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06/23/05 :: By Drew Johnston
Operation Yellow Elephant: Making a Difference One Wingnut at a Time
Categories :: Conservatives :: Hypocrisy :: Republicans :: Satire

Are young chickenhawk conservatives really cowardly hypocrites, or have they just been denied an opportunity? Let's find out. An audience participation post.

05/19/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Rick Santorum is the Scum of the Earth
Categories :: Blowhards :: Hypocrisy

Rick Santorum has taken the Republican Sleaze Machine's hypocrisy rating to a new high.

05/06/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
DeLay's Hypocrisy Boundless
Categories :: Hypocrisy :: Tom DeLay

Tom DeLay has just gotten even sleazier, if you can believe it.

04/04/05 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
Deconstructing DeLay: Part Deux
Categories :: Congress :: Conservatives :: Hypocrisy :: Tom DeLay

New developments on the ongoing hubris of Tom DeLay. Just when he hit the nadir of legislative interference, he soars to new lows.

03/27/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
DeLay's Hypocrisy is Utterly Beyond the Pale
Categories :: Hypocrisy

What was good enough for Tom DeLay's own father wasn't good enough for Terry Schiavo. Can DeLay possibly sink any lower?

03/25/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
The Culture of Life F-16s
Categories :: Foreign Policy :: Hypocrisy In a major policy shift, the Bush Administration is selling Pakistan F-16 fighter jets -- but claiming that the sale (which was blocked by Congressional sanctions passed in the early 1990s) won't destabilize the incredibly tense relationship between Pakistan and...

03/22/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
It's OUR Culture of Life
Categories :: Hypocrisy :: Republicans

Republicans claim to value a "Culture of Life," but their policies and practices have been inimical to every facet of life.

01/31/05 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
Heroes of Social Insecurity: A 'Leninist' Strategy
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Discrimination :: Hypocrisy :: Social Security

Americans don't need a secret de-coder ring to understand the PR push to sell the Plan to destroy Social Security, but some may enjoy a trip down memory lane before the State of the Union re-defines privatization.

01/27/05 :: By Delton Murphy
How To Teach Intolerance
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Education :: Hypocrisy

While the war, the economy, torture, terrorism and unemployment are all important issues, nothing means more to the Republicans than sexual orientation.

01/14/05 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
Update: Trickle-Down News
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Framing 101 :: Hypocrisy :: Outrages

Some details are beginning to emerge about the President's plan to destroy Roosevelt's successful Social Security safety net. Early signs of the marketing, the campaign process, and the rhetoric are troubling.

01/13/05 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
“Trickle-down News"
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Framing 101 :: Hypocrisy

Mr. Bush is failing to convince the GOP to brutalize Social Security despite fear tactics. Perhaps GOPPOTUS has less political capital than he at first claimed.

01/05/05 :: By William Hare
Family Values Republicans! A "Breast Christmas Ever" Competition!
Categories :: Hypocrisy

It was anything but a surprise when corporate media octopus Clear Channel announced that it had chosen as its major news source none other than family values-oriented and “fair and balanced” Fox News.

12/24/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Happy Chiskwannakah!
Categories :: Hypocrisy :: Outrages :: Religion

Generally speaking, no matter how crappy or tumultuous the year has been, the Holidays often bring us short-lived cheer that carries us into the New Year.

Well, at least it used to...

12/17/04 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
“Frivolous” Justice: Bush on Trial
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Framing 101 :: Hypocrisy :: Propaganda/Spin

Finding credible information at the Economic "Summit" is proving to be more illusive than Bernie Kerik's "nanny." I doubt anyone familiar with Bush's record on the economy took the Economic “Summit” this week seriously, but at least the outrageous comments and mock discussions have gotten some fair criticism this time around.

12/15/04 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
"The Others": Marching Backward
Categories :: Election 2004 :: Framing 101 :: Hypocrisy :: Outrages :: Progressive Strategy

With Republicans smugly observing that Democrats seem to be in disarray these days, some suspect that we are both living in a parallel universe with two separate realities. Pundits have said that while Democrats were in angst at Disney World, “Glibs” were on the ground in Ohio, and bloggers from all over are still trying to figure out where the front is. For most of us, the sound of marching boots is hard to ignore and our compasses are working. . .
Here are 20 preliminary points for drafting the rules of engagement:

12/12/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Red Herrings and Brown Shirts
Categories :: Blowhards :: Conservatives :: Hypocrisy :: Iraq :: Media

Those who have been following the reaction to Rumsfeld's bumbling (and horrifying) response to the solider in Iraq who wondered why they had to go through scrap heaps to get armor for their tanks know that by now the Right Wing's Mighty Wurlitzer has adopted its tried and true tactic of obfuscation. That is, they have attempted to make the story about the fact that the embed reporter helped the soldier formulate his question rather than the far more important and relevant point that the Department of Defense is failing our men in uniform and has no good answers for why it is putting them in harms way without proper protection.

