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Archive for Bob Kendall (Email)

08/18/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Anti-Bush Campaign Growing
Categories :: Bush Administration

While U.S. service personnel are fighting and dying in Iraq, just as they did in Vietnam. Anti-war activists seek to confront White House resident George Bush to ask a simple question, “Why did the United States go to war in Iraq, and why are they still there?”

08/10/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Why Does George Bush Insist upon Calling the Iraq War the War on Terror?
Categories :: Bush Administration

A Miami Herald columnist suggests that George Bush is “delusional.” I would suggest that George Bush is simply recognizing that by calling the unnecessary Iraq War at this point the war on terror, he smoothly makes the transition. Bush demands the power of a president using the world war to give him the ultimate war powers in every aspect of our lives.

08/05/05 :: By Bob Kendall
A Poem Dedicated to the Republican Robots
Categories :: Poetry Tagged “Ditto Heads” by an Ex-Drug Addict (We Hope He’s Ex!) Patty-cake, Patty-cake Republican man Voting with Bush as fast as you can Now Congress claims their morals are so high Catching a baseball star in a “steroid” lie Fantasizing...

08/04/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Have Politicians Exploited the Ten Commandments?
Categories :: Bush Administration

When Bill Clinton was President, the Republican eyes focused on the commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery.”

07/22/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Judge John Roberts, A Threat to America as we Know It!
Categories :: Bush Administration

When Sandra Day O’Connor announced her impending retirement there was the hope that her replacement might be another woman. But with George Bush and his one-sided political agenda, of course that was wishful thinking.

07/19/05 :: By Bob Kendall
When George Bush Says, "Jump", Republican Robots Ask, "How High?"
Categories :: Bush Administration

George Bush in his weekly radio address declared that he wants his Supreme Court nominations to move swiftly.

07/16/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Like Rats Leaving a Sinking Ship, Certain Media Moguls and Karl Rove Say, "I Didn't Name a C.I.A. Operative!"
Categories :: Bush Administration

It would be almost amusing if it weren’t so terribly tragic that, when a law is broken, Bush’s confidante, Karl Rove, and the media spinmeisters instantly deny any involvement in breaking a law protecting C.I.A. operatives, when such a disclosure could lead to death. This entire incident proves how diabolical the response can be when anyone disagrees with the Administration’s policies, which some idiots claim operates on divine counsel.

07/15/05 :: By Bob Kendall
None are so Blind as Those Republicans That Will Not See Karl Rove for What He Is!
Categories :: Bush Administration

It is time for truly patriotic men and women to close ranks and circle around the failed President Bush and his motley crew with characters like Karl Rove, Vice President Cheney, and the likes of Condoleezza Rice.

07/13/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Liar! Liar! The Republican Political House is on Fire!
Categories :: Bush Administration

Having seen President Bush survive going to war in Iraq and knowing how many died because of these lies and forged documents that are responsible for all this hideous deaths and destruction we see every day in Iraq on television, did you really expect him and his Republican hypocrites to do the fair thing about “firing” Karl Rove, as Bush claimed he would fire anyone who leaked the identity of any CIA operative?

07/12/05 :: By Bob Kendall
How Many Billions of Taxpayer Dollars will it take to Bring Democracy to Iraq?
Categories ::

The answer to that valid question of the cost involved in bringing democracy to Iraq is that there isn’t enough money in any nation’s treasury to hand over a “democratic government” and the accompanying freedom. Democracy cannot be bought and sold like a lot our representatives are obviously bought and sold by the lobbyists hovering like vultures around Washington.

07/04/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Zogby Poll Flash! 42 Percent Favor Bush Impeachment if it can be Proven that the Iraq War was Based on Lies!
Categories :: Bush Administration

Propagandists recognize that repeating a lie often enough can convince the general public that even the most astounding deception is true!

