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06/27/05 :: By Stu Finkel
Bush's Biggest Lie
Categories :: Lies

Bush's biggest lie: that he is a uniter not a divider. In fact, of course, he has polarized the country and demonized those who disagree with him.

03/09/05 :: By Tom Ball
Was Saddam's Capture a Hollywood Production?
Categories :: Iraq :: Lies :: Propaganda/Spin

We've all come across the type who still believe that man's landing on the moon was just a production of good old American cinematography. Ironically, these same people are the ones who would sacrifice their dignity to fawn over recent works of Bush propaganda. You can bet they were gaga over the manner in which Saddam was captured -- how appropriate it was that he had to be dragged from his vermin infested, rat hole... like the cowardly filth that he is. To others however, the 'capture' seemed just a bit too perfect in its symbolism -- as though the entire thing had been a staged event, perhaps even requiring signed 'affidavits of loyalty' to behold.

03/01/05 :: By Stu Finkel
Novak is a Liar
Categories :: Lies And in other news water is wet. Via both Atrios and a dKos diary, That Traitor Bob Novak severely misquoted a comment Howard Dean made concerning SS solvency, and the lie has now been spread to the RNC website. You...

01/10/05 :: By Tom Ball
Destroying the Myth of Bush's Support from ‘New Europe’: Why Did Some European Leaders Support Bush Despite Public Outrage?
Categories :: Foreign Policy :: Lies

It is both European geopolitics and a built-in fear of French-German domination that stimulates some European leaders to support Bush, not the laughable "Bush-moral-clarity" nonsense promoted by conservative mouthpieces. Simply put, the leaders of these nations are betting that their constituents cast their votes in the next elections not with Iraq on their minds, but rather with a mindset focused on the future of Europe and their country's position of influence and sovereignty within it.

01/07/05 :: By Tom Ball
Bush Draft (Part II)
Categories :: Bush-Cheney 2004 :: Lies :: Military :: Outrages

During the 2004 campaign, the Bush troglodytes were fond of asserting, "The only people I've ever heard suggest a draft are the Democrats." -- obviously implying that it was actually the Dems who sought to send your children to their death in various irrelevant foreign lands. Well duh! Of course the Republicans aren't going to admit what they're really intending to do. Hasn't anyone been paying attention for the last four years? Sure enough, with the military heinously overstretched and the situation in Iraq in a deterioration freefall, the Repuglinuts have vamped up their efforts -- shifting into phase two of their 'shaft 'em with the draft' campaign for global domination.

12/28/04 :: By Tom Ball
Rumsfeld's Freudian Slip: "shot down the plane over Pennsylvania."
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Lies :: Rumsfeld, Donald

I've learned long ago that any 'conspiracy theories' relating to this administration are never beyond reason. Anyone familiar with the American Enterprise Institute and the project for a New American Century knows full well that what would be considered 'conspiracy theory' by the average stable-minded American is platform policy for established insiders of the Neoconservative movement.

12/28/04 :: By Stu Finkel
The Conservative (Faux)-Persecution Complex
Categories :: Blowhards :: Conservatives :: Lies :: Tactics

An extended look at two of the right's favorite faux-outrages: the fictional persecution of Christians and the fact that professors tend to be liberals.

12/10/04 :: By Tom Ball
Rumsfeld Lies to troops After Demeaning Them
Categories :: Iraq :: Lies :: Rumsfeld, Donald

After demeaning troops the other day with a condescending order that they 'just deal with' the current lack of armor in Iraq, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld followed up by asserting that vehicle armor manufacturers were being exhorted to crank up production.

Apparently that was a lie.

10/27/04 :: By Tom Ball
Bush Gave Blair the Date of the Iraq Invasion 5 MONTHS IN ADVANCE
Categories :: Iraq :: Lies

Secret plans for the war in Iraq were passed to British Army chiefs by US defense planners five months before the invasion was launched, a court martial heard yesterday. The revelation strengthened suspicions that Tony Blair gave his agreement to President George Bush to go to war while the diplomatic efforts to force Saddam Hussein to comply with UN resolutions were continuing.

