justice as a retiring queen of judicial judiciousness. The New York Times, for instance, in a...

07/05/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Rove, PlameGate, and Plausible Deniability
Categories :: Criminal Acts

Karl Rove is going to get away with outing Valerie Plame. Here's how.

07/04/05 :: By Stu Finkel
Don't Be Fooled on Gonzales
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Supreme Court/Judiciary

Why the possibility of a Gonzales Supreme Court nomination should not cause us any relief, despite the Dobsonists' opposition to him.

07/04/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Right-Wing Propagandists to Visit Iraq
Categories :: Propaganda/Spin

A group of talk radio reactionaries are visting Iraq so that they can tell Americans that things are going just ducky in the country.

07/04/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Zogby Poll Flash! 42 Percent Favor Bush Impeachment if it can be Proven that the Iraq War was Based on Lies!
Categories :: Bush Administration

Propagandists recognize that repeating a lie often enough can convince the general public that even the most astounding deception is true!

07/01/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
A mound of manure in 28 minutes
Categories :: Iraq The president’s primetime emphasis this Tuesday on 9/11 and Iraq as cause and effect has received so much attention from the commentariat, other chunks of his speech have suffered critical neglect. For sure, outing Bush’s 9/11 scam is a journalistic...


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