06/26/05 :: By Bob Kendall
"You can fool some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time." Abraham Lincoln
Categories :: Bush Administration

Dwight D. Eisenhower, with his vast knowledge of what the military-industrial complex was capable of, warned what they might do in the future. When you mention Halliburton or Bechtel doesn’t that ring a bell?

06/22/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Have We Become a Brain Dead Society?
Categories :: Bush Administration

Where is the outrage over the pension funds of U.S. industry coming up approximately $459 billion short? The insurance fund set up by the U.S. government, on which many of the corporate executives apparently figured would bail them out, is in the hole.

06/16/05 :: By Bob Kendall
When Will U.S. Citizens Tell the Republicans Enough is Enough?
Categories :: Bush Administration

I don’t think that U.S. citizens will tell Republicans that enough is enough until enough Americans personally suffer because of this Republican majority that is in power.

06/09/05 :: By Bob Kendall
How Repblicans Let Inflation Rock The Nation
Categories :: Bush Administration

With the George Bush Midas touch in reverse operation everywhere he has had any influence, the U.S.A. is undergoing raging inflation. When the salary of the average worker can’t keep pace with the price of buying a play to live, we are in big trouble.

06/03/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Is Bush a War Criminal?
Categories :: Bush Administration

The question “Is Bush a war criminal?” is one that the Democrats could have used in their campaign to thwart Bush’s bid for a second term. It is astounding that the so-called moral Republicans apparently place far more emphasis on the commandment “Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery!” than on the commandment “Thou Shalt Not Kill!”

05/19/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Born Again Botch Artist Bush!
Categories :: Bush Administration

It is a known psychological fact that very often accusers are the very ones who should be accused. Take the case of the White House resident George W. Bush.

05/13/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Letter to Time Over The Bush Media Roast
Categories :: Bush Administration

I recently wrote a column for this site comparing the festive merriment of the recent Washington media roast involving the Bushes to the fiddling of Nero while Rome burned in the wake of the steadily mounting body count in Iraq with 400 deaths in the last seven days.

05/11/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Ignorant, Arrogant Religious Right Radicals Strive to Destroy Democracy for Theocracy and Plunge America into The Dark Ages
Categories :: Fundamentalism

Ignorance and arrogance have never stopped religious fanatics from trying to force their bigoted viewpoints onto the world. You need travel no farther than Waynesville, North Carolina, where a small Baptist church pastor, Reverend Chan Chandler, dared defy some of the most cherished democratic principles of this nation. Chandler became so undemocratic in his actions that he now has the focus of the U.S.A. and the world on his defiance of democracy.

05/09/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the End of World War II with Putin and Bush
Categories :: Bush Administration

(An imaginary conversation between George Bush and Vladimir Putin.)

George Bush: That Yalta Agreement sure was a mistake. You Russians conned us, and F.D.R. fell for it – too bad we didn’t have a Republican in then. Things would have been different, I’ll tell you that. I’ve studied my history lesson.

05/07/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Rip Van Winkle Democrats Asleep at the Switch!
Categories :: Bush Administration

The symbol of the Democratic Party could be switched from the donkey to Rip Van Winkle. Democratic leaders have been sleeping through the first Bush term and now the tragedy of the second term reign of error.

05/03/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Nero Fiddled While Rome Burned; Media Roast Brings Hysterical Laughter While Iraq Burns
Categories :: Bush Administration

A lot of Washington bigwigs need glasses! Hysterical laughter erupted at the Saturday night media roast when Laura Bush celebrated the media get together by cracking jokes about George going to bed at 9.

05/02/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Star George Bush on a Reality Show to Let the Republican Voters Know What Their Vote has Done to Destroy the Respect and Economic Power of the U.S.A.
Categories :: Bush Administration

The headline in the Miami Herald told it all – Stocks take Worst Hit in Two Years! The Bush brigade is so busy chasing around the world on taxpayer money or the bribe money offered by lobbyists that maybe they will not notice.

