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10/03/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
The gruesome overview
Categories :: Iraq For the Bush administration, Iraq is no longer a democratic test tube, or tabula rasa for geopolitical mapmakers, or even a Rovian opportunity to whip injured nationalism into a vengeful froth. It is way beyond that. Iraq has become, instead,...

08/31/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Bush By The Numbers
Categories :: Anti-War :: Bush Administration :: Iraq

The latest numbres show the Bush Regime is still in the toilet of public opinion.

08/30/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
The MSM as the president’s enabler
Categories :: Iraq So now we’ve read the altogether expected news of the bleak prospects facing Iraq’s “founding fathers” in coming together over a workable constitution. Nevertheless the news continues to be framed in Bush’s surrealism - a mindset that has defined this...

08/25/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
U.S. Troop Withdrawals Announced -- Again
Categories :: Iraq

The Bushites either can't make up their mind, or can't control the U.S. military.

08/22/05 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
Dueling Frames: Views on Iraq
Categories :: Framing - Foreign Policy :: George W. Bush :: Iraq :: Propaganda/Spin

Two different views of Iraq keep emerging: is it more like World War II or like Vietnam?

07/29/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Bolton Busted -- Again
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Iraq

Bolton lies by ommission and tries to play it off as forgetfulness. That excuse ranks right up there with "The check's in the mail."

07/15/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
Out of Iraq? Or out of the Middle East?
Categories :: Iraq Twenty-four Iraqi children just gave their lives so that George W. Bush could boldly “stay the course.” The suicide car bomb that took these young innocents, who did nothing more than gather around some American soldiers with candy, also claimed...

07/05/05 :: By Tom Ball
This Time It's Personal: Paper Brings Iraq Bloodshed to US Towns
Categories :: Iraq

Today, the Palm Beach Post is displaying a map of the US showing the concentration of US Soldiers killed in Iraq. It focuses on the number killed within each US town and provides a key that tells which towns/cities have been most heavily hit.

07/01/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
A mound of manure in 28 minutes
Categories :: Iraq The president’s primetime emphasis this Tuesday on 9/11 and Iraq as cause and effect has received so much attention from the commentariat, other chunks of his speech have suffered critical neglect. For sure, outing Bush’s 9/11 scam is a journalistic...

06/30/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
43 & Friends: A legacy of criminal pathology
Categories :: Iraq The day after the president’s televised plea for national patience, the New York Times echoed what more than a few liberals, centrists and honest conservatives have advocated for some time: that Bush’s “critics … put aside, at least temporarily, their...

06/29/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
The GOP Supports Our Troops...
Categories :: Iraq :: Republicans

The Bush Adminstration and Congressional Republicans have short-changed out nation's troops. What a "surprise."

06/29/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
Guess who’ll take the blame for Bush’s war
Categories :: Iraq Resolved: Iraq is a mess. If there’s anyone present who still believes there isn’t any comparison between this and Vietnam -- other than Michael “there isn’t any comparison between this and Vietnam” Deaver, the former Reagan aide -- let him...

06/22/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
“A healthier, happier” president
Categories :: Iraq At first I thought it was a joke. We have in the White House a “healthier, happier and sharper chief executive,” read a line quoted in the Washington Post, because “once a day, he puts his desire for a workout...

06/21/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
Neocon gameplaying
Categories :: Iraq In his role as a monthly columnist for the Washington Post, neoconservative Robert Kagan has written a curious little piece. In its title he poses “Whether this war was worth it,” and he bookends that ponderable with, “the effort to...

06/13/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
The Military Vs. Bush
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Iraq

A devastating admission from senior military officials in Iraq doesn't bode well for Bush.

06/10/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
June 16th: Bush's "D" Day
Categories :: Congress :: Iraq

The House Judiciary Committee has scheduled hearings on the Downing Street Memo.

06/09/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
A quagmire of opinion for GOP
Categories :: Iraq In a classic, “well, duh” headline Tuesday the Washington Post announced: “Americans Say War in Iraq Has Not Made U.S. Safer.” Actually that was the original headline, which was soon softened to “Poll Finds Dimmer View of Iraq War,” subtitled,...

06/07/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
The right’s defense against the DSM: It needs something better than this
Categories :: Iraq Though I anticipated inventive right-wing responses to outrage over the Downing Street Memo, I didn’t go out of my way to track them down. I knew they’d appear in good time and suspected they’d be framed in the flamboyant White...

