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10/31/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
As Good As It Gets?
Categories :: Bush Administration The Lewis Libby indictment is an overdue rein on the cowboys of the Bush administration. Finally, some accountability is demanded. Finally, the kneecapping suffered by anyone who publicly questions this White House is being revealed. Finally, a little slice of...

09/26/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
Now for something completely different
Categories :: Bush Administration The most uplifting piece of political commentary I have read in years - and I mean that literally - has come from the pen of none other than right-winger Robert Novak. His column last week filled me with hope. I...

09/23/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
Right answers, wrong questions
Categories :: Bush Administration Bush’s approval rating is finally beginning to slide into Herbert Hoover territory. He has a long history of doing what he shouldn’t have and not doing what he should have; and voters, whose political consciousness always suffers from attention deficit,...

09/21/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
Abbott and Costello Meet Reality
Categories :: Bush Administration In a speech at Brown University, John Kerry said Katrina had "stripped away any image of competence and exposed to all the true heart and nature of this administration. The truth is that for four and a half years, real...

09/19/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
Rich beyond opinion
Categories :: Bush Administration In a perfect world every Bush supporter would be required by law to read Frank Rick of the New York Times. Of course, in a perfect world there would be no need for such a law, because a president by...

09/08/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
Indulging George
Categories :: Bush Administration George Lakoff, the political guru who wields cognitive linguistics as an analytical weapon, has written extensively about what you might call tough-love conservatism and how the mental framework of tough love (theoretically) dominates hard-core conservatives’ thinking and their behavior toward...

09/07/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
It’s the National Security, Stupid
Categories :: Bush Administration

Thanks to Hurricane Katrina, we now know the true extent of the Bush Administration's committment to national security.

08/31/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Bush By The Numbers
Categories :: Anti-War :: Bush Administration :: Iraq

The latest numbres show the Bush Regime is still in the toilet of public opinion.

08/29/05 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
Stealth Governance
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Congress :: Social Security

With Katrina barreling up through the Mississippi Delta, there’s another “big blow” taking shape on radar screens focused toward Capital Hill. And yet another example of governance by stealth: when you can’t win, steal what you really want and proclaim it a victory.

08/18/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Anti-Bush Campaign Growing
Categories :: Bush Administration

While U.S. service personnel are fighting and dying in Iraq, just as they did in Vietnam. Anti-war activists seek to confront White House resident George Bush to ask a simple question, “Why did the United States go to war in Iraq, and why are they still there?”

08/11/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
A 9/11 Cover-Up Exposed?
Categories :: Bush Administration

New evidence suggests that 9/11 was more preventable than previously known.

08/10/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Why Does George Bush Insist upon Calling the Iraq War the War on Terror?
Categories :: Bush Administration

A Miami Herald columnist suggests that George Bush is “delusional.” I would suggest that George Bush is simply recognizing that by calling the unnecessary Iraq War at this point the war on terror, he smoothly makes the transition. Bush demands the power of a president using the world war to give him the ultimate war powers in every aspect of our lives.

08/04/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Have Politicians Exploited the Ten Commandments?
Categories :: Bush Administration

When Bill Clinton was President, the Republican eyes focused on the commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery.”

08/03/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Those Last Throes Are a Doozy
Categories :: Anti-War :: Bush Administration

The Quagmire is STILL going badly... hence the term "quagmire."

08/02/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Another Bush Lie Exposed
Categories :: Bush Administration

Another attempt to lie us into a war... but this one looks to be a miserable failure.

07/29/05 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
PowerGate's Hit Parade
Categories :: Bush Administration

To those following the sadly disturbing RoveGate, TreasonGate, PlameGate, CIAGate saga, these latest details are all part of a very simple scandal: this is about Power—getting it, keeping it, and destroying anyone who threatens to take it—at any price. Abuse of power is easy when you also openly embrace a culture of corruption and greed. But it’s just plain showy when you have a parade.

07/29/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Bolton Busted -- Again
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Iraq

Bolton lies by ommission and tries to play it off as forgetfulness. That excuse ranks right up there with "The check's in the mail."

07/26/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
GOP Goes After Fitzgerald, CIA
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Congress

The GOP goes to war against a criminal investigation AND the CIA.

07/22/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Judge John Roberts, A Threat to America as we Know It!
Categories :: Bush Administration

When Sandra Day O’Connor announced her impending retirement there was the hope that her replacement might be another woman. But with George Bush and his one-sided political agenda, of course that was wishful thinking.

07/19/05 :: By Bob Kendall
When George Bush Says, "Jump", Republican Robots Ask, "How High?"
Categories :: Bush Administration

George Bush in his weekly radio address declared that he wants his Supreme Court nominations to move swiftly.

07/16/05 :: By William Hare
Will Democrats Ever Learn? Impeachment is The Only Realistic Strategy!
Categories :: Bush Administration

Last week I received an e-mail from a prominent Democrat who recommended a letter writing campaign to George W. Bush urging that he honor his pledge to seek advice and counsel on the important issue of selecting a U.S. Supreme Court justice to replace the retiring Sandra Day O’Connor. This week there has been an equally assiduous effort to implore Bush to fire Karl Rove.

07/16/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Like Rats Leaving a Sinking Ship, Certain Media Moguls and Karl Rove Say, "I Didn't Name a C.I.A. Operative!"
Categories :: Bush Administration

It would be almost amusing if it weren’t so terribly tragic that, when a law is broken, Bush’s confidante, Karl Rove, and the media spinmeisters instantly deny any involvement in breaking a law protecting C.I.A. operatives, when such a disclosure could lead to death. This entire incident proves how diabolical the response can be when anyone disagrees with the Administration’s policies, which some idiots claim operates on divine counsel.

07/15/05 :: By Bob Kendall
None are so Blind as Those Republicans That Will Not See Karl Rove for What He Is!
Categories :: Bush Administration

It is time for truly patriotic men and women to close ranks and circle around the failed President Bush and his motley crew with characters like Karl Rove, Vice President Cheney, and the likes of Condoleezza Rice.

07/13/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Liar! Liar! The Republican Political House is on Fire!
Categories :: Bush Administration

Having seen President Bush survive going to war in Iraq and knowing how many died because of these lies and forged documents that are responsible for all this hideous deaths and destruction we see every day in Iraq on television, did you really expect him and his Republican hypocrites to do the fair thing about “firing” Karl Rove, as Bush claimed he would fire anyone who leaked the identity of any CIA operative?

07/04/05 :: By Stu Finkel
Don't Be Fooled on Gonzales
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Supreme Court/Judiciary

Why the possibility of a Gonzales Supreme Court nomination should not cause us any relief, despite the Dobsonists' opposition to him.

07/04/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Zogby Poll Flash! 42 Percent Favor Bush Impeachment if it can be Proven that the Iraq War was Based on Lies!
Categories :: Bush Administration

Propagandists recognize that repeating a lie often enough can convince the general public that even the most astounding deception is true!

06/28/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
Karl Rove: The man Democrats should learn to love
Categories :: Bush Administration Democrats should stop taking Karl Rove so seriously. Rove is like the obnoxious little brother who routinely teases his big sister only because her ensuing anger is so predictably rewarding. Democrats fall for it every time. Rove opens his immature...

06/27/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
Winning at any cost
Categories :: Bush Administration “Before we commit troops, there has to be a clear strategy.” Contrary to recent developments, U.S. military forces should never be sent on “vague, aimless and endless deployments.” Those are not criticisms of the Iraq quagmire expressed by some wimpish,...

06/26/05 :: By Bob Kendall
"You can fool some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time." Abraham Lincoln
Categories :: Bush Administration

Dwight D. Eisenhower, with his vast knowledge of what the military-industrial complex was capable of, warned what they might do in the future. When you mention Halliburton or Bechtel doesn’t that ring a bell?