04/29/05 :: By Bob Kendall
The Ignorance and Arrogance of the White House Resident
Categories :: Bush Administration

When reporters recently questioned the White House resident George Bush about his sinking popularity in political polls, he replied, “I don’t care what the polls show, I do what I think is right!” or words to that effect.

04/29/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Are Terrorists Running Free in the U.S.?
Categories :: Bush Administration

The Department of Homeland Security is limited as to how many individuals can be held pending deportation hearings or removal. Why? The single answer is they have very few places to hold them. According to Joel Mowbray’s April 25 article in the New York Post, there are only 18,400 beds for the entire U.S., which is down from 20,000 the previous year.

04/26/05 :: By Bob Kendall
What is Bush Trying to do Pushing a Hateful Nominee Like Brash Bolton as UN Ambassador?
Categories :: Bush Administration

Why does Bush who claims to be “born again” find himself “wrong gain” in about everything he says or does? The original evaluation for someone like a Bolton to be qualified for a position when he had acted like an attack dog against the UN makes one wonder where George Bush is coming from.

04/21/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Hey! Hey! Tom DeLay Has Got to Go Today Without Delay!
Categories :: Congress

Should investigation of the travels of Tom DeLay, his family, his delegation and assorted friends be found to be unethical, where will Tom go from his high position if found guilty of ethical braches or worse?

04/21/05 :: By Bob Kendall
The Biting Irony of Inviting Bush to the New Lincoln Springfield Memorial
Categories :: Bush Administration

Abraham Lincoln is considered by many to be America’s greatest president. George Bush is considered by many to be its worst. Could it be that they invited Bush because they refuse to consider the reality of what the failed president has done to the U.S.A. in 4 years and 3 ½ months?

04/20/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Have U.S. Citizens Who Recite the Pledge of Allegiance Words "One Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice for All" Comprehended What Infamy the Bush Administration is Guilty of for Going to War Against Iraq on Propaganda and Lies?
Categories :: Bush Administration

Pseudo patriots who backed George Bush for president when they knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that he and his terrifying crew had launched a shock and awe lightning strike against Iraq based on the big lie that the U.S. was threatened by non-existent weapons of mass destruction should have to face the consequences of their actions, just as those responsible for those needless deaths should also be held accountable.

04/15/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Is Bush's Appointment of Carlos Gutierrez, the Kellogg CEO Who Sent Most of the Cereal Company's Jobs to Mexico, a Traitorous Act?
Categories :: Bush Administration

Reading David Broder’s column in the Miami Herald April 12, 2005, I was stunned at his lack of accuracy in his article regarding Bush’s latest scheme, which when closely scrutinized makes the “Tricky Dick” shenanigans of Richard Nixon seem like child’s play.

04/08/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Is Bush's Social Security Crisis Really a Diversionary Tactic?
Categories :: Bush Administration

Instead of trying to control the staggering budget deficit the Bush Administration has created the worst one in U.S. history. George Bush whizzes around the nation in Air Force One luxury, preparing for another “fear tactic syndrome” speech to his carefully screened audiences at his every stop. The “fear syndrome” approach worked effectively to frighten many in the U.S. into thinking the nation had to go to war in Iraq to survive. The robot Congress fell for this false pitch. So did a lot of the population of the U.S., so why not try it again?

04/01/05 :: By Bob Kendall
What About the Charge that Democrats are Bush Bashers?
Categories :: Bush Administration

What about the charge that Democrats are Bush bashers? This is no more than a Republican robot response to any criticism of Bush. Remember what a field day Republicans had bashing Bill Clinton? Republicans seemed to obtain a frenzied delight in lashing out about Clinton’s affairs.

03/28/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Does President Bush Rank High as a Flim Flam Man?
Categories :: Bush Administration

The question millions of individuals have been forced to confront no matter what side of the party line their embedded in stone political loyalties lie is “Does President Bush rank high as a flim flam man?” Remember when Richard Nixon displayed what a hollow man he was? The Republican right still defends him in their misguided loyalty, which really amounts to a vulgar ego saving device. Bush’s supreme political consultant Karl Rove still considers Richard Nixon his political hero.