06/04/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Bolton Busted, DSM Right — Again
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Foreign Policy :: Iraq

More proof that the Downing Street Memo was right; the Bush Junta was fixing intelligence and intelligence agencies -- and used Bolton to do it on at least one occassion.

06/04/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
The administration’s Original Sin
Categories :: Iraq Like millions of us, John Kerry is vexed by the media’s wholesale neglect of the administration-damning Downing Street memo. “I think it's a stunning, unbelievably simple and understandable statement of the truth and a profoundly important document that raises stunning...

06/03/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
Deadly “disassembling”
Categories :: Iraq This week the nation’s vice president instructed the Air Force Academy’s graduating class (in fundamentalist theology, one assumes) "to hunt down the terrorists before they can hit us again.” Catch that? “Before they” -- and “again.” Then, to quell the...

06/02/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
"Thanks," Dick
Categories :: Blowhards :: Iraq

Dick Cheney spoke too soon, with his typical smugness.

05/27/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
Hellfire and damnation -- in writing
Categories :: Iraq A couple of short quotes said it all. White House spokesman Scott McClellan, after labeling Amnesty International’s just-released, scathing report on U.S. human rights violations as “ridiculous,” said "we hold people accountable when there's abuse.” Retired military judge Kevin Barry...

05/23/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
Who’s on first …
Categories :: Iraq Col. Theodore Nicholas, director of intelligence in Afghanistan: “I did not put pressure on the interrogation cell to violate standards to gain information.” (June, 2004) Capt. Britton Hopper, commander of an intelligence battalion in Afghanistan: “There was a lot of...

05/20/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
Back to the Future in Iraq
Categories :: Iraq Yesterday I checked out a few randomly chosen newspaper stories from two years ago to see precisely what was being said a couple months after our thumbs-up, mission-accomplished experience in Iraq. What an experience in itself. It began with this...

05/19/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
The ideology of ignorance
Categories :: Iraq Reading journalists’ reports from Iraq is like being sucked into a time warp where ancient incompetence comes flying at you with mocking vengeance. It’s a confirming experience as well -- a confirmation that policy makers will never learn as long...

05/17/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
Is there anyone left …?
Categories :: Iraq Is there anyone left other than delusional neocons, Bush-admin propagandists and personality-disordered jingoists who could say we have planted a flowering democracy in Iraq rather than opened a can of virulent worms? Is there anyone left who could intelligently gainsay...

05/10/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
Blow-back revisited
Categories :: Iraq An ABC News journalist once asked the president why, in the prewar stage, he portrayed Iraqi weapons as an imminent threat to U.S. security when intelligence reports, replete with cautionary tones and caveats, more often referred to potentialities. The president...

05/04/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Bombshell: Rycroft Memo Proves White House, Downing Street Conspired to Provoke Iraq War
Categories :: Breaking News :: Iraq :: Media

A classified memo proves that the U.S. and the U.K. conspired to manipulate Saddam Hussein into committing an act that would justify war, but the so-called liberal media isn't covering this bombshell.

04/27/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
America Says Bush Lied
Categories :: George W. Bush :: Iraq

Another major set-back for the Bush Administration; Laura better hide the pretzels in case George gets suicidal...

03/31/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Paging the Corporate Media
Categories :: Iraq :: Media

Today the cable news networks have set all coverage of important events aside to fixate on passing of one woman, after ignoring the deaths of so many others.

03/09/05 :: By Tom Ball
Was Saddam's Capture a Hollywood Production?
Categories :: Iraq :: Lies :: Propaganda/Spin

We've all come across the type who still believe that man's landing on the moon was just a production of good old American cinematography. Ironically, these same people are the ones who would sacrifice their dignity to fawn over recent works of Bush propaganda. You can bet they were gaga over the manner in which Saddam was captured -- how appropriate it was that he had to be dragged from his vermin infested, rat hole... like the cowardly filth that he is. To others however, the 'capture' seemed just a bit too perfect in its symbolism -- as though the entire thing had been a staged event, perhaps even requiring signed 'affidavits of loyalty' to behold.