06/22/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Have We Become a Brain Dead Society?
Categories :: Bush Administration

Where is the outrage over the pension funds of U.S. industry coming up approximately $459 billion short? The insurance fund set up by the U.S. government, on which many of the corporate executives apparently figured would bail them out, is in the hole.

06/17/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Global Warming? What Global Warming?
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Environment

The Bush Administration proves its allegiance to the Energy industry.

06/16/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
Does “weird” even get close?
Categories :: Bush Administration Is politics in this country getting exponentially weirder, or is it just me? I ask because I’m now seeing little difference between a top-level diplomatic nominee and a madcap talk-radio comedian. But maybe there really isn’t any difference, and politics...

06/16/05 :: By Bob Kendall
When Will U.S. Citizens Tell the Republicans Enough is Enough?
Categories :: Bush Administration

I don’t think that U.S. citizens will tell Republicans that enough is enough until enough Americans personally suffer because of this Republican majority that is in power.

06/13/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Bush & Honesty Not Well Acquainted
Categories :: Bush Administration

Once again, George Bush lies about the number of "terrorists" prosecuted by his administration.

06/13/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
The Military Vs. Bush
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Iraq

A devastating admission from senior military officials in Iraq doesn't bode well for Bush.

06/10/05 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
Wrongfooting Saddam and Linking Terrorism to War: New DSM documents
Categories :: Bush Administration

[Updated post: with a second document.] Scoop has another document regarding the Downing Street minutes and the run-up to the war. As more leaks out, additional updates will follow.

06/09/05 :: By Bob Kendall
How Repblicans Let Inflation Rock The Nation
Categories :: Bush Administration

With the George Bush Midas touch in reverse operation everywhere he has had any influence, the U.S.A. is undergoing raging inflation. When the salary of the average worker can’t keep pace with the price of buying a play to live, we are in big trouble.

06/07/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Bush by the Numbers
Categories :: Bush Administration

The downward spiral is now a straight power dive into oblivion.

06/04/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Bolton Busted, DSM Right — Again
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Foreign Policy :: Iraq

More proof that the Downing Street Memo was right; the Bush Junta was fixing intelligence and intelligence agencies -- and used Bolton to do it on at least one occassion.

06/03/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Is Bush a War Criminal?
Categories :: Bush Administration

The question “Is Bush a war criminal?” is one that the Democrats could have used in their campaign to thwart Bush’s bid for a second term. It is astounding that the so-called moral Republicans apparently place far more emphasis on the commandment “Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery!” than on the commandment “Thou Shalt Not Kill!”

06/02/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
The perniciously oblivious Mr. Bush
Categories :: Bush Administration There are 293,655,404 worried people in the United States -- minus one. "I don't worry about anything here in Washington, D.C.," Bush said Tuesday with his usual air of pixilation. At least he finally said something you can put in...

06/02/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Bush's Watergate: The DSM
Categories :: Bush Administration

The case for impeaching George W. Bush.

05/31/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Bush Blasts AI
Categories :: Bush Administration

Bush blasts Amnesty International, Amnesty U.S.A. (and reality) blast back.

05/26/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Bush by the Numbers
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Republicans

Another poll with bad news for the White House and the GOP. Will either group start listening to the American people any time soon?

05/25/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
McClellan Backpeddles on Newsweek Claim
Categories :: Bush Administration

The White House can't keep it's lies straight.

05/19/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Born Again Botch Artist Bush!
Categories :: Bush Administration

It is a known psychological fact that very often accusers are the very ones who should be accused. Take the case of the White House resident George W. Bush.

05/13/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
Another up-or-down vote on black-and-white flakiness
Categories :: Bush Administration Nothing could better define how the Bush administration thinks, how it operates, and how it treats reality than John R. Bolton’s written opinion to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that “A policy official may state his own reading of the...

05/13/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Letter to Time Over The Bush Media Roast
Categories :: Bush Administration

I recently wrote a column for this site comparing the festive merriment of the recent Washington media roast involving the Bushes to the fiddling of Nero while Rome burned in the wake of the steadily mounting body count in Iraq with 400 deaths in the last seven days.

05/11/05 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
Old Ghosts and Mangled Memories
Categories :: Bush Administration :: History :: Senators and Representatives

Just as Bush blundered into the Balkans to deliver his history-mangling rhetoric on minority rights as a benchmark for democracy, Frist was maneuvering eliminate them back home. Joe McCarthy would be proud.

05/09/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the End of World War II with Putin and Bush
Categories :: Bush Administration

(An imaginary conversation between George Bush and Vladimir Putin.)

George Bush: That Yalta Agreement sure was a mistake. You Russians conned us, and F.D.R. fell for it – too bad we didn’t have a Republican in then. Things would have been different, I’ll tell you that. I’ve studied my history lesson.

05/07/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Rip Van Winkle Democrats Asleep at the Switch!
Categories :: Bush Administration

The symbol of the Democratic Party could be switched from the donkey to Rip Van Winkle. Democratic leaders have been sleeping through the first Bush term and now the tragedy of the second term reign of error.

05/05/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Salon Picks-Up on Rycroft Memo
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Media

The "Rycroft Memo" story is a smoking gun covered with George Bush's fingerprints, but the so-called liberal media is taking its time deciding whether to cover the story. Let's see if others follow Salon's lead.

05/05/05 :: By William Hare
As Brits Vote, Blair Faces "War Criminal" Suit; How Long Before The Cheney-Bush Junta is Held Accountable?
Categories :: Bush Administration

While the British people vote in their parliamentary election today a nervous Prime Minister Tony Blair awaits his fate. In this election his sternest critics come from his Labour Party’s main support base. These are the individuals who find his actions in rushing his country to war in Iraq unconscionable.

05/03/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Nero Fiddled While Rome Burned; Media Roast Brings Hysterical Laughter While Iraq Burns
Categories :: Bush Administration

A lot of Washington bigwigs need glasses! Hysterical laughter erupted at the Saturday night media roast when Laura Bush celebrated the media get together by cracking jokes about George going to bed at 9.

05/02/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Star George Bush on a Reality Show to Let the Republican Voters Know What Their Vote has Done to Destroy the Respect and Economic Power of the U.S.A.
Categories :: Bush Administration

The headline in the Miami Herald told it all – Stocks take Worst Hit in Two Years! The Bush brigade is so busy chasing around the world on taxpayer money or the bribe money offered by lobbyists that maybe they will not notice.

05/02/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
Sticking to Muleheaded Policies like DeLay to Junkets
Categories :: Bush Administration Last Friday E.J. Dionne wrote an excellent piece about George W. Bush being an “egghead.” No, it wasn’t a play on words; he wasn’t accusing Mr. Bush of having the inherent intelligence of a barnyard bird, but of possessing that...

05/01/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
A Hole in His Head
Categories :: Bush Administration A former Justice Department subordinate of John Bolton says fondly of his boss: "When you go in to brief [him], as I found out early, you better be prepared…. If you have holes in your argument, he won't work with...

04/29/05 :: By Bob Kendall
The Ignorance and Arrogance of the White House Resident
Categories :: Bush Administration

When reporters recently questioned the White House resident George Bush about his sinking popularity in political polls, he replied, “I don’t care what the polls show, I do what I think is right!” or words to that effect.

04/29/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Are Terrorists Running Free in the U.S.?
Categories :: Bush Administration

The Department of Homeland Security is limited as to how many individuals can be held pending deportation hearings or removal. Why? The single answer is they have very few places to hold them. According to Joel Mowbray’s April 25 article in the New York Post, there are only 18,400 beds for the entire U.S., which is down from 20,000 the previous year.