03/25/05 :: By Bob Kendall
It Takes a Lot of Guts for Bush to Chase Around the U.S.A. Claiming he can Solve the So-Called Social Security Crisis
Categories :: Bush Administration

Bush was quoted on the Notebook page of Time on March 14, 2005 at a White House ceremony honoring the Boston Red Sox for winning the 2004 world championship as saying “It took a lot of guts” for the team to rebound from a three games to none deficit against the New York Yankees in the American League Championship Series to triumph in seven games and then go on to win the World Series with four straight victories over the St. Louis Cardinals.

03/24/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Is This Intelligent Concern for their Daughter's Condition?
Categories :: Bush Administration

This painful question must finally be asked after fifteen years of observing their daughter Terri slowly dying in a vegetable state: Are Terry Schiavo’s parents being arrogant, defying 20 doctors who have declared without reservation that Terri is tragically brain dead?

03/21/05 :: By Bob Kendall
The Cheney-Bush Junta: Global and Domestic Destroyers
Categories :: Bush Administration

The key to destroying any nation begins with the destruction of its currency. Strong nations have strong currencies. The descent of the U.S. dollar happened in the Republican-controlled Administration led by divisive White House resident George Bush. I say “resident” as millions do not believe Bush was legitimately elected either in 2000 or 2004. This Administration has been a continuing nightmare as it lurches from one disaster to another, fantasizing that God is behind their steady pattern of lies and deception.

03/02/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Bush Propaganda About Social Security is Really About Saving Wall Street
Categories ::

Watch out! Wasn’t the “weapons of mass destruction” scam job enough to cast suspicion on just about anything this Republican Congress suggests? Having made the munitions manufacturers billions in this scam job operation, Bush and his cohorts have never once admitted making any kind of mistake in launching the war against Iraq. Instead once it was proven that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Bush dramatically launched into a new agenda announcing it had become the U.S. taxpayers’ burden to carry freedom and democracy worldwide. The style of freedom and democracy Bush and Cheney are talking abut is no-bid freedom for their friends at Halliburton and Bechtel to bilk the U.S. taxpayer.

02/21/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Bush -- The Great Divider, at Home and Abroad!
Categories :: Bush Administration

After complaining in such drastic terms about Europe’s refusal to go along with the unproven “fear theory” of the “weapons of mass destruction” high voltage propaganda campaign, George Bush and the robot-like Administration he led to perhaps the largest lie for going to war against a nation in American history, he now speaks of mending fences abroad!

02/18/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Why The Silence About Condoleezza's Accountability for the Iraq Disaster?
Categories :: Bush Administration

When President George Bush was recently asked by the European press about “accountability” for what happened and is continuing to occur in Iraq, he had a simple answer, “Well they voted for me for a second term, didn’t they?”

02/04/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Another Day That Will Definitely Live in Infamy!
Categories :: Bush Administration

Democratic senators voting to confirm Condoleezza Rice as Secretary of State marked a day I believe will live in infamy. When F.D.R. spoke of the Japanese attack against Pearl Harbor as “a day that will live in infamy” that assault came from without. This attack came from within.

01/28/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Republicans Celebrate Their Failures
Categories :: Bush Administration

The world watched the Republican revelry, the $40 million party celebrating putting Bush back in power. Bush and fellow Republicans boasted that the $40 million came from independent sources, not taxpayers.

01/22/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Has Condoleezza Rice Sounded The Battle Cry for a Holy War?
Categories :: Bush Administration

Even before Dr. Condoleezza Rice had been cleared by a 16-2 vote by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in the ongoing confirmation process for Secretary of Statre, it would be a good idea to demand that she reveal how she plans to wage war against Fundamentalist Islam.

