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06/15/05 :: By P. M. Carpenter
Up the organization
Categories :: Progressive Strategy Liberals often wonder how conservatives have managed to attract so many people with such an anti-people agenda. Virtually everything the modern right stands for is steadfastly opposed to the average American’s interests. Still, the movement thrives. How does it do...

03/31/05 :: By Tom Ball
Why Democrats Lose and Republicans Win
Categories :: Progressive Strategy

We're trying to build a progressive political infrastructure. It'll happen but it'll take time and money. Even so, we've come a long way since Bush first took the White House. Now we have Air America Radio, Center for American Progress, RockRidge Institute, George Soros and other sugar daddies, Howard Dean, the Progressive Political Web, and most importantly, the understanding that the long-term infrastructure is something that must be built, and maintained. And yesterday, Bill Bradley gave it to us straight in the NY Times.

03/30/05 :: By S.M. Dixon
Know Thine Enemy
Categories :: Progressive Strategy

Bill Bradley explains that the GOP's 1964 revival strategy can be used by the Democratic Party of 2005.

01/28/05 :: By Tom Ball
Making Headway to a Progressive Infrastructure
Categories :: Progressive Strategy

It was not long, however, that the scofflaw blossomed into a full-fledged felon, persistently skirting the standards of decency and morality. It was then, and only then, that the Democrats recognized that the felon was not alone. In fact it was but a single element within a highly organized gang of societal usurpers -- a gang that perpetrated crimes without punishment or accountability.

And then one day it happened. The felonious crew stole the presidency of the united states of America. From then, their power only grew. The Democrats were hopeless, powerless...hapless.

Until yet again a day arrived that the tides would begin to turn.

01/27/05 :: By Stu Finkel
A Progressive Infrastructure
Categories :: Progressive Strategy The news from several weeks back, as mentioned in Tom Ball's previous post, that liberal billionaires such as George Soros, Herb and Marion Sandler, and Peter Lewis are considering massive joint funding of progressive institutions that could compete with the...

01/26/05 :: By Tom Ball
Could Ted Turner Become a New Progressive Sugar Daddy?
Categories :: Progressive Strategy

Earlier this month, a group of politically progressive billionaires -- including George Soros, Herb and Marion Sandler, and Peter Lewis pledged millions to the long-term construction of a critically needed progressive intellectual infrastructure of think tanks and other institutions. With a little luck, we may have another billionaire jumping on board very soon.

01/21/05 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
It Takes a Virtual Village
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Framing 101 :: Free Speech :: Progressive Strategy :: Social Security

Tracking, documenting, and correcting the continuing assault by The Second Administration requires a healthy village of progressive citizens to speak truth to power. The mounting campaign against raiding Social Security is one indication of the strength of this Village.

12/31/04 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
A New Year Anthem
Categories :: Progressive Strategy

Celebrate the new year with progressive anthems.

12/15/04 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
"The Others": Marching Backward
Categories :: Election 2004 :: Framing 101 :: Hypocrisy :: Outrages :: Progressive Strategy

With Republicans smugly observing that Democrats seem to be in disarray these days, some suspect that we are both living in a parallel universe with two separate realities. Pundits have said that while Democrats were in angst at Disney World, “Glibs” were on the ground in Ohio, and bloggers from all over are still trying to figure out where the front is. For most of us, the sound of marching boots is hard to ignore and our compasses are working. . .
Here are 20 preliminary points for drafting the rules of engagement:

12/13/04 :: By Tom Ball
Defy the Oppressor: Force Works
Categories :: Philosophy :: Progressive Strategy

Today, Michael Moore distributed an extremely powerful letter written by a woman who has spent years working as an advocate for victims of domestic abuse. She sites the numerous, eye-opening parallels between battered women and the current state of the political left in America. In turn, she provides an inspiring rally cry to downtrodden progressives. The letter is worth reading in it's entirety, but I have highlighted some critical portions below.

12/07/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Battling the Bush Wars
Categories :: Activism :: Anti-War :: Progressive Strategy :: Reference

The battle between the two Superpowers is underway. As the US continues to assert power under a second Bush term, the world's only other superpower continues to fight back.