04/26/05 :: By Bob Kendall
What is Bush Trying to do Pushing a Hateful Nominee Like Brash Bolton as UN Ambassador?
Categories :: Bush Administration

Why does Bush who claims to be “born again” find himself “wrong gain” in about everything he says or does? The original evaluation for someone like a Bolton to be qualified for a position when he had acted like an attack dog against the UN makes one wonder where George Bush is coming from.

04/25/05 :: By William Hare
Nixon and Bush: Two of a Kind
Categories :: Bush Administration

Last week Bush took time off from explaining his plan to “save” Social Security long enough to focus on the nomination of John Bolton, a unique choice of a perennial UN baiter and “go it alone” zealot to serve as ambassador to the international body. Needless to say, such a choice is meant to send a message to the world about Bushie attitudes toward the UN specifically and the world community in general.

04/21/05 :: By Drew Johnston
Why The Hell Are Republicans Still Clinging To Social Security Privatization?
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Congress :: Republicans :: Social Security

Why would any politician support an obvious loser issue like SS privatization? As it turns out, it may hurt more if the Repubs give it up.

04/21/05 :: By Bob Kendall
The Biting Irony of Inviting Bush to the New Lincoln Springfield Memorial
Categories :: Bush Administration

Abraham Lincoln is considered by many to be America’s greatest president. George Bush is considered by many to be its worst. Could it be that they invited Bush because they refuse to consider the reality of what the failed president has done to the U.S.A. in 4 years and 3 ½ months?

04/20/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Have U.S. Citizens Who Recite the Pledge of Allegiance Words "One Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice for All" Comprehended What Infamy the Bush Administration is Guilty of for Going to War Against Iraq on Propaganda and Lies?
Categories :: Bush Administration

Pseudo patriots who backed George Bush for president when they knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that he and his terrifying crew had launched a shock and awe lightning strike against Iraq based on the big lie that the U.S. was threatened by non-existent weapons of mass destruction should have to face the consequences of their actions, just as those responsible for those needless deaths should also be held accountable.

04/15/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Is Bush's Appointment of Carlos Gutierrez, the Kellogg CEO Who Sent Most of the Cereal Company's Jobs to Mexico, a Traitorous Act?
Categories :: Bush Administration

Reading David Broder’s column in the Miami Herald April 12, 2005, I was stunned at his lack of accuracy in his article regarding Bush’s latest scheme, which when closely scrutinized makes the “Tricky Dick” shenanigans of Richard Nixon seem like child’s play.

04/08/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Is Bush's Social Security Crisis Really a Diversionary Tactic?
Categories :: Bush Administration

Instead of trying to control the staggering budget deficit the Bush Administration has created the worst one in U.S. history. George Bush whizzes around the nation in Air Force One luxury, preparing for another “fear tactic syndrome” speech to his carefully screened audiences at his every stop. The “fear syndrome” approach worked effectively to frighten many in the U.S. into thinking the nation had to go to war in Iraq to survive. The robot Congress fell for this false pitch. So did a lot of the population of the U.S., so why not try it again?

04/08/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Bush by the Numbers
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Congress

The latest AP-Ipsos poll shows that the Bush Administration and the GOP-controlled Congress are in a downward spiral.

04/01/05 :: By Bob Kendall
What About the Charge that Democrats are Bush Bashers?
Categories :: Bush Administration

What about the charge that Democrats are Bush bashers? This is no more than a Republican robot response to any criticism of Bush. Remember what a field day Republicans had bashing Bill Clinton? Republicans seemed to obtain a frenzied delight in lashing out about Clinton’s affairs.

03/28/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Does President Bush Rank High as a Flim Flam Man?
Categories :: Bush Administration

The question millions of individuals have been forced to confront no matter what side of the party line their embedded in stone political loyalties lie is “Does President Bush rank high as a flim flam man?” Remember when Richard Nixon displayed what a hollow man he was? The Republican right still defends him in their misguided loyalty, which really amounts to a vulgar ego saving device. Bush’s supreme political consultant Karl Rove still considers Richard Nixon his political hero.

03/25/05 :: By Bob Kendall
It Takes a Lot of Guts for Bush to Chase Around the U.S.A. Claiming he can Solve the So-Called Social Security Crisis
Categories :: Bush Administration

Bush was quoted on the Notebook page of Time on March 14, 2005 at a White House ceremony honoring the Boston Red Sox for winning the 2004 world championship as saying “It took a lot of guts” for the team to rebound from a three games to none deficit against the New York Yankees in the American League Championship Series to triumph in seven games and then go on to win the World Series with four straight victories over the St. Louis Cardinals.

03/24/05 :: By William Hare
Is George Bush America's Number One Hypocrite?
Categories :: Bush Administration

Oh George, this time you really reached deep within yourself and made the case for morality and sustaining life. It is better to err on the side of life, you strongly insisted in the case of Terri Schiavo.

03/24/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Is This Intelligent Concern for their Daughter's Condition?
Categories :: Bush Administration

This painful question must finally be asked after fifteen years of observing their daughter Terri slowly dying in a vegetable state: Are Terry Schiavo’s parents being arrogant, defying 20 doctors who have declared without reservation that Terri is tragically brain dead?

03/21/05 :: By Bob Kendall
The Cheney-Bush Junta: Global and Domestic Destroyers
Categories :: Bush Administration

The key to destroying any nation begins with the destruction of its currency. Strong nations have strong currencies. The descent of the U.S. dollar happened in the Republican-controlled Administration led by divisive White House resident George Bush. I say “resident” as millions do not believe Bush was legitimately elected either in 2000 or 2004. This Administration has been a continuing nightmare as it lurches from one disaster to another, fantasizing that God is behind their steady pattern of lies and deception.

03/14/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Pay No Attention to the President Behind the Curtain
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Media :: Propaganda/Spin

The Bush Administration's deceptive Public Relations offensive, funded by tax-payer dollars, is more widespread than once thought.

03/10/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Move On, George
Categories :: Bush Administration

George W. Bush and his administration have become mindlessly repetitive.

03/09/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
There IS a Social Security Crisis
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Framing - Individuals :: Social Security

Democrats need to reframe the Social Security debate: There IS a crisis... but it's being caused by the Bush Administration's irresponsibility.

03/07/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Bolton at the U.N. is Bad News
Categories :: Breaking News :: Bush Administration

The Bush Administration has just chosen a notoriously undiplomatic man to be the new U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations: John Bolton.

02/24/05 :: By Stu Finkel
Bush and Pooty-Poot
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Foreign Policy

Bush is paying lip service to democracy in Russia, but it's doubtful he'll press his old friend Pooty Poot too hard about it at their meeting.

02/21/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Bush -- The Great Divider, at Home and Abroad!
Categories :: Bush Administration

After complaining in such drastic terms about Europe’s refusal to go along with the unproven “fear theory” of the “weapons of mass destruction” high voltage propaganda campaign, George Bush and the robot-like Administration he led to perhaps the largest lie for going to war against a nation in American history, he now speaks of mending fences abroad!

02/18/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Why The Silence About Condoleezza's Accountability for the Iraq Disaster?
Categories :: Bush Administration

When President George Bush was recently asked by the European press about “accountability” for what happened and is continuing to occur in Iraq, he had a simple answer, “Well they voted for me for a second term, didn’t they?”

02/17/05 :: By Tom Ball
“Enemy Combatant” Negroponte will be the Nation’s First Intelligence Chief.
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Iran Contra

Most people remember Negroponte as the facilitator of Reagan-approved atrocities in Honduras and proud Iran-Contra criminal. I know, it's hard to believe, but one of Bush's appointments might not actually meet the high standards we would like to believe the US Government sets for its officials. In fact, he and his buddies, Caspar Weinberger, Elliot Abrams, Robert McFarlane, John Poindexter, Otto Reich, George Bush Sr., Ronald Reagan, and Oliver North committed acts that, outside conservative circles, spur outrage and disbelief.