01/20/05 :: By Bob Kendall
The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Bush Himself
Categories :: Bush Administration

Franklin Delano Roosevelt made famous the declaration, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!”

01/19/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Brainwashed, Brain Dead or Both?
Categories :: Bush Administration

This question must be asked when one considers Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity: “Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.” Could that definition define what voters did who voted for a second term for the Bush Administration?

01/17/05 :: By Bob Kendall
The Media Darlings of the Religious Right
Categories :: Media Snake Oil

The American religious right has idolized the ex (we hope ex) drug addict Rush Limbaugh. His dramatic pronouncements have been taken as gospel. What would be tragic would be if drugs induced some of Rush’s rantings, and that sadly the audience accepted them when mind-altering substances induced them.

01/10/05 :: By Bob Kendall
This Three Question Quiz Can Determine How Dangerous You Are To Civilization
Categories :: Bush Administration

Civilization’s bloody saga proves “religious wars” have killed countless millions, all in the name of “God”, “Jehovah” or “Allah” and often referred to “Holy Wars” by the perpetrators. With over 1,500 different religious concepts it is inevitable there will be clashes of viewpoints. If we are ever to stop this killing, it will be necessary to know how religious killers think, just as we make scientific studies of how “serial killers” think.

01/06/05 :: By Bob Kendall
The Bush Administration Fooled The American People Once Over The Iraq War
Categories :: Bush Administration

The old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me!” is a timeless adage we should heed.

01/03/05 :: By Bob Kendall
The Greatest Economic Comedian Ever -- Alan Greenspan
Categories :: Bush Administration

Alan Greenspan was just the economic mouthpiece the Bush Administration needed. The nation’s only recent major available prosperity opportunity for the average individual has been the real estate market. With interest rates hitting an all time 45 year low, those individuals burned in the stock and bond market as corruption ravaged their assets wanted something more tangible.

01/03/05 :: By Bob Kendall
Spendthrift Republicans Drowning The U.S. in Debt!
Categories :: Bush Administration

The Republican propaganda machine has used the Republican myth of recent years that liberals are the big spenders.

12/29/04 :: By Bob Kendall
How Phony Can The U.S. Drug Purchase Policy Get?
Categories :: Bush Administration

After one of the biggest “scam jobs” in U.S. history when the drug industry succeeded in getting the Bush Administration, otherwise known as the Big Business Bonanza Administration, to promise the drug corporations billions to provide their highest price drugs through Medicare.

12/29/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Ousted Fannie Mae Executives Rewarded With Perks
Categories :: Bush Administration

The Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight, Fannie Mae’s Chief Executive Regulator, finally pressured the board to act, but only after the Securities and Exchange Commission revealed Fannie Mae must make accounting “corrections” as they so tactfully stated it. These so-called accounting “corrections” might erase $9 billion of claimed Fannie Mae profit going back to 2001.

12/25/04 :: By Bob Kendall
The Bush Legacy: Death, Destruction and Debt
Categories :: Bush Administration

Time Magazine (December 27, 2004/ January 3, 2005), stated, “Compare the Bushes with the Kennedys, and it’s the Republican clan that casts the longer shadow. A Kennedy was President for a thousand days or so, but if George W. Bush completes his second term, someone named Bush will have been President for 4,383 days.”

12/16/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Slimy Democracy U.S.A. Style
Categories :: Bush Administration

Bush proclaims every other day his stated reason for invading Iraq was to bring “freedom” and “democracy.” If what he has in mind is the way U.S. democracy is run, it’s not one nation for the people and by the people. That concept was dismissed long, long ago.

11/30/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Did The Bush Administration Create a Nuclear Crisis in Iran and North Korea?
Categories :: Bush Administration

Of course they did. By attacking Iraq on a tissue of lies, with dreams and designs on Iraq’s oil and assets, and with Israel’s foreign fantasy that they will be better protected without Saddam Hussein, who provided cash to exploit the Palestinians so desperate for their own country that they became suicide bombers.