10/27/04 :: By Tom Ball
Iraq Explosives Were Looted AFTER the Invasion
Categories :: Lies

Let's get this straight. The Iraq explosives were looted after the Invasion. Despite this, the right wing and the ignorant, lazy media will continue to cloud the issue, suggesting that 'nobody knows' when the material was stolen or worse, "It was gone when we got there". Here's two things you have to know. Throw these in the faces of those in denial and suggest that just once in their miserable lives, they should take collective responsibility for our collective mistakes.

10/26/04 :: By Tom Ball
Refuting Drudge: Pentagon Officials Say the Al-Qaqaa Looting was The U.S.'s Fault
Categories :: Iraq :: Lies

This Morning, The Drudge Report boasts the headline, "NBCNEWS: CACHE OF EXPLOSIVES VANISHED FROM SITE IN IRAQ BEFORE TROOPS ARRIVED... ". The link leads to a story written by Drudge describing a report he saw on Television last night. Specifically, he notes the passage:

10/21/04 :: By Cary W. Blankenship
Make No Mistake About It
Categories :: Lies

Like many people and fellow bloggers the Pat Robertson story caught my attention. I focused in on the most sensational aspect of the story, that is the recalling by Robertson of Bush’s statement about no casualties and then the subsequent back and forth with the White House. I guess Robertson now knows how it feels to be slimed by the White House. However I am guilty of a mistake. I thought that was the important part of the interview. On second reading I realize that the important part was toward the end of the interview.Robertson wants Bush to admit mistakes

10/08/04 :: By Tom Ball
Bush Tries to Pin His Failures on Kerry
Categories :: Lies

George W. Bush is absolutely incapable of taking responsibility for anything. ANYTHING! It is absolutely pathetic and an embarrassment to our nation. And today, George "The Buck never ever stops with me" Bush took a desperate slash and burn attempt to blame John Kerry for his own disgraceful actions. Of course, keeping in character with the entirity of his tenure as President, Bush had to lie in order to cast blame:

10/05/04 :: By Stu Finkel
What Atrios Says
Categories :: Iraq :: Lies :: Media :: Republicans

According to the most recent Gallup poll, 62% of Republicans think Saddam Hussein was personally involved in the 9/11 attacks.

10/04/04 :: By Tom Ball
If Bush Didn't Lie, He Would Have Nothing To Say
Categories :: Iraq :: Lies

It was pitiful enough that our current Commander-in-Chief couldn't come up with the words to explain to the American people virtually anything about his foreign policy initiatives other than it is 'hard work' and 'Don't forget Poland'. It also seems that the few points that Bush was able to spit out were lies.

09/30/04 :: By Tom Ball
Bush, Iraq, al Qaeda and the Art of Lying
Categories :: Lies :: Tactics

So versed in and so dependent upon lying is the Bush Administration to promote its agenda that they have developed and implemented a recognizable portfolio of lies.

* The “My word against your word” Lie
* The “Impossible to prove or disprove” Lie
* The “Gross distortion” Lie
* The “Irrelevant association” Lie
* The “Blatant” Lie

09/28/04 :: By Tom Ball
Tactic: Assert Blatent Lies as a Matter of Opinion
Categories :: Lies :: Tactics

We all know that this administration is rife with liars. However, they are usually careful to at least feign some minimal effort to cloud the lines between reality and what say. Not so with the 'Big K'. Karen Hughes, lead blocker for this inept administration, blew through the line as she lied this lie through her lying teeth.

09/20/04 :: By Tom Ball
Remember the White House Response to Fake Uranium Documents?
Categories :: Conservatives :: Hypocrisy :: Lies

Conservatives are hot on Rather's tail -- trumpeting Dan's quote, "...we have been misled." and inevitably calling for the demise of both Rather and CBS News. Of course conservatives were quite less ambitious with their efforts to castigate the last high profile 'victim' of a fake document.
Recall the White House's appraisal of Iraq's Nuclear Ambitions:

08/24/04 :: By Cary W. Blankenship
Clear Concise and to the Point
Categories :: Lies

This says it all. Political Cartoon showing the true source of the Swift Boat Veterans against Truth.