02/17/05 :: By Stu Finkel
Your PropaGannon Update
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Media Snake Oil :: Propaganda/Spin

the real importance of the Gannon story had nothing to do with sex or prostitution but about our growing knowledge of the elaborate Soviet-style White House propaganda network, and, potentially, about how a paid propaganda agent may have been involved in the outing of an undercover CIA agent.

02/15/05 :: By Tom Ball
It’s All Part of the Plan. This Administration Does NOT Make Mistakes
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Foreign Policy :: Iraq

And so it was. The plan was in motion... and now we see it come to fruition -- And I can only presume that the administriation was working with the Iranians from the beginning since Iran was secretly (shhhhhh!) promoting the Administration's invasion efforts.

02/13/05 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
Lost in the Funhouse
Categories :: Bush Administration

Here’s a Valentine for American progressives, Democrats, Independents, and other concerned citizens who think the challenge to protect democracy in America may very well depend on deconstructing the Bush budget. Instead of flowers, candy, or lingerie, why not spend a little time and energy on a collective call to action?

02/12/05 :: By Tom Ball
New 9/11 Commission Findings and the Top 19 Ways Bush and the Republicans Benefited from the Attack
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Republicans

From here, I will take the baton and run with the question of 'who benefits?' The question has been posed, pondered and answered many times before, but never quite so completely as this. And I present this so that everyone can see just how many ways Bush and his cabal have benefited from the ultimate devastation in New York, Pennsylvania and DC...

02/09/05 :: By William Hare
Bush Speaks With a Forked Tongue -- Preaches Democracy and Rules by Despotism
Categories :: Bush Administration

George Bush made repeated references to “freedom” in his State of the Union Message and even invoked that name that has been missing for so long in the Republican lexicon, that of the Republican Party’s founder, Abraham Lincoln. While Bush delivered repeated lip service to democracy, practicing it is a totally different matter, as the record clearly reflects.

02/08/05 :: By Tom Ball
Top 20 Indications that Bush Invades Iran -- Soon!
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Foreign Policy

Number 1) Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said that U.S. Attack on Iran are 'simply not on the agenda at this point'.

And by that, she of course meant that Iran IS on the agenda and it always has been -- right along with Iraq.

Check out the 0ther 19 events that point to an imminent Bush invasion of Iran.

02/04/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Another Day That Will Definitely Live in Infamy!
Categories :: Bush Administration

Democratic senators voting to confirm Condoleezza Rice as Secretary of State marked a day I believe will live in infamy. When F.D.R. spoke of the Japanese attack against Pearl Harbor as “a day that will live in infamy” that assault came from without. This attack came from within.

01/31/05 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
Heroes of Social Insecurity: A 'Leninist' Strategy
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Discrimination :: Hypocrisy :: Social Security

Americans don't need a secret de-coder ring to understand the PR push to sell the Plan to destroy Social Security, but some may enjoy a trip down memory lane before the State of the Union re-defines privatization.

01/28/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Republicans Celebrate Their Failures
Categories :: Bush Administration

The world watched the Republican revelry, the $40 million party celebrating putting Bush back in power. Bush and fellow Republicans boasted that the $40 million came from independent sources, not taxpayers.

01/27/05 :: By Delton Murphy
How To Teach Intolerance
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Education :: Hypocrisy

While the war, the economy, torture, terrorism and unemployment are all important issues, nothing means more to the Republicans than sexual orientation.

01/27/05 :: By Delton Murphy
The Confirmation of Condi
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Rice, Condoleezza :: Senators and Representatives

While the vast majority of Democrats behaved normally, like Stepford Wives in accordance with their corporate programming, by voting in step with the Republicans, a *whopping* thirteen Senators actually voted against her nomination.

01/25/05 :: By Delton Murphy
Action Alert: Hold Condoleezza Rice Accountable!
Categories :: Activism :: Bush Administration :: Rice, Condoleezza Even though it's pretty much a done deal that Condoleezza Rice will be confirmed as the next Secretary of State, she (as well as the rest of the Bushites) must be held accountable. Barbara Boxer may be one of the...

01/24/05 :: By Delton Murphy
War is Patriotic
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Free Speech :: History :: Iraq :: Patriotism

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the greatest nation of all?

01/22/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Has Condoleezza Rice Sounded The Battle Cry for a Holy War?
Categories :: Bush Administration

Even before Dr. Condoleezza Rice had been cleared by a 16-2 vote by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in the ongoing confirmation process for Secretary of Statre, it would be a good idea to demand that she reveal how she plans to wage war against Fundamentalist Islam.

01/21/05 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
It Takes a Virtual Village
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Framing 101 :: Free Speech :: Progressive Strategy :: Social Security

Tracking, documenting, and correcting the continuing assault by The Second Administration requires a healthy village of progressive citizens to speak truth to power. The mounting campaign against raiding Social Security is one indication of the strength of this Village.

01/20/05 :: By William Hare
Rice is Being Questioned in the Wrong Place; The Interrogiation is More Appropriate for The Hague
Categories :: Bush Administration

When one considers the track record of deceit on the part of Condoleezza Rice in her first four years of the Bush Administration it becomes obvious that questioning her in Washington by Senate members is the inappropriate action. Under the circumstances, based on international law to which we as a nation have traditionally subscribed, the appropriate venue for interrogation would be the World Court at The Hague. If international law were being followed she would be joined in the docket by all involved in that policymaking, beginning with chief architect Dick Cheney and continuing through his neoconservative allies such as Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle, as well as symbolic mouthpiece George W. Bush.

01/20/05 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
The Second Coming
Categories :: Bush Administration

For many Americans, the most memorable words George W. Bush spoke this week did not come in his second Inaugural speech.

01/20/05 :: By Bob Kendall
The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Bush Himself
Categories :: Bush Administration

Franklin Delano Roosevelt made famous the declaration, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!”

01/19/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Brainwashed, Brain Dead or Both?
Categories :: Bush Administration

This question must be asked when one considers Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity: “Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.” Could that definition define what voters did who voted for a second term for the Bush Administration?

01/18/05 :: By William Hare
Bush's Bogus Iraq Mandate
Categories :: Bush Administration

How the spinmeisters of the incumbent Republican regime stay up all night deciding what to say and do next in the face of a steady onslaught of questions and refutations of their indefensible policy postures. A classic example is Bush’s pronouncement delivered in an interview with the Washington Post that he need not take any action concerning any of his Administration’s officials pertaining to his Iraq policy.

01/14/05 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
Update: Trickle-Down News
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Framing 101 :: Hypocrisy :: Outrages

Some details are beginning to emerge about the President's plan to destroy Roosevelt's successful Social Security safety net. Early signs of the marketing, the campaign process, and the rhetoric are troubling.

01/13/05 :: By Drew Johnston
The Amazing Mr. President
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Propaganda/Spin

It's bad enough that Bush's "town hall meetings" are obviously scripted. You'd think * would at least try to get his lines right.

01/13/05 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
“Trickle-down News"
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Framing 101 :: Hypocrisy

Mr. Bush is failing to convince the GOP to brutalize Social Security despite fear tactics. Perhaps GOPPOTUS has less political capital than he at first claimed.

01/12/05 :: By Tom Ball
If Only Bush Were as Accountable as CBS
Categories :: Bush Administration

In fact, of the 92 or so high level resignations and Dismissals that plagued the Bush Administration over the first 4 years, only three of them had any air of 'punishment' for incompetence. And even they were not publicly admonished for failure -- lest the administration itself appear to be the failure that we all know it to be.