12/03/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Escaping Blame for Abu Gharib
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Hypocrisy :: Iraq

As Derrick Z. Jackson reminds us in his searing Op-Ed in today's Boston Globe, nothing aids promotion in the Bush administration like incompetence and breaking laws both domestic and international.

11/22/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Ukraine and a Whole New Level of Irony
Categories :: Elections :: Foreign Policy :: Hypocrisy Yes, it's true. The US is threatening to re-evaluate its relationship with Ukraine because of accusations of vote fraud in Sunday's run-off election. More than 100,000 Ukrainians poured into the streets of Kiev to protest against an election they believe...

11/21/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Presidential Yacht and the Democrats
Categories :: Democrats :: George W. Bush :: Hypocrisy :: Propaganda/Spin One of the many items of pork in the omnibus bill passed yesterday is $2 million to buy back the Presidential Yacht. As Atrios observes, if the Democrats don't know how to foment outrage with this, all may very well...

11/05/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Jane Smiley: Unteachable Ignorance
Categories :: Blowhards :: Hypocrisy :: Progressive Strategy :: Republicans Among the many self recriminations occurring on our side, it's more than important to remember that it's not entirely our fault, even as the political outcome and the other side want to remind us that we are consistent electoral failures....

10/02/04 :: By Tom Ball
Sighs and Scowls: Then and Now
Categories :: Election 2004 :: Hypocrisy

Karen Hughes enters the realm of hypocrisy (Where Republicans are most comfortable) as she attempts to rationalize Bush's sighs and grimaces at Thursday's debate.

09/20/04 :: By Tom Ball
Remember the White House Response to Fake Uranium Documents?
Categories :: Conservatives :: Hypocrisy :: Lies

Conservatives are hot on Rather's tail -- trumpeting Dan's quote, "...we have been misled." and inevitably calling for the demise of both Rather and CBS News. Of course conservatives were quite less ambitious with their efforts to castigate the last high profile 'victim' of a fake document.
Recall the White House's appraisal of Iraq's Nuclear Ambitions:

09/02/04 :: By Delton Murphy
The Cowardly Lion: See Arnold Run
Categories :: Economy :: Election 2004 :: Hypocrisy :: Schwarzenegger, Arnold

Arnold gets to spoof a line that was used on Saturday Night Live to spoof him over a decade ago. How clever. How ironic. How typically Arnold.

08/30/04 :: By Stu Finkel
The Hatred is All Theirs
Categories :: Conservatives :: Hypocrisy As we prepare ourselves for the false face of the Republican Party (McCain, Giuliani, Schwarzenegger), let us recall the real one. I saw it on a bumpersticker Sunday morning, next to several Bush-Cheney stickers and a staggeringly nonsensical pro-gun slogan...

08/29/04 :: By William Hare
The Arnold Watch: Arnold and his $350,000 Allowance
Categories :: Hypocrisy

We remember the solemn promise Arnold Schwarzenegger made to the people of California during his successful recall campaign against Governor Gray Davis to cut frills and engage in joint sacrifice. Everybody was involved in the belt-tightening, including the former movie star turned politician himself. He reminded the citizenry and members of the legislature of this when it came time to sharply trim and curtail programs not only for the state government, but also within local communities.

08/14/04 :: By William Hare
Dick Cheney: Chicken Hawk as Pit Bull
Categories :: Hypocrisy

Dick Cheney has always proudly cast himself as a military hard-liner with a strong penchant for battling Communism. This did not prevent him, however, for pursuing five deferments during the Vietnam War, the last the clincher, when his wife became pregnant.

08/01/04 :: By William Hare
Matlin Unleashes More Bushie Hypocrisy
Categories :: Hypocrisy

The one thing a Bushie never feels is shame. An ardent Bushie can say or do anything without batting an eye. I was reminded of this precept again this morning while watching Mary Matlin on “This Week” on ABC.