12/05/04 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
Holiday Economics
Categories :: Progressive Strategy

Political Strategy is Economic Strategy.

11/30/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Howard Speaks, I Listen
Categories :: Dean, Howard :: Democrats :: Progressive Strategy

I went to hear Howard Dean speak last night here at Stanford, and he didn't disappoint. Even though this was part of a speaker series, in a sitdown auditorium and with a theoretically neutral audience, and with no election in sight, it felt more than a bit like a campaign event.

11/23/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Framing News vs. Propaganda
Categories :: Framing 101 :: Media :: Progressive Strategy :: Propaganda/Spin :: Reference

There is definitely a need and a place for commentary and editorials but when obvious opinions and partisan politicking replace news and journalism, the "truth" becomes quickly lost in the shuffle. When one looks at the current climate of news and information in the US, specifically the mainstream corporate media, the lines of demarcation are not as clear.

11/23/04 :: By Stu Finkel
"Moral Values" or Simple Fear?
Categories :: Election 2004 :: Framing 101 :: Progressive Strategy Thankfully, the SCLM has already begun to back off of the monochromatic "Moral Values" explanation for what happened on November 2nd. When 116 (or more, the tally continues) million people go to the polls, the reasons why a particular candidate...

11/19/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Appealing to the Irrational Voter
Categories :: Elections :: Framing 101 :: Progressive Strategy

Digby has a post referring to a lengthy article by Christopher Hayes (TNR, subscription required) analyzing the voting behavior of "undecideds." (The piece is also cited over at Pandagon.) The heart of the matter is that undecided voters do not vote based on policies, they do not even vote in any rational manner.

11/17/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Everyone Loves A Good Party
Categories :: Progressive Strategy

Switch realities for a moment and imagine the Electoral College totally abolished and the Greens and the Libertarians becoming prominent political players among the Democrats and Republicans. Imagine even further if they were to actually become the two dominant political players in America.

11/08/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Who Let The Bush Win?
Categories :: Discrimination :: Election 2004 :: Elections :: Polling :: Progressive Strategy :: Reference

In order to effectively frame the dialogue and shape the language necessary for progressive change, we must first take an introspective and honest look at both who and how America voted in last week's election.

11/07/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Voting Referenda Proposal
Categories :: Elections :: Progressive Strategy Over at Ishbadiddle, they have an original proposal, which I think very much merits consideration and discussion. Our own SF Liberal sent me an email from a friend of his: "What do you think about refendenda in swing states to...

11/06/04 :: By Bonnie Yarbrough
Political Strategy: A Real, Virtual, and Compassionate Conversation with America
Categories :: Blogging on Blogging :: Conservatives :: Election 2004 :: Progressive Strategy

Reality sets in. . . . The American electorate may have been a bit bloodied in the months leading up to the final fray, but the search for an authentic, healing march toward democracy remains unbowed

11/05/04 :: By Tom Ball
Some Suggestions of What Has to be Done
Categories :: Progressive Strategy

Something to think about as we regroup and plan our lines of attack.

11/05/04 :: By Stu Finkel
Jane Smiley: Unteachable Ignorance
Categories :: Blowhards :: Hypocrisy :: Progressive Strategy :: Republicans Among the many self recriminations occurring on our side, it's more than important to remember that it's not entirely our fault, even as the political outcome and the other side want to remind us that we are consistent electoral failures....

11/04/04 :: By Cary W. Blankenship
“I See Dead People”
Categories :: Progressive Strategy

A political death and I have witnessed many of them sharpens the senses and concentrates the mind. While the election defeat of the Democratic Party in 2004 is not the same as the defeat of the Republican Party of 1964 the general impact is of a similar sense. There is a sense from the Democrats that we have tried everything and none of it works. Well let me take a swing at it. (BEFORE IT GETS LOST IN MY OTHER COMMENTS: I want Elizabeth Edwards for Chairperson of the DNC.)