01/10/05 :: By Bob Kendall
This Three Question Quiz Can Determine How Dangerous You Are To Civilization
Categories :: Bush Administration

Civilization’s bloody saga proves “religious wars” have killed countless millions, all in the name of “God”, “Jehovah” or “Allah” and often referred to “Holy Wars” by the perpetrators. With over 1,500 different religious concepts it is inevitable there will be clashes of viewpoints. If we are ever to stop this killing, it will be necessary to know how religious killers think, just as we make scientific studies of how “serial killers” think.

01/07/05 :: By Tom Ball
Are There Any Limits to the Propaganda of Goebbels W. Bush?
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Propaganda/Spin

Remember the question that I asked at the end of my last post on Bush Propaganda? Well, the answer is... we haven't even begun to see the extent to which this administration will go when it comes to asserting their agenda. And why should we? They committed atrocities beyond compare in their first term and the American electorate gave them a free pass. I don't blame the Republicans one bit for relentlessly pursuing their agenda.

01/06/05 :: By Bob Kendall
The Bush Administration Fooled The American People Once Over The Iraq War
Categories :: Bush Administration

The old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me!” is a timeless adage we should heed.

01/03/05 :: By Bob Kendall
The Greatest Economic Comedian Ever -- Alan Greenspan
Categories :: Bush Administration

Alan Greenspan was just the economic mouthpiece the Bush Administration needed. The nation’s only recent major available prosperity opportunity for the average individual has been the real estate market. With interest rates hitting an all time 45 year low, those individuals burned in the stock and bond market as corruption ravaged their assets wanted something more tangible.

01/03/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Spendthrift Republicans Drowning The U.S. in Debt!
Categories :: Bush Administration

The Republican propaganda machine has used the Republican myth of recent years that liberals are the big spenders.

12/29/04 :: By Bob Kendall
How Phony Can The U.S. Drug Purchase Policy Get?
Categories :: Bush Administration

After one of the biggest “scam jobs” in U.S. history when the drug industry succeeded in getting the Bush Administration, otherwise known as the Big Business Bonanza Administration, to promise the drug corporations billions to provide their highest price drugs through Medicare.

12/29/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Ousted Fannie Mae Executives Rewarded With Perks
Categories :: Bush Administration

The Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight, Fannie Mae’s Chief Executive Regulator, finally pressured the board to act, but only after the Securities and Exchange Commission revealed Fannie Mae must make accounting “corrections” as they so tactfully stated it. These so-called accounting “corrections” might erase $9 billion of claimed Fannie Mae profit going back to 2001.

12/28/04 :: By Tom Ball
Rumsfeld's Freudian Slip: "shot down the plane over Pennsylvania."
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Lies :: Rumsfeld, Donald

I've learned long ago that any 'conspiracy theories' relating to this administration are never beyond reason. Anyone familiar with the American Enterprise Institute and the project for a New American Century knows full well that what would be considered 'conspiracy theory' by the average stable-minded American is platform policy for established insiders of the Neoconservative movement.

12/25/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Puppeteer of the Year
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Humor :: Republicans

Although Time Magazine named Bush 2004 Person of the Year, the true man behind the curtain is the one who should receive the accolades, puppet master himself, Karl Rove.

12/25/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Support Our Troops! (until they come home)
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Government :: Iraq :: Military

The battle for a number of US Troops continues when they return home. While some American soldiers are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, other are suffering from the effects of depleted uranium or mental illness triggered by their combat experience. Others find they have no place to live.

12/25/04 :: By Bob Kendall
The Bush Legacy: Death, Destruction and Debt
Categories :: Bush Administration

Time Magazine (December 27, 2004/ January 3, 2005), stated, “Compare the Bushes with the Kennedys, and it’s the Republican clan that casts the longer shadow. A Kennedy was President for a thousand days or so, but if George W. Bush completes his second term, someone named Bush will have been President for 4,383 days.”

12/24/04 :: By William Hare
Tragic Dereliction Toward America's Troops
Categories :: Bush Administration

Donald Rumsfeld’s recent response that America’s men and women in uniform would have to “make do” with what they have is typical of the priorities of an Administration that has placed greater emphasis on providing no bid contracts to friends like Halliburton and confidentiality of discussions Dick Cheney held with leading oil executives than fulfilling the needs of the men and women sent to Iraq through their own blatant misrepresentations of fact.

12/22/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Turn Your Back on Bush
Categories :: Activism :: Bush Administration

Energized progressives who are still struggling to express their opposition to the Bush Agenda may want to check out a new site organizing a huge non-violent protest at Bush's inauguration.

12/22/04 :: By Delton Murphy
More Use of Abuse
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Government :: Iraq

As the war spins out of control the evidence of detainee and prisoner torture intensifies.

12/22/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Government :: Terrorism

If you're operating a Secret Police force, it's only logical that there are Secret Jails, right?

12/22/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Torture A La Carte
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Government :: Iraq :: Military

It seems the more we talk about detainee torture in Abu Ghraib or Guantanemo Bay, the less it gets covered; revelations from the FBI notwithstanding.

12/21/04 :: By Delton Murphy
I See Terrorists...They're Everywhere
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Iraq :: Terrorism

As President Bush continues to fight terror with terror to kill terrorists, it has become clear that being a dictator is a lot more preferable than being president.

12/21/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Ethnic Cleansing: Bush Style
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Civil Rights :: Discrimination :: Government

Arabs, Africans, Latinos, Muslims --the United States government just can't seem to agree on the best way to get rid of these pesky ethnicities: war, deportation, drug testing or concentration camps. Maybe a combination of all these tactics will finally do the trick.

12/20/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Family Form Letters
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Rumsfeld, Donald

Being the Secretary of Defense is a tough job and running a war is definitely hard work. Donald Rumsfeld cannot be bothered with pesky little things like signing his name to condolence letters sent to patriotic families of fallen soldiers.

12/20/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Sunday, Bloody Sunday
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Iraq

One of the bloodiest Sundays since the US waged war against Iraq occurred this past weekend, intensifying the fears of an Iraqi Civil War.

12/20/04 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
Notable Quotes.2: Weekend Winds
Categories :: Blowhards :: Bush Administration :: Economy

The primary topics in the websphere this weekend, however, center on three tangled but related attack threads: the Economic “Summit,” the marketing of the Social Security “crisis,” and the continuing attacks on Rumsfeld’s Iraqgate.

12/17/04 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
“Frivolous” Justice: Bush on Trial
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Framing 101 :: Hypocrisy :: Propaganda/Spin

Finding credible information at the Economic "Summit" is proving to be more illusive than Bernie Kerik's "nanny." I doubt anyone familiar with Bush's record on the economy took the Economic “Summit” this week seriously, but at least the outrageous comments and mock discussions have gotten some fair criticism this time around.

12/16/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Slimy Democracy U.S.A. Style
Categories :: Bush Administration

Bush proclaims every other day his stated reason for invading Iraq was to bring “freedom” and “democracy.” If what he has in mind is the way U.S. democracy is run, it’s not one nation for the people and by the people. That concept was dismissed long, long ago.

12/15/04 :: By Tom Ball
Lieberman Rejects Bush
Categories :: Bush Administration

This is a hopeful sign. Perhaps Lieberman has seen the light. Perhaps he understands the consequences of accepting a position as Homeland Security chief under the auspices of the Rove machine.

12/11/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Who's Next?
Categories :: Bush Administration

So Bernard Kerik has withdrawn his name from consideration for the Homeland Security post. The cover story has to do with an illegal alien nanny, though there is speculation it could be something more than this.