11/30/04 :: By Bob Kendall
The Best Congress Money Can Buy: The Republican Victory Celebrated by Big Business
Categories :: Election 2004

Democracy implies “The will of the People”. But this concept of Democracy disappeared when the Democracy in the United States morphed into “The Will of Big Business!”

11/27/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Do You Really Think George Bush is "Born Again"?
Categories :: Religion

The Bible does say, “By their fruits ye shall know them”, and it also says, “That which one sows, they shall also reap!”

11/02/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Four More Years of This?
Categories :: Election 2004

You’ve got to be kidding!

11/01/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Halloween "Trick or Treat" Republican Style Revealed on "60 Minutes" Appropriately on Halloween
Categories :: Bush Administration

What a “dirty trick” for the Republicans to give the wealthiest Americans, that 1 percent who have more wealth than they could use in several lifetimes, a big tax cut while conducting the raging war in Iraq. But it was no doubt Republican payback for the campaign funding “treat” for the big business corporations who so generously funded their “cozy relationship” campaigns.

10/31/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Bush Can't Fight a War on Terrorism! We Went to War for Oil! Can Americans Feel Safer?
Categories :: Bush Administration

When asked about getting Osama bin Laden, who was definitely involved in 9/11, Bush at one point declared, “I don’t even think about him.” On the evening news on October 29, the networks presented the latest bin Laden message to the U.S. Apparently Osama bin Laden was thinking about Bush and the U.S. when he said words to this effect, “The U.S. can prepare for another attack if it doesn’t change its policy toward Israel.”

10/29/04 :: By Bob Kendall
The Stakes Are Higher in This Election Than We Could Ever Imagine
Categories :: Bush Administration

I am completely puzzled as to why George Bush was not impeached for the obvious war criminal activity of dashing off to the Iraq War without any provable justification. I thought that American society prided itself on being civilized enough to believe in “law and order.”

10/27/04 :: By Bob Kendall
God, The Devil and George Bush
Categories :: George W. Bush

Take the case of the Los Angeles Times report of a man who was apparently desperate to return home to talk to God who hijacked a bus with eight people on a 320 mile dash across the desert before police killed him when his journey ended in his driveway in Colton, California.

10/27/04 :: By Bob Kendall
The Devil and George Bush
Categories :: Bush Administration

“The Devil and George Bush” might sound disrespectful to some Republicans and Democrats. But let’s analyze this connection with some logic.

10/25/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Did Alleged "Born Again Bush" Ever Read The Ten Commandments?
Categories :: Bush-Cheney 2004

Before the Ten Commandments there was the Code of Hammurabi, with similar admonitions for maintaining s stable society. Christians claim to believe in the Ten Commandments. Cecil B. DeMille even made a remarkable movie starring gun guru Charlton Heston playing Moses in “The Ten Commandments.”

10/22/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Pulpit Politics
Categories :: Bush-Cheney 2004

Not since the Salem witchcraft trials have we seen such a surge in religious gasping for political power. The United States went through one of its darkest moments, when the religious crazies held sway and designated the alleged witches. Crowds cheered lustily as they were disposed of in hideous ways.

10/22/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Americans Held Hostage by Bush and Pharmaceutical Companies
Categories :: Bush-Cheney 2004

Flu shots are not available to all Americans that need them now, which begs the question: How can an Administration that can’t even have flu shots available when Americans need them for all citizens who depend on them extricate the U.S. out of the religious war quagmire in Iraq?

10/20/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Bush's Barbaric Concept of War!
Categories :: Bush Administration

Bush’s so-called pre-emptive war policy is a return to Stone Age barbarism. The world had advanced, with carefully thought out rules and regulations of when a nation is justified in conducting war. Thoughtful peace loving and intelligent men and women had recognized that every nation should follow certain logical rules and regulations pertaining to the conduct of war, understanding that especially in the atomic and nuclear age, some madman might start the war that could end the world.