02/15/05 :: By Tom Ball
It’s All Part of the Plan. This Administration Does NOT Make Mistakes
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Foreign Policy :: Iraq

And so it was. The plan was in motion... and now we see it come to fruition -- And I can only presume that the administriation was working with the Iranians from the beginning since Iran was secretly (shhhhhh!) promoting the Administration's invasion efforts.

01/26/05 :: By Tom Ball
36 US Soldiers Dead
Categories :: Iraq

The latest poll shows that support for war in Iraq hit a new low of 39% while most people no longer back the administration's basis for invading. Now these 39% have something new to contemplate with the death of 36 American soldiers yesterday.

01/24/05 :: By Delton Murphy
War is Patriotic
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Free Speech :: History :: Iraq :: Patriotism

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the greatest nation of all?

12/25/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Support Our Troops! (until they come home)
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Government :: Iraq :: Military

The battle for a number of US Troops continues when they return home. While some American soldiers are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, other are suffering from the effects of depleted uranium or mental illness triggered by their combat experience. Others find they have no place to live.

12/24/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Outsourcing War
Categories :: Iraq

The US military is facing an unprecedented crisis in recruiting numbers and new enlistments. Since the invasion of Iraq in March 2003, the latest Pentagon statistics show that over 5,000 soldiers have now been charged with desertion from bases in the U.S. and overseas. If there is no draft, how can the US increase its number of troops in Iraq? Have no fear--Bush definitely has a plan.

12/22/04 :: By Delton Murphy
More Use of Abuse
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Government :: Iraq

As the war spins out of control the evidence of detainee and prisoner torture intensifies.

12/22/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Torture A La Carte
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Government :: Iraq :: Military

It seems the more we talk about detainee torture in Abu Ghraib or Guantanemo Bay, the less it gets covered; revelations from the FBI notwithstanding.

12/21/04 :: By Delton Murphy
I See Terrorists...They're Everywhere
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Iraq :: Terrorism

As President Bush continues to fight terror with terror to kill terrorists, it has become clear that being a dictator is a lot more preferable than being president.

12/20/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Sunday, Bloody Sunday
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Iraq

One of the bloodiest Sundays since the US waged war against Iraq occurred this past weekend, intensifying the fears of an Iraqi Civil War.

12/12/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Red Herrings and Brown Shirts
Categories :: Blowhards :: Conservatives :: Hypocrisy :: Iraq :: Media

Those who have been following the reaction to Rumsfeld's bumbling (and horrifying) response to the solider in Iraq who wondered why they had to go through scrap heaps to get armor for their tanks know that by now the Right Wing's Mighty Wurlitzer has adopted its tried and true tactic of obfuscation. That is, they have attempted to make the story about the fact that the embed reporter helped the soldier formulate his question rather than the far more important and relevant point that the Department of Defense is failing our men in uniform and has no good answers for why it is putting them in harms way without proper protection.

12/10/04 :: By Tom Ball
Rumsfeld Lies to troops After Demeaning Them
Categories :: Iraq :: Lies :: Rumsfeld, Donald

After demeaning troops the other day with a condescending order that they 'just deal with' the current lack of armor in Iraq, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld followed up by asserting that vehicle armor manufacturers were being exhorted to crank up production.

Apparently that was a lie.

12/09/04 :: By Tom Ball
Ex-CIA Officer Says Agency Retaliated After he Refuses to Falsify Iraq WMD Report
Categories :: Iraq

Believe it or not, there is a legitimate purpose to the CIA -- to gather intelligence on potential threats abroad to the national security of the United States of America. Very simple. Very clear. At no point in the CIA Charter is there mention of a function regarding the manufacture of propaganda. This is a special 'Road to Fascism' clause added and empowered by the Bush administration.

12/07/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Peter Beinart's Historical Gobbledygook
Categories :: Democrats :: Foreign Policy :: Iraq :: Terrorism

In a cover piece for the New Republic, Peter Beinart incorrectly equates the liberal dilemma today on how to deliver a convincing anti-terrorist message with that after World War II on how to deliver a strong anti-Communist message.

12/03/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Escaping Blame for Abu Gharib
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Hypocrisy :: Iraq

As Derrick Z. Jackson reminds us in his searing Op-Ed in today's Boston Globe, nothing aids promotion in the Bush administration like incompetence and breaking laws both domestic and international.