12/08/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Stephen Colbert
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Humor :: Satire

From Tuesday's Daily Show:

JS: But Stephen, what you seem to be suggesting is that the way to keep your job in this administration is to be a failure.

SC: No, Jon. A colossal failure.

12/03/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Escaping Blame for Abu Gharib
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Hypocrisy :: Iraq

As Derrick Z. Jackson reminds us in his searing Op-Ed in today's Boston Globe, nothing aids promotion in the Bush administration like incompetence and breaking laws both domestic and international.

12/03/04 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
Calls for Impeachment Continue
Categories :: Bush Administration

The White House is in full party mode, both figuratively and literally. Decorations and Christmas carols are now passing for “hard news” on CNN. But the background music, for anyone who cares to listen to it, carries a plaintiff and lilting dissonance.

11/30/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Did The Bush Administration Create a Nuclear Crisis in Iran and North Korea?
Categories :: Bush Administration

Of course they did. By attacking Iraq on a tissue of lies, with dreams and designs on Iraq’s oil and assets, and with Israel’s foreign fantasy that they will be better protected without Saddam Hussein, who provided cash to exploit the Palestinians so desperate for their own country that they became suicide bombers.

11/28/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Blogging Harper's Index
Categories :: Bush Administration

Excerpts from the December 2004 Harper's Index highlight the incompetence, hypocrisy, and corruption of the current administratrion vis-a-vis Iraq and the "War on Terror."

11/24/04 :: By Tom Ball
Bush Appointed Taliban-Style Fundamentalist Crackpot to the FDA
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Conservatives :: Fundamentalism :: Religion :: Women's Rights

In a brilliant display of contempt for the populace and women in general, Bush appointed a 'doctor' that prescribes scripture as treatment for symptoms of PMS, depression and other ailments.

11/15/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Condoleezza Rice To Be New Secretary of State
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Rice, Condoleezza

For doing such a wonderful job as National Security Advisor, Condoleezza Rice has been nominated to replace Colin Powell as Secretary of State.

11/15/04 :: By Tom Ball
Mass Exodus: 92 High Level Resignations and Dismissals Plague the Bush Administration
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Reference

Okay. Just for the moment let’s suppose that President Bush did have some sort of skill elevated beyond those of his predecessors in choosing his administration and other high level officials. We will also assume for the sake of this discussion that the people he ultimately chose actually are ‘good people’ (We'll save that discussion for another day). Accepting these assumptions, could we then rest assured that the world’s only superpower and uberdemocracy is in good hands as a result of Bush’s uncanny talent?

11/04/04 :: By Delton Murphy
The Lay of the Land
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Campaigns :: Criminal Acts :: Election 2004 :: Elections :: Humor

We all know how much the Republicans love redistricting. So welcome to the United State of Texas bordered by the newly succeeded bordered Canadian regions of Baja Canada, Michigan, Mini Willinois and New America!

11/03/04 :: By Tom Ball
Perhaps a (Very Thin) Silver Lining
Categories :: Bush Administration

So now we know what we have to deal with over the next four years. It's a given. That said, pehaps there is some...just a tiny bit of justice hiding under all this.

11/01/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Halloween "Trick or Treat" Republican Style Revealed on "60 Minutes" Appropriately on Halloween
Categories :: Bush Administration

What a “dirty trick” for the Republicans to give the wealthiest Americans, that 1 percent who have more wealth than they could use in several lifetimes, a big tax cut while conducting the raging war in Iraq. But it was no doubt Republican payback for the campaign funding “treat” for the big business corporations who so generously funded their “cozy relationship” campaigns.

11/01/04 :: By Delton Murphy
The Country or The Man
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Conservatives :: Election 2004 :: Iraq

I fail to comprehend the rationale that makes Bush supporters and undecideds leaning toward Bush conclude that we are safer and this is a course worthy of pursuing. So much yakety-yak has been given to the absurd notion that you "don't change horses in the midst of a war." It's not about changing horses; it's about changing direction. Anyone who can look at what's going on all around us and agree that this is what America is all about, is both misinformed and delusional.

10/31/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Bush Can't Fight a War on Terrorism! We Went to War for Oil! Can Americans Feel Safer?
Categories :: Bush Administration

When asked about getting Osama bin Laden, who was definitely involved in 9/11, Bush at one point declared, “I don’t even think about him.” On the evening news on October 29, the networks presented the latest bin Laden message to the U.S. Apparently Osama bin Laden was thinking about Bush and the U.S. when he said words to this effect, “The U.S. can prepare for another attack if it doesn’t change its policy toward Israel.”

10/30/04 :: By William Hare
If You Are a True Conservative You Must Reject Bush
Categories :: Bush Administration

The word conservative is derived from conserve. To conserve is to behave prudently. In a political context the word conservative is linked to tradition, to move with caution, operating in lockstep with tried and true propositions and fundamental concepts whose validity have been proven over time.

10/30/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Let's Not Forget Halliburton
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Corporate Welfare :: Criminal Acts There's been so much material to indict the Bush administration this week that the extremely telling story of the Halliburton investigation is in danger of slipping through the cracks. So let's give it some much deserved airtime: The U.S. Army...

10/30/04 :: By William Hare
9/11 Conspirators met with Bush Officials After the Attack
Categories :: Bush Administration

Bush Administration officials repeatedly met with terrorists linked to 9/11 such as Sami al-Arian and Abdurahman al-Amoudi even after the attack, The MadCowMorningNews has learned.

10/29/04 :: By Bob Kendall
The Stakes Are Higher in This Election Than We Could Ever Imagine
Categories :: Bush Administration

I am completely puzzled as to why George Bush was not impeached for the obvious war criminal activity of dashing off to the Iraq War without any provable justification. I thought that American society prided itself on being civilized enough to believe in “law and order.”

10/28/04 :: By Tom Ball
Pressure ABC News to Air its Affiliate's Exclusive on the Missing Explosives at Al Qaqaa
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Election 2004 :: Iraq

It is critically important that ABC News air the story and video of their affiliate, KSTP in Minneapolis. We can make that happen: Email ABC World News Tonight at:

10/28/04 :: By Delton Murphy
It's The War, Stupid
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Election 2004 :: Kerry, John :: Progressive Strategy

Despite what the pundits, the corporate media and the Bush Administration continue to proclaim, it's not the economy, it's not same sex marriage, and it's not unemployment. The biggest concern on most people's mind is the war. The anti-war protest at the Republican National Convention in New York, (the largest in US history), and the recent presidential debates prove that war and terrorism is of primary concern to most American voters.

10/28/04 :: By Tom Ball
Top 31 Conclusions Jumped to by the Bush Administration: It's All About Iraq
Categories :: Bush Administration

Today George W. Bush told the American people that, "... a political candidate who jumps to conclusions without knowing the facts is not a person you want as your Commander in Chief."

And he was absolutely correct. In fact, to help President Bush complete his argument, we’re offering the top 30 Conclusions that Bush and his administration jumped to regarding Iraq that illustrate unequivocally that Bush is absolutely ‘not a person you want as your Commander in Chief!’

10/27/04 :: By Bob Kendall
The Devil and George Bush
Categories :: Bush Administration

“The Devil and George Bush” might sound disrespectful to some Republicans and Democrats. But let’s analyze this connection with some logic.

10/20/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Bush's Barbaric Concept of War!
Categories :: Bush Administration

Bush’s so-called pre-emptive war policy is a return to Stone Age barbarism. The world had advanced, with carefully thought out rules and regulations of when a nation is justified in conducting war. Thoughtful peace loving and intelligent men and women had recognized that every nation should follow certain logical rules and regulations pertaining to the conduct of war, understanding that especially in the atomic and nuclear age, some madman might start the war that could end the world.