10/19/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Will UFO's Pay Off The Bush Generated $7.4 Trillion National Debt?
Categories :: Bush-Cheney 2004

No way! UFO’s appear in the sky some say, and they are just looking down on us. With a debt like that they won’t come near us, so don’t count on anyone from outer space to bail the U.S.A. out of the debt pit that Bush and this Republican dominated Congress created.

10/18/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Bush Style Democracy -- Attack All Opposing Views
Categories :: Bush-Cheney 2004

Has democracy in the U.S.A. degenerated to the point where if a Democrat dares mouth a liberal viewpoint he or she is immediately attack by a series of right wing media moguls? Is it the American way to be smeared by corporate robots designated to attack with vicious force a differing view? Can there be no legitimate difference of opinion on crucial issues confronting America? Has the Republican attack machine mobilized to such an extent that true freedom of speech is no longer possible? Are these high salaried down-and-dirty media attack dogs concerned only with maintaining lavish lifestyles at all costs, making greed their God?

10/16/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Death, Destruction, Debt -- That's The Record Bush is Running On
Categories :: Election 2004

“He can run but he can’t hide,” Bush triumphantly lashes out at Kerry, while Republicans, all handpicked for these photo ops, cheer. Strangely, these are almost the identical words Bush used when lashing out against a former C.I.A. source, Osama bin Laden. Osama bin Laden did run, and sadly successfully did hide when U.S. service personnel in Afghanistan were placed in charge of catching him. They “outsourced” the job to Afghanistan warlords, who until shortly before that had been protecting the international terrorist. He escaped from the caves of Tora Bora and tragically has not been found.

10/14/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Which is Worse, Clinton's Adultery or Bush's Plunging the U.S. into the Iraq War on False Information?
Categories :: Election 2004

Has the morality of the members of the United States Congress become so twisted that they rate adultery as an impeachable offense? In contrast, is plunging the United States into the horrifying Iraq War and breaking international law acceptable? Is this a matter that does not demand impeachment?

10/13/04 :: By Bob Kendall
White House Resident George Bush Can Run But He Can Never Hide From What He and his Administration Have Done
Categories :: Bush-Cheney 2004

Are you an accomplice to the Iraq War by continuing to back Bush and his crew – Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle? If you still believe in this character that told the world a series of falsehoods, from weapons of mass destruction to they’re working with Uranium from Africa, we know that for a fact. Saddam Hussein is threatening the U.S.. The people of Iraq are anxious for us to come and overthrew their government.

10/12/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Bush's Weapon of Mass Deception
Categories :: Bush Administration

While we have been bombarded with the “weapons of mass destruction” propaganda that struck fear into the hearts of Americans, but got the Iraq War going full steam ahead. Now we know it was all based on lies, but it achieved Bush’s goal of going to war in Iraq.

10/08/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Any Republican Who Has Witnessed What Bush Has Done to America and Will Still Vote for Him is a Masochist
Categories :: Election 2004

In the first place, let’s get this straight. George Bush is not a traditional Republican conservative. No Republican president ever plunged this nation into the colossal debt he has achieved in four years. No Republican president before him other than the disgraced Nixon and McCarthy equated disagreement with U.S. policy alongside giving aid and comfort to the enemy apart from Bush with his arrogant announcement, “You are either with us or with the terrorists.”

10/06/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Shifty Eyed, Talk out of the Side of his Mouth Cheney Lost to Edwards, Who Looked Him in the Eye and Challenged Him on Every Point
Categories :: Cheney, Dick

In ancient times, the fabled Greek Chorus “mantra” was “The King Can Do No Wrong!”