11/22/04 :: By Tom Ball
Iran or Iraq?: Take the Pre-Invasion Quiz
Categories :: Foreign Policy :: Iraq

Let's see what we've learned from the first Bush term. Can you differentiate between recent administration statements about Iran and past statements about Iraq?

11/16/04 :: By Delton Murphy
One People Can
Categories :: Activism :: Anti-War :: Criminal Acts :: Iraq

Bush claims his 51% presidential election win as a mandate. He says this has given him political capital to use and he's going to use it. The global peace movement is considered the other super power in the world today and this last election has also given us political capital to spend as well. So Bring It On!

11/11/04 :: By Delton Murphy
A History of Mystery
Categories :: Criminal Acts :: Iraq :: Terrorism :: Theories

The kidnapping of Margaret Hassan, Director of CARE International is inexplicable. Why would the Iraqi resistance kidnap a woman who has provided humanitarian assistance to the people of Iraq for 25 years? Could her kidnapping be part of a counterinsurgency operation, orchestrated by Mossad, devised to turn world opinion against the Iraqi resistance?

11/04/04 :: By Tom Ball
Al Qaqaa: U.S. Troops Watched Weapons-Site Looting
Categories :: Iraq

Now where were we...oh yeah! Al Qaqaa. Those pesky elections can really be a distraction. But now it's time to move on ...and bring this administration down. Listen to the troops:

11/02/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Are You Safer Now Than You Were Four Years Ago?
Categories :: Criminal Acts :: Election 2004 :: Iraq

The vision of our country hanging in the balance on the backs of a few indecisive voters in a handful of states is enough to alert the majority of Americans that our 17th century Electoral College needs to be abolished. So much has been said on this topic (as well it should), that even the most obtusely obstinate among us can comprehend the need to nix this system.

11/01/04 :: By Delton Murphy
The Country or The Man
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Conservatives :: Election 2004 :: Iraq

I fail to comprehend the rationale that makes Bush supporters and undecideds leaning toward Bush conclude that we are safer and this is a course worthy of pursuing. So much yakety-yak has been given to the absurd notion that you "don't change horses in the midst of a war." It's not about changing horses; it's about changing direction. Anyone who can look at what's going on all around us and agree that this is what America is all about, is both misinformed and delusional.

10/29/04 :: By Tom Ball
Affiliate Video was Certainly Al Qaqaa
Categories :: Iraq

The New York Times this morning presents new evidence in the form of expert analysis of the ABC affiliate Al Qaqaa video.

10/29/04 :: By Tom Ball
ABC News Picks up Affiliate's Al Qaqaa Story
Categories :: Election 2004 :: Iraq

Finally, the Network has picked up its affiliate's bombshell story. So far I have only seen the online article. Let me know if you see it mentioned on Television or in other media. Strange, Drudge seems to be avoiding this story like the plague.

10/29/04 :: By Tom Ball
IAEA Seals Were Still Intact on April 18, 2003
Categories :: Iraq

Once again, the ABC affiliate, KSTP in Minneapolis has the scoop.

10/28/04 :: By Tom Ball
Al Qaqaa Rundown
Categories :: Iraq

Lot's o' revelations appearing on the issue of Al Qaqaa...and they all point in one direction -- that the site was looted AFTER the invasion.

10/28/04 :: By Tom Ball
Pressure ABC News to Air its Affiliate's Exclusive on the Missing Explosives at Al Qaqaa
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Election 2004 :: Iraq

It is critically important that ABC News air the story and video of their affiliate, KSTP in Minneapolis. We can make that happen: Email ABC World News Tonight at:

10/27/04 :: By Tom Ball
Bush Gave Blair the Date of the Iraq Invasion 5 MONTHS IN ADVANCE
Categories :: Iraq :: Lies

Secret plans for the war in Iraq were passed to British Army chiefs by US defense planners five months before the invasion was launched, a court martial heard yesterday. The revelation strengthened suspicions that Tony Blair gave his agreement to President George Bush to go to war while the diplomatic efforts to force Saddam Hussein to comply with UN resolutions were continuing.