11/04/04 :: By Delton Murphy
And The Beat Goes On
Categories :: Anti-War :: Campaigns :: Progressive Strategy :: Reference

For far too long Americans have been drunk with the delusions of democracy. Maybe it takes someone like Bush for us to realize that we've still got a lot to overcome. Like a drug addict who has loss everything, maybe America needed to hit rock bottom before sobering up. Listening to one another would be a good start, because if we had truly done that a year ago, we would all be smiling right about now.

10/28/04 :: By Delton Murphy
It's The War, Stupid
Categories :: Bush Administration :: Election 2004 :: Kerry, John :: Progressive Strategy

Despite what the pundits, the corporate media and the Bush Administration continue to proclaim, it's not the economy, it's not same sex marriage, and it's not unemployment. The biggest concern on most people's mind is the war. The anti-war protest at the Republican National Convention in New York, (the largest in US history), and the recent presidential debates prove that war and terrorism is of primary concern to most American voters.

10/21/04 :: By Tom Ball
Rockridge Institute: How the Progressive Web can Frame the Debate for the Entire Nation
Categories :: Framing 101 :: Progressive Strategy

Thus, we invite Mr. Lakoff and the Rockridge Institute to join with us to nurture a culture of disciplined unity in the progressive community -- a launching pad for promoting the progressive frames that will define the American ideological landscape for subsequent generations.

10/19/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Between Reason and Faith
Categories :: Activism :: Election 2004 :: Kerry, John :: Progressive Strategy :: Tactics

With more than half of the country now against the war in Iraq we are faced with the uncanny dilemma of choosing between two pro-war presidential candidates in the midst of an unpopular war based on forged documents, fear tactics, manipulation, and misinformation.

10/05/04 :: By Delton Murphy
The Paranoia of the Thief
Categories :: Books :: Discrimination :: Election 2004 :: Media :: Progressive Strategy

We consciously live in an era where fiction substitutes for fact, lies become misstatements, justice is now revenge and war is quickly becoming the norm. The unholy alliance between the Republicans and the Right Wing has just intensified as we enter the homestretch of the presidential election. The fact that they are resorting to these tactics is evidence that they are running scared. Gone is the Bush strut and swagger. Absent are the Haiku-laced press conferences of Donald Rumsfeld, who just yesterday had to admit that he has "seen no evidence of a Saddam Hussein-Al Qaeda connection". And Dick Cheney hasn't attempted to unite the country through fear in almost two weeks. Uh-oh. It seems that finally after four years, the paranoia of the thief has kicked in.

09/28/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Prisoner of Hope
Categories :: Anti-War :: Books :: Discrimination :: Election 2004 :: Philosophy :: Progressive Strategy :: Terrorism

It's difficult to begin to heal the deep-seated wounds of 9/11 with Osama Bin Laden still at-large. As someone who lost a friend during the World Trade Center attacks, the capture of Saddam Hussein and the assassination of his sons along with over 11,000 Iraqi civilians and countless Afghanis, didn’t make me feel any better nor did it bring me any closure.

05/27/04 :: By Delton Murphy
Reversing The Course: An Iraq Exit Plan
Categories :: Anti-War :: Bush Administration :: Iraq :: Progressive Strategy :: Tactics

The United States must make a dramatic reversal of course and recognize that the continued U.S. military presence in Iraq is destabilizing and counterproductive.


  • Dem leader Nancy Pelosi: 'We have to destroy their brand'
  • After funding cuts, senator says GOP targets Sesame Street for 'destruction'
  • Hearing Set on Downing Street Minutes, War Plan
  • Family Values: Porn star at GOP fundraiser - GOP committee says no qualms with paid sexpert at president's dinner
  • Sexual Predators Cost Catholic Church $1B And Counting
  • Crackpots Invade Tulsa Zoo
  • Babyface a Losing Look for Politicians

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  • "Moral Values" or Simple Fear?
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  • Everyone Loves A Good Party
  • Who Let The Bush Win?
  • Voting Referenda Proposal
  • Political Strategy: A Real, Virtual, and Compassionate Conversation with America
  • Some Suggestions of What Has to be Done
  • Jane Smiley: Unteachable Ignorance
  • “I See Dead People”
  • And The Beat Goes On
  • It's The War, Stupid

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