10/12/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Bush's Weapon of Mass Deception
Categories :: Bush Administration

While we have been bombarded with the “weapons of mass destruction” propaganda that struck fear into the hearts of Americans, but got the Iraq War going full steam ahead. Now we know it was all based on lies, but it achieved Bush’s goal of going to war in Iraq.

10/07/04 :: By Tom Ball
86 Steps to Armageddon: The Complete Cataclysmic Record of Bush and North Korea
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Foreign Policy :: Reference

From the moment George W. Bush set foot in the White House, he and his administration of neoconservative hawks provoked, threatened, lied, mocked, and disengaged with North Korea until Pyongyang officials finally warned that the situation on the Korean Peninsula was deteriorating to the 'brink of a nuclear war. This must-read expose lays it all out, showing step-by-step how the Bush administration has brought us to the brink of Armageddon with North Korea.

10/07/04 :: By Tom Ball
86 Steps to Armageddon: The Complete Cataclysmic Record of Bush and North Korea (Part II)
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Foreign Policy :: Reference

From the moment George W. Bush set foot in the White House, he and his administration of neoconservative hawks provoked, threatened, lied, mocked, and disengaged with North Korea until Pyongyang officials finally warned that the situation on the Korean Peninsula was deteriorating to the 'brink of a nuclear war. This must-read expose lays it all out, showing step-by-step how the Bush administration has brought us to the brink of Armageddon with North Korea. (Continued: Steps 51 through 84 in Bush's March to Armeggeddon with through North Korea.)

10/04/04 :: By William Hare
Bush Media Spin Achieves Tragedy in Iraq
Categories :: Bush Administration

So much has been written here and on other progressive blog sites about the blatant manner in which the Bush Administration has capitalized on media spin. This Karl Rove-driven propensity was never more evident than in the rush to war in Iraq, as the documented record reveals in a powerful film that should be must viewing for undecided voters heading into the crucial November 2 presidential election.

09/09/04 :: By Tom Ball
Follow Bush the Leader: Russia, India, Japan and North Korea Called for Unilateral, Preemptive Strikes
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Foreign Policy

It is no secret that the Administration set a catastrophic precedent when it preemptively attacked Iraq. It is no secret that such a precedent has changed the global perception of acceptable foreign policy tactics. Well, even if the perception hasn't changed, the arsenal of rationalizations available certainly has. As I and others have mentioned in the past, the "First Strike" precedent opens doors for devastation in situations surrounding China-Taiwan, India-Pakistan, Russia-Georgia, Japan-North Korea and others. They say, "Hey! If the US can do it, why not us?"

08/24/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Has the Bush Administration Demolished What the U.S. Has Traditionally Stood For?
Categories :: Bush Administration

The above question must now be debated, and with every good reason. Having insulted, slighted, and alienated major nations of the world in the rush to control the oil fields of Iraq via the false fear threat hurled at the U.S. Congress and the American public, the answer is decidedly yes.

08/24/04 :: By Tom Ball
Breakthrough in CIA Plame Case
Categories :: Bush Administration

Is there something I'm missing? From this it seems as though Libby is admitting that he broke outed CIA operative Valerie Plame.

08/11/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Dumb and Dumber, The Republican Accountability
Categories :: Bush Administration

When George Bush was running for president, he was hailed as someone with character who could put the nation back on the right track Republican style.

08/10/04 :: By William Hare
Leading Psychiatrist Diagnoses Bush As Ticking Time Bomb
Categories :: Bush Administration

Dr. Justin A. Frank, a leading psychiatrist and a professor at George Washington University, sees George W. Bush as a ticking time bomb. Considering his important position and potential for danger both in America and abroad, Frank sees it as imperative to replace Bush before it is too late. The final passage of the epilogue in his informative work, Bush on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President, sends a blunt warning to the American people:

08/04/04 :: By William Hare
From WMD to WSD; from the Clousseau Brigade to Duct Tape
Categories :: Bush Administration

All of us following events in Iraq know about WMD, the shorthand for a weapon of mass destruction. What is of equivalent importance is another shorthand term. It is WSD and stands for something basic and pervasive in today’s grimy international political scene. It refers to a Warrior at a Safe Distance.

08/03/04 :: By
Terror Lies. . .
Categories :: Bush Administration

Is Bush using inteligence related to 9/11, to scare us today?

08/02/04 :: By Tom Ball
Top 21 Pieces of Evidence that Show Iraq is only the First Step to 'Reshaping the Middle East': A Reference for Seekers of Truth
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Foreign Policy :: Iraq :: Reference

Have you ever wondered what would happen if George W. Bush is sent back to the White House in November? What do you think this administration would do as an encore to the invasion of Iraq? There are several sources that offer some insight into that question. In particular we can shed some light with a short search into 1) the 9/11 Commision’s final report, 2) The self-described neoconservative agenda, and 3) quotes from, and documents authored by various members of the Bush administration.

07/30/04 :: By
Bush: Dangerously out of Touch
Categories :: Bush Administration

Now, we've heard this over and over again from the President and his Republican party: Kerry is out of touch with the heartland, Democrats don't share your values, Howard Dean is a latte-drinking Volvo-driving something or other. Well, I think it's about time somebody turned this nonsense on its head.

07/26/04 :: By Bob Kendall
"But why should we hear about body bags?"
Categories :: Bush Administration

“But why should we hear about body bags and death, and how many, what day it’s gonna happen. So, why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?”

07/25/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Blogging Harper's Index
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Media The August issue of Harper's (the only print magazine we currently receive) came sliding through the mail shoot the other day, and I thought that I'd take a look at the always informative Index (p.11); if I have a chance,...

07/25/04 :: By Tom Ball
Bush Vs. Citizens of the United States of America
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Healthcare :: Tort Reform In case there was ever any question whose side the Bush Administration is on, we will take this opportunity to drive the final nail into the coffin that houses Bush's capacity to stand up for the average person. What powers...

07/22/04 :: By Bob Kendall
George Bush and Kenneth Lay Democracy
Categories :: Bush Administration

What kind of “democracy” exactly are we fighting for in Iraq and Afghanistan? Is it the brand of “democracy” existing today in the U.S.A.? A degenerate democracy where it is no longer the “will of the people” but the tremendous power of the money, the Almighty Dollar, being poured into the political campaigns of vested interests of “big business”, such as the shameful funding facts revolving around the political power purchased by American pharmaceutical corporations.

07/20/04 :: By William Hare
Where is the Outcry as Children are Sodomized and Tortured in Iraq?
Categories :: Bush Administration

William Rivers Pitt in the lead article today on the site has asked the crucial question of what has happened to the mainstream media on documented reports of the sodomy and torture of children at Abu Ghraib and other detention centers. On CNN this afternoon the big report was the latest bellyaching of Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert that the documents former Clinton National Security Adviser Sandy Berger took from classified government archives might have constituted an unsuccessful attempt “to rewrite history.” Hastert, never known for subtlety or imagination, is claiming that perhaps Berger’s motive was to undercut the 9-11 Commission to make the Bush administration look bad. Actually, Congressman Hastert, the Bush administration makes itself perpetually look bad without any assistance required. Meanwhile reporters reveal that the documents marked top secret contained the same information that 9-11 Commission members already knew independently.

07/20/04 :: By Cary W. Blankenship
George W. Bush: Our Divine Right President
Categories :: Bush Administration

Reported by the Lancaster New Era, President George W. Bush during a campaign swing through Pennsylvania stated in a private meeting with an Amish group “I trust God speaks through me.” Americans have become more and more accustomed to the remarks of G.W. Bush with respect to religion and his relationship to a conservative form of Christian ideology but this comment is clearly a dangerous sign. Is this the inarticulate Bush or is this Bush revealed? For Bush supporters the individual words really don’t mean much; this is simply an expression of faith. For those who oppose Bush or merely question Bush, the words do have meaning.