10/26/04 :: By Tom Ball
Refuting Drudge: Pentagon Officials Say the Al-Qaqaa Looting was The U.S.'s Fault
Categories :: Iraq :: Lies

This Morning, The Drudge Report boasts the headline, "NBCNEWS: CACHE OF EXPLOSIVES VANISHED FROM SITE IN IRAQ BEFORE TROOPS ARRIVED... ". The link leads to a story written by Drudge describing a report he saw on Television last night. Specifically, he notes the passage:

10/25/04 :: By Tom Ball
Bush 'Wants to Get to the Bottom' of His Administration's Gross Incompetence in Iraq
Categories :: Iraq

As you know, 350 tons of high explosives, which were under IAEA auspices during the reign of Saddam, were looted during the early days of the US occupation into Iraq. It seems the Administration opted to forego protection of such high value targets (ammo depots) in exchange for increased protection around the nation's oil pumps. Defend against terrorism, my ass.

10/21/04 :: By Cary W. Blankenship
Bush Aides Call Pat Robertson a Liar
Categories :: Iraq

It is truly incredible. White House Spokesman Scott McClellan said "The president never made such a comment," This is in reference Pat Robertson recalling George W. Bush telling him that “Oh, no, we’re not going to have any casualties.” This was before the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

10/20/04 :: By Cary W. Blankenship
Delusional Bush Tells Robertson “No Casualties in Iraqi War”
Categories :: Iraq

It almost sounds too crazy to be true but there it was on CNN. Pat Robertson opens up with a shocker that George W. Nashville told him in Nashville before the American invasion of Iraq “We’re not going to have any casualties.” Read the transcript for yourself ”We’re not going to have any casualties”

10/19/04 :: By Peter Perkowski
Fact: No Plan To Win The Peace
Categories :: Iraq

March 2003 Army slide show presentation lists post-war plan as "To Be Provided."

10/05/04 :: By Stu Finkel
What Atrios Says
Categories :: Iraq :: Lies :: Media :: Republicans

According to the most recent Gallup poll, 62% of Republicans think Saddam Hussein was personally involved in the 9/11 attacks.

10/04/04 :: By Tom Ball
If Bush Didn't Lie, He Would Have Nothing To Say
Categories :: Iraq :: Lies

It was pitiful enough that our current Commander-in-Chief couldn't come up with the words to explain to the American people virtually anything about his foreign policy initiatives other than it is 'hard work' and 'Don't forget Poland'. It also seems that the few points that Bush was able to spit out were lies.

09/28/04 :: By Cary W. Blankenship
There Goes the Neighborhood
Categories :: Iraq In an interview in Paris, Jordan’s King Abdullah says that elections in January in Iraq are impossible. King Abdullah’s advice Bush has failed to establish a path to democracy for Iraq and has only created a failed and flawed interim...

09/25/04 :: By Cary W. Blankenship
Does Bush Actually Know What Foreign Leaders Think?
Categories :: Iraq

In a remarkable interview Pakistan President Musharraf talks to CNN’s Paula Zahn. Musharraf paints an uncertain and dangerous picture and does not help Bush’s notion that Iraq is making progress and that it will be all right. Bush consistently ignores the opinions of others and believes his convictions are correct. Bush is consistent – yeah – but he is consistently wrong.

08/24/04 :: By Mel Valentin
Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War
Categories :: Iraq More a primer for the initiated than a thorough examination of the claims used to justify the invasion of Iraq by the Bush administration, "Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War" deconstructs the Bush administration’s post-9-11 decision to invade...

08/02/04 :: By Tom Ball
Top 21 Pieces of Evidence that Show Iraq is only the First Step to 'Reshaping the Middle East': A Reference for Seekers of Truth
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Foreign Policy :: Iraq :: Reference

Have you ever wondered what would happen if George W. Bush is sent back to the White House in November? What do you think this administration would do as an encore to the invasion of Iraq? There are several sources that offer some insight into that question. In particular we can shed some light with a short search into 1) the 9/11 Commision’s final report, 2) The self-described neoconservative agenda, and 3) quotes from, and documents authored by various members of the Bush administration.

07/22/04 :: By Tom Ball
Blame the CIA? Top 30 Bush - Iraq Lies Debunked BEFORE The Invasion: A Reference For Seekers of Truth
Categories :: Iraq :: Lies :: Reference

Number One) As a centerpiece to its argument for invading Iraq, the Administration has boldly pursued the idea that Saddam and al Qaeda are in cahoots. The Final Report from the 9/11 Commission due out this week unconditionally states that the commission found no "credible evidence" that Iraq helped the militants carry out the 9/11 attacks. Nor did it find any 'working relationship' between Iraq and Osama bin Laden. This runs directly counter to the administration's assertions of "long-established ties" between Saddam and al Qaeda. Even before the invasion began, both the CIA and the FBI said the administration was wrong.