10/05/04 :: By Bob Kendall
George Bush's Arrogance and Ignorance Flashed Through The Entire Debate
Categories :: Election 2004

What a pathetic display the White House resident George Bush revealed when he appeared on stage with John Kerry in Coral Gables, Florida for their first debate. I was on my debate team in high school, and frankly I don’t think George Bush would have made that group.

09/24/04 :: By Bob Kendall
It's Bush and the Republicans Who Are Blowing Hot Air
Categories :: Bush-Cheney 2004

It is best for the Bush Administration not to create political humor out of Kerry blowing with the wind as he relaxes. The fact is that this Republican Administration has blown so much hot air that it could be carried in its massive entirety up, up and away.

09/23/04 :: By Bob Kendall
George Bush's Corporate Democracy
Categories :: Bush-Cheney 2004

What kind of “democracy” are we fighting for in Iraq and Afghanistan? Is it the brand of “democracy” existing in the U.S.A. today? A degenerate democracy where it is no longer the “will of the people” but the tremendous power of the money, the Almighty Dollar, being poured into the political campaigns of vested interests of “big business” such as the shameful funding facts revolving around the political power purchased by America’s gigantic pharmaceuticals corporations.

09/22/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Booze and Bush
Categories :: Bush-Cheney 2004

Never before in the history of the United States of America have we had a President who admits he drank heavily until he was 40, as Bush freely admitted in an interview with Barbara Walters. He claimed he quit “cold turkey”, I believe after his “Born Again” claim.

08/26/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Please Vote Republican if you are inspired by the Following Bush Administration Track Record
Categories :: Bush-Cheney 2004

I am voting Republican because:

08/24/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Has the Bush Administration Demolished What the U.S. Has Traditionally Stood For?
Categories :: Bush Administration

The above question must now be debated, and with every good reason. Having insulted, slighted, and alienated major nations of the world in the rush to control the oil fields of Iraq via the false fear threat hurled at the U.S. Congress and the American public, the answer is decidedly yes.

08/11/04 :: By Bob Kendall
Dumb and Dumber, The Republican Accountability
Categories :: Bush Administration

When George Bush was running for president, he was hailed as someone with character who could put the nation back on the right track Republican style.

08/01/04 :: By Bob Kendall
"They would have waved Osama bin Laden in."
Categories :: Terrorism

The above comment was made by an investigator referring to the fuel farm at Miami International Airport in the July 22 edition of the Miami-Herald. The shocking disclosure related that, just as long as bin Laden was driving a company fuel truck, he would have been welcomed inside. He could have passed freely into a supposedly “secure airport area” where jet fuel by the millions of gallons is stored for the purpose of stealing jet fuel and selling it. The conspiracy was to steal, sell, and make tons of money for the well-organized gang involved. Whatever happened to the much-vaunted Homeland Security Act, which was supposed to protect us all from foreign terrorists? Wasn’t there any thought of how to protect Miami-International Airport from home-grown thieves?

07/26/04 :: By Bob Kendall
"But why should we hear about body bags?"
Categories :: Bush Administration

“But why should we hear about body bags and death, and how many, what day it’s gonna happen. So, why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?”

07/22/04 :: By Bob Kendall
George Bush and Kenneth Lay Democracy
Categories :: Bush Administration

What kind of “democracy” exactly are we fighting for in Iraq and Afghanistan? Is it the brand of “democracy” existing today in the U.S.A.? A degenerate democracy where it is no longer the “will of the people” but the tremendous power of the money, the Almighty Dollar, being poured into the political campaigns of vested interests of “big business”, such as the shameful funding facts revolving around the political power purchased by American pharmaceutical corporations.

07/15/04 :: By Bob Kendall
What About The Axis of Evil?
Categories :: Bush Administration

President Bush in one of his State of the Union messages devoted a single sentence to North Korea, one to Iran, and five to Iraq. To quote from his historical declaration of the United States’ now determining which nations are good and which are evil, was a privilege formerly reserved for God, following Christian biblical viewpoint, stating, “Judge not lest ye be judged in like manner.”


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