07/26/04 :: By
The Culture War is Peace
Categories :: Lies

We've heard an awful lot about the Culture War this year. Bush is riling up his voters on gay marriage, while the HRC and other organizations are fighting back. "You may not like Kerry, but if Bush wins, he'll appoint anti-abortion Supreme Court Justices!" you tell your friends who are thinking about Nader. "John Kerry is out of touch with the values of the heartland!" is supposed to spook swing voters in Iowa, not to mention that whole latte-drinking nonsense.


07/22/04 :: By Tom Ball
Blame the CIA? Top 30 Bush - Iraq Lies Debunked BEFORE The Invasion: A Reference For Seekers of Truth
Categories :: Iraq :: Lies :: Reference

Number One) As a centerpiece to its argument for invading Iraq, the Administration has boldly pursued the idea that Saddam and al Qaeda are in cahoots. The Final Report from the 9/11 Commission due out this week unconditionally states that the commission found no "credible evidence" that Iraq helped the militants carry out the 9/11 attacks. Nor did it find any 'working relationship' between Iraq and Osama bin Laden. This runs directly counter to the administration's assertions of "long-established ties" between Saddam and al Qaeda. Even before the invasion began, both the CIA and the FBI said the administration was wrong.

07/21/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Defending Joe Wilson
Categories :: Lies One of my co-bloggers has linked in our headlines section to Joe Wilson's response to the continuing Republican smear campaign against him. Given, however, how simultaneously outrageous and typical this latest round of Bushevik disinformation is, I wanted to highlight...

07/09/04 :: By Tom Ball
Close Friends: The George W. Bush - Kenneth L. Lay Letters
Categories :: Lies :: Reference

The following letters are the full text of personal correspondence between George W. Bush and Kenneth “Kenny Boy” Lay, who was finally fitted for a pair of cuffs this morning.

06/23/04 :: By Tom Ball
Administration Lied About Successes in the War on Terror
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Lies :: Terrorism

On April 28, 2004, the State Department announced that newly available figures on global terrorism had declined dramatically. Senior administration officials touted the findings as evidence of Bush's success in countering terrorism. Problem is, the figures were completely wrong.

06/17/04 :: By Tom Ball
Liars: Cheney Lies On Monday. 911 Commission Outs Him on Tuesday
Categories :: Lies

The 9/11 Commission issued a statement today crushing the Administration's assertion (stated just yesterday by Dick Cheney), that Iraq had ties to al Qaeda.


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  • Bush's Biggest Lie
  • Was Saddam's Capture a Hollywood Production?
  • Novak is a Liar
  • Destroying the Myth of Bush's Support from ‘New Europe’: Why Did Some European Leaders Support Bush Despite Public Outrage?
  • Bush Draft (Part II)
  • Rumsfeld's Freudian Slip: "shot down the plane over Pennsylvania."
  • The Conservative (Faux)-Persecution Complex
  • Rumsfeld Lies to troops After Demeaning Them
  • Bush Gave Blair the Date of the Iraq Invasion 5 MONTHS IN ADVANCE
  • Iraq Explosives Were Looted AFTER the Invasion
  • Refuting Drudge: Pentagon Officials Say the Al-Qaqaa Looting was The U.S.'s Fault
  • Make No Mistake About It
  • Bush Tries to Pin His Failures on Kerry
  • What Atrios Says
  • If Bush Didn't Lie, He Would Have Nothing To Say
  • Bush, Iraq, al Qaeda and the Art of Lying
  • Tactic: Assert Blatent Lies as a Matter of Opinion
  • Remember the White House Response to Fake Uranium Documents?
  • Clear Concise and to the Point
  • The Culture War is Peace
  • Blame the CIA? Top 30 Bush - Iraq Lies Debunked BEFORE The Invasion: A Reference For Seekers of Truth
  • Defending Joe Wilson
  • Close Friends: The George W. Bush - Kenneth L. Lay Letters
  • Administration Lied About Successes in the War on Terror
  • Liars: Cheney Lies On Monday. 911 Commission Outs Him on Tuesday

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