06/29/04 :: By Tom Ball
Avoiding a Public Relations Fiasco Creates a Public Relations Fiasco
Categories :: Iraq

Reminiscent of a back-alley drug deal, the Bush administration tossed the new Iraqi government the goods as they dashed out of sight -- two days ahead of schedule and in the virtual dark of (the American) night.

06/21/04 :: By Tom Ball
Tactic: Implement Radical Policy in Baby Steps
Categories :: Iraq :: Propaganda/Spin :: Tactics :: Women's Rights

Technique: Focus on Major issues piecemeal. Do not address them as a controversial whole. Instead, focus on the least objectionable parts. Once these have been accepted, then it is much easier to lead logically from the accepted piece to the more controversial whole.

06/18/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Righting The Right's Wrongs: Torture and the Do-Gooders
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Iraq :: Military

As TortureGate continues to unfold, each day brings forth startling new discoveries as well as a fresh batch of illogical lies and media manipulation.

05/29/04 :: By Tom Ball
Pat Tillman Killed by Friendly Fire
Categories :: Iraq

Pat Tillman, who died in April while a U.S. soldier fighting in Afghanistan, likely was killed by friendly fire, an Army investigation has concluded.

05/27/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Reversing The Course: An Iraq Exit Plan
Categories :: Anti-War :: Bush Administration :: Iraq :: Progressive Strategy :: Tactics

The United States must make a dramatic reversal of course and recognize that the continued U.S. military presence in Iraq is destabilizing and counterproductive.

05/25/04 :: By Tom Ball
Escape from Iraq: Bush and Blair Plan their Election Year Breakout
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Iraq

It has become clear even within staunch Republican ranks that the malaise in Iraq has become a gradually sinking anchor, pulling with it the president’s approval ratings as well as his hopes for reelection. Iraq, after all, was fashioned as the driving engine upon which Bush would base his November renewal at the White House.

05/24/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Unfortunate Soldiers: Depleted Uranium
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Criminal Acts :: Healthcare :: Iraq :: Military

Lying about the reasons to go to war is bad enough but to deliberately expose our troops to the toxic effects of Depleted Uranium is reprehensible.

05/23/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Blood Makes Noise: Misrepresenting Soldier and Civilian Casualties
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Hypocrisy :: Iraq :: Military

It's a bit hard to sell an Iraqi democracy package when so little regard is shown toward those civilians killed in an unjustified, unsubstantiated and unnecessary war.

05/22/04 :: By Delton Murphy
The Great Divider: Bandwagon Patriots Embracing War
Categories :: Anti-War :: Hypocrisy :: Iraq

American leadership is dependent upon maintaining the confidence and trust of its citizens and other nations around the world. Today that confidence and trust is at its lowest point. Why is the United States at the pinnacle of its power and the nadir of its political standing in the world?

05/22/04 :: By Delton Murphy
For Want of a War, The Truth Was Lost
Categories :: Anti-War :: Bush Administration :: Documentary :: Iraq :: Media

Highlighting the myriad of inconsistencies evident in the statements made by politicians and spokespeople in support of the war, such as the exaggeration of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, director Robert Greenwald strives to exemplify the clandestine motives that may have provided momentum to the war effort in his latest movie, Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War.

05/21/04 :: By Delton Murphy
The Art of Appointing
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Hypocrisy :: Iraq

The concept of speeding up Iraqi democracy through appointments is as flawed as the ideas of bombing countries in order to quickly establish peace.


  • Dem leader Nancy Pelosi: 'We have to destroy their brand'
  • After funding cuts, senator says GOP targets Sesame Street for 'destruction'
  • Hearing Set on Downing Street Minutes, War Plan
  • Family Values: Porn star at GOP fundraiser - GOP committee says no qualms with paid sexpert at president's dinner
  • Sexual Predators Cost Catholic Church $1B And Counting
  • Crackpots Invade Tulsa Zoo
  • Babyface a Losing Look for Politicians

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