07/26/04 :: By Drew Johnston
Doublethink and the GOP
Categories :: Hypocrisy In 1984, George Orwell described a concept called "doublethink" (not doublespeak, like so many pundits seem to believe). Doublethink described the ability of the Party to hold two totally contrary ideas and switch between them as necessity dictated (i.e. "War...

07/14/04 :: By Tom Ball
Morality in America: Bill Bennett and the Seven Deadly Sins
Categories :: Blowhards :: Hypocrisy

Amid the critical senate debate on gay marriage and threats of 'making a mockery' of our nation's founding documents, Bill Bennett, the great conservative moralizer, has come through yet again -- letting us know exactly how evil we all are. And I say, cast not the first stone....

07/13/04 :: By Tom Ball
Morality in America: What About Bush?
Categories :: Hypocrisy

The Senate yesterday opened debate on a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. Republicans believe that the issue can serve as an effective wedge for the 2004 election even as their other 'wedge' issues have lost their edge against Kerry. The gun issue doesn't really light anyone's fire since Kerry is a gun owner and avid hunter. And the Abortion issue isn't carrying the weight the GOP would like it to against Kerry's belief that "Life begins at conception." So I thought it would be interesting to take a look at this poll I found from a year ago. At this time, conservative moralist Bill Bennett had recently been outed for his gambling problem, creating an air of hypocrisy that smothered all within bloviating distance.

06/19/04 :: By William Hare
Clinton's Attack Dogs and "Casting the First Stone"!
Categories :: Hypocrisy

Bill Clinton is back in the news with the publication of his long awaited autobiography. The warped mentality of the so-called “Moral Majority” was never more evident than when the attack dogs of the far right, bolstered by economic might supplied by reactionary billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife, nipped at the heels of the popular president and sought to impeach him.

06/04/04 :: By William Hare
Ladies, They Invaded Iraq for You!
Categories :: Hypocrisy

Were it not for the gravity of the situation, I would find the current Republican talking head television scene funnier than Saturday Night Live at its most rollicking. Last night’s appearance by Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina on Chris Matthews’s Hardball provides a recent case in point.

05/27/04 :: By William Hare
Limbaugh Revisited: Taking Him to Task!
Categories :: Hypocrisy

There is a quick update on my recent entry concerning the rush on the right toward compassion for Rush and his drug problems and Limbaugh's outrageous comments about the Abu Ghraib Prison disaster and repeated insistence that the conduct amounts to no more than harmless pranks on the part of interrogators. Shortly after the article appeared I received an e-mail from The content was most interesting.

05/26/04 :: By William Hare
Senator Zell Miller: Fair and Balanced Con Artist
Categories :: Hypocrisy :: Miller, Zell

Senator Zell Miller, you told us that it was not your intention to leave the Democratic Party. According to you, it up and left you and people like you. It spun out of control by veering so far to the left. This fear recently prompted you to label Senator John Kerry a “taxachusetts liberal.”

05/24/04 :: By William Hare
Rush and Right Wing Hypocrisy
Categories :: Hypocrisy :: Limbaugh, Rush

A look at the cover of the latest edition of The American Spectator provides a recent example of right wing hypocrisy in full swing. The major story is about the subject of current right wing compassion, the substance-challenged Rush Limbaugh.

05/23/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Blood Makes Noise: Misrepresenting Soldier and Civilian Casualties
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Hypocrisy :: Iraq :: Military

It's a bit hard to sell an Iraqi democracy package when so little regard is shown toward those civilians killed in an unjustified, unsubstantiated and unnecessary war.

05/22/04 :: By Delton Murphy
The Great Divider: Bandwagon Patriots Embracing War
Categories :: Anti-War :: Hypocrisy :: Iraq

American leadership is dependent upon maintaining the confidence and trust of its citizens and other nations around the world. Today that confidence and trust is at its lowest point. Why is the United States at the pinnacle of its power and the nadir of its political standing in the world?

05/21/04 :: By Delton Murphy
The Art of Appointing
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Hypocrisy :: Iraq

The concept of speeding up Iraqi democracy through appointments is as flawed as the ideas of bombing countries in order to quickly establish peace.


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  • Sexual Predators Cost Catholic Church $1B And Counting
  • Crackpots Invade Tulsa Zoo
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  • Escaping Blame for Abu Gharib
  • Ukraine and a Whole New Level of Irony
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  • Sighs and Scowls: Then and Now
  • Remember the White House Response to Fake Uranium Documents?
  • The Cowardly Lion: See Arnold Run
  • The Hatred is All Theirs
  • The Arnold Watch: Arnold and his $350,000 Allowance

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