07/15/04 :: By Bob Kendall
What About The Axis of Evil?
Categories :: Bush Administration

President Bush in one of his State of the Union messages devoted a single sentence to North Korea, one to Iran, and five to Iraq. To quote from his historical declaration of the United States’ now determining which nations are good and which are evil, was a privilege formerly reserved for God, following Christian biblical viewpoint, stating, “Judge not lest ye be judged in like manner.”

07/12/04 :: By William Hare
Kerry-Edwards? In Synch With FDR, JFK; Bush-Cheney? In Synch With Right Wing Extremism
Categories :: Bush Administration

The Bushies have resorted again to that tired old refrain about being in the mainstream while their opponents are too liberal and out of step with the heart and soul of America. This unceasing mantra is flat out wrong, and the Americans they claim to represent are in the forefront in rejecting it.

07/11/04 :: By Tom Ball
Thank You Al D’Amato: High Profile Republican Creates Lose/Lose Situation for BushCheney ‘04
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Cheney, Dick

Yesterday, former Republican Senator Alfonse D’Amato called for Bush to dump Cheney for the good of the party and the nation. Signals don’t get any clearer than this. D’Amato knows that Cheney is an onerous liability to the Bush-Cheney ticket.

06/28/04 :: By Tom Ball
Solicitor General Ted Olsen Announces Resignation: Here's the 'Real' Ted
Categories :: Bush Administration

When I initially created the reference "Mass Exodus: 85 (Now 86) High Level Resignations and Dismissals Plague the Bush Administration's First Term", I tossed in a line noting that a high profile Bush Administration member resigns approximately every 2 weeks. I had no idea that Solicitor General Ted Olsen would be the next to keep the streak running.

06/23/04 :: By Tom Ball
Administration Lied About Successes in the War on Terror
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Lies :: Terrorism

On April 28, 2004, the State Department announced that newly available figures on global terrorism had declined dramatically. Senior administration officials touted the findings as evidence of Bush's success in countering terrorism. Problem is, the figures were completely wrong.

06/22/04 :: By Tom Ball
Tactic: See “Fahrenheit 9/11” on Opening Weekend
Categories :: Bush Administration :: History :: Tactics

Michael Moore’s newest bush-throttling, truth-bearing documentary, “Fahrenheit 9/11” is inundated with such “old news” revelations. Revelations of which the American public should be boldly aware before entering the polling stations in November.

06/18/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Righting The Right's Wrongs: Torture and the Do-Gooders
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Iraq :: Military

As TortureGate continues to unfold, each day brings forth startling new discoveries as well as a fresh batch of illogical lies and media manipulation.

06/07/04 :: By William Hare
Cheney Questioned in CIA Leak Probe
Categories :: Bush Administration

We have an interesting update to the “Is Another Watergate Beckoning?” story. Today’s USA Today reports via Associated Press the questioning of Vice President Dick Cheney in the continuing investigation by the Office of Special Counsel into the leaking of the name of CIA operative Valerie Plame by columnist Robert Novak.

06/07/04 :: By William Hare
Is Another Watergate Beckoning?
Categories :: Bush Administration

The widely discussed decision of George W. Bush last week to hire private counsel James E. Sharp prompts one to wonder if another Watergate is beckoning, and much sooner than later. As John Dean mentioned in his column at, the idea of Bush taking this step as a purely precautionary measure is highly unlikely. It appears far more plausible that the old maxim of “where there’s smoke there’s fire” instead applies.

06/03/04 :: By William Hare
Is Tenet Bush's Designated John Dean?
Categories :: Bush Administration

As Richard Nixon began sustaining the first injurious fallout from the Watergate Scandal, the repercussions of which would ultimately topple him from power, his strategy was to present White House Counsel John Dean as designated administration sacrificial lamb. In his address to the nation announcing resignations in the wake of developing disclosures, Nixon praised close subordinates H.R. Haldeman and John Ehrlichman as dedicated public servants. In his counsel’s case, he stated tersely, “John Dean also resigned.” The statement was as subtle as the proverbial sledgehammer, and was meant to be as harsh as its delivery denoted.

06/02/04 :: By William Hare
Bush's Dangerous Rush to Theocracy
Categories :: Bush Administration

A staggering nexus would be created if neoconservative jingoism is harnessed to Christian fundamentalist dogma. Religious myth would accordingly be linked to the most sophisticated as well as destructive modern technology. This is the most frightening element of the Bush rush to theocracy.

05/30/04 :: By William Hare
Message to George W. Bush: They Fought Against Empire
Categories :: Bush Administration

Yes, Mr. Bush, those men and women being honored this weekend are heroes, as you will proclaim in personal appearances. They risked their lives for their country.

05/27/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Reversing The Course: An Iraq Exit Plan
Categories :: Anti-War :: Bush Administration :: Iraq :: Progressive Strategy :: Tactics

The United States must make a dramatic reversal of course and recognize that the continued U.S. military presence in Iraq is destabilizing and counterproductive.

05/25/04 :: By Tom Ball
Escape from Iraq: Bush and Blair Plan their Election Year Breakout
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Iraq

It has become clear even within staunch Republican ranks that the malaise in Iraq has become a gradually sinking anchor, pulling with it the president’s approval ratings as well as his hopes for reelection. Iraq, after all, was fashioned as the driving engine upon which Bush would base his November renewal at the White House.

05/24/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Unfortunate Soldiers: Depleted Uranium
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Criminal Acts :: Healthcare :: Iraq :: Military

Lying about the reasons to go to war is bad enough but to deliberately expose our troops to the toxic effects of Depleted Uranium is reprehensible.

05/23/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Blood Makes Noise: Misrepresenting Soldier and Civilian Casualties
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Hypocrisy :: Iraq :: Military

It's a bit hard to sell an Iraqi democracy package when so little regard is shown toward those civilians killed in an unjustified, unsubstantiated and unnecessary war.

05/22/04 :: By Delton Murphy
For Want of a War, The Truth Was Lost
Categories :: Anti-War :: Bush Administration :: Documentary :: Iraq :: Media

Highlighting the myriad of inconsistencies evident in the statements made by politicians and spokespeople in support of the war, such as the exaggeration of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, director Robert Greenwald strives to exemplify the clandestine motives that may have provided momentum to the war effort in his latest movie, Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War.

05/21/04 :: By Delton Murphy
The Art of Appointing
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Hypocrisy :: Iraq

The concept of speeding up Iraqi democracy through appointments is as flawed as the ideas of bombing countries in order to quickly establish peace.

05/21/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Signs: The War on Speech
Categories :: Anti-War :: Bush Administration

With President Bush’s credibility and approval rating slipping as steadily as sand falling through an hourglass, it is not surprising that there has been an alarming increase in the number of protest arrests and convictions across the country.

05/20/04 :: By Tom Ball
Bush Alienating Crucial Cuban Electorate
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Cuba :: Elections

Bush owes much to the Cuban-American voters, particularly in Florida. Cubans are the only Latin American demographic which clearly favor Republicans and they are a voting force in Florida -- a necessary constituency if Bush hopes to pull Florida out of the bag once again.

05/17/04 :: By Tom Ball
Top 27 Pieces of Evidence that Show Rice Perjured Herself in Front of the 9/11 Commission: A Reference for Seekers of Truth
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Reference :: Rice, Condoleezza

The August 06, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefing, or PDB, has been declassified and released. This memo, which was central to National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice's testimony, is the latest injection into the evidential warchest that targets the administration's 9/11 claims intended to shield itself from accusations of incompetence, apathy, misdirection and